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Western Balkans

The Balkans are struggling in the past years to recover from the devastating wars that accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia and to direct their efforts toward integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures. At the moment neither the European Union nor NATO or the US are capable of paying as much attention as they did in the 90s. This to a large extent means that the countries from the region have to deal on their own with difficult problems, additionally being complicated by the tough economic atmosphere not only in Europe but globally too. euinside thinks that the region needs special attention and this is why we dedicate this subject to the most important things that are taking place in the region.

30 May 2016 10:53 Balkan Dialogue: A New Exchange between Republika Srpska and Croatia

What would the Balkans be without provocative statements and words exchanges? After Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina recently enraged the Croats by not having the Croatian flag displayed in the press conference room in Banja Luka (the part of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is dominated by ...

18 May 2016 10:50 Commission Knows Not What To Do with Macedonia

Whatever government is produced by the snap parliamentary elections in Macedonia, it would not be recognised as a credible partner of the international community, because three of the four major political parties in the former Yugoslav republic will not be participating in the elections. This wa ...

4 May 2016 08:46 Daniel Mitov: If Serbia Implements Sanctions Against Russia, It Will Speed-up Its European Integration

Croatia is far from being as isolated in its attitude towards Serbia as it was depicted in Croatian and Serbian press until recently. Bulgaria backed the Croatian veto on the opening of Chapter 23 of the negotiations with Serbia. This became clear after the meeting of Bulgarian Foreign ...

5 April 2016 10:00 Šešelj's Verdict: Justice in the Time of a Nationalist Rise in Europe

In the very year in which in Germany the ban was lifted off Mein Kampf, in which Adolf Hitler lays out his Nazi ideology and his plans for the future of Germany; when in Europe, for the first time since the Second World War, hate speech, xenophobia, and nationalism, provoked by the refugee ...

14 March 2016 20:41 Is Croatia Next After Poland?

The idea behind the young tradition of the euinside weekly reviews is to focus on the most important events in the EU and then cast a glance at the periphery as well. For the week of March 7-13 we will change the direction and will start with Croatia, because developments there are the next ...

23 May 2016 13:28 Croatian Reformists Put Themselves in the Situation of the Bulgarian Ones

A true drama unfolded last week (May 16–22) in several South-East European countries. In Croatia, first Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko is testing how high is the Croats' integrity benchmark raised and, in Bulgaria, the nationalists of the Patriotic Front waged a war against civil ...

17 May 2016 08:43 Mitov: Western Balkans Should be Treated as EU Members

Enlargement needs a change and a serious one at that. This opinion united in Zagreb the foreign ministers of Bulgaria and Croatia. The Bulgarian Minister Daniel Mitov was far bolder in his vision, while his Croatian counterpart was more concentrated on sending messages to certain neighbouring st ...

6 April 2016 09:56 EU Enlargement Is Going the Route of "Titanic"

The EU’s enlargement policy has turned in recent years from the most successful into the weakest and least perspective community policy. After in the summer of 2013 the EU swallowed the 28th member, the process got stuck in the quagmire of geopolitics, reforms fatigue and the European Un ...

26 March 2016 18:36 Karadžić Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison, Reconciliation Still Far Away

Finally! 21 years after the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina one of those most responsible for it – the former leader of Bosnian Serbs Radovan Karadžić – was convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to a total of 40 years in prison. The ...

7 March 2016 11:34 Is the End of Transiting Migrants Near?

Last week, which passed under the sign of preparation for the next in line emergency EU summit, dedicated to the refugee crisis, offered another dose of paradoxes. European Council President Donald Tusk (Poland, EPP), a spokesman for the Eastern European hardliner position regarding the ref ...

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Adelina Marini
#Croatian daily Vecernji list reports that a solution has been found to the problem with the opening of chapter 23 in the negotiations with #Serbia. That there is a political agreement yesterday reported EU commissioner Johannes Hahn (Austria, EPP). With the solution all Croatian demands have been met - not to apply the law on universal jurisdiction in the processing of war crimes, full cooperation with the Hague tribunal and respect for national minorities following the international standards. This is still to be confirmed officially by all sides euinsi.de/N2Cl
27 May 2016 13:21
Adelina Marini
On the occasion of his visit today in #Greece #Russia President Vladimir #Putin has published in the English-language Kathimerini daily a detailed op-ed where he makes, as it seems, an 'indecent proposal' to the EU: "I am convinced we should draw appropriate conclusions from the events in Ukraine and proceed to establishing, in the vast space stretching between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, a zone of economic and humanitarian cooperation based on the architecture of equal and indivisible security". The text does not make it clear whether Mr Putin is proposing the EU and Russia to distribute in a Crimean way the territories in this "vast space" or he means everyone to forget the Ukrainian developments for the sake of mutually beneficial economic cooperation. Further on in the op-ed the Russian president reminds Europe that it is facing a growing competition from "other power centres in the contemporary world" pointing to the Pacific region where the US has strong interests. You can read the entire article here euinsi.de/XIBw
27 May 2016 10:17
Adelina Marini
The #IMF has published its debt sustainability report on #Greece with new projections and proposals ahead of the key #Eurogroup meeting today which is expected to bridge the differences with the euro area on the restructuring of the Greek debt. According to the IMF, the proposed by the Eurogroup measures, like extension of maturities and payment deferrals would not be sufficient, therefore it is proposing also fixing interest rates. These three measures combined would reduce the Greek debt by 53% of GDP by 2040, the Fund believes. You can read the entire report here euinsi.de/Pwwo
24 May 2016 08:38
Adelina Marini #Greece The fact that the #Eurogroup ended early this morning is suggesting there is an agreement. And there is - both on the next tranche and the debt reduction which ensures IMF will be on board with the funding. Details on the agreement can be read here in the statement after the meeting euinsi.de/ZR0U
25 May 2016 07:53

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