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Western Balkans

The Balkans are struggling in the past years to recover from the devastating wars that accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia and to direct their efforts toward integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures. At the moment neither the European Union nor NATO or the US are capable of paying as much attention as they did in the 90s. This to a large extent means that the countries from the region have to deal on their own with difficult problems, additionally being complicated by the tough economic atmosphere not only in Europe but globally too. euinside thinks that the region needs special attention and this is why we dedicate this subject to the most important things that are taking place in the region.

20 October 2016 09:57 EU Is Strong in Words, Weak in Action, Jumping from One Crisis into the Next

It is for the first time since the beginning of the conflict in Syria that the EU uses extremely powerful language in an official document. Word is of the foreign ministers’ conclusions from Monday, which include clear accusations towards the Bashar al-Assad regime, but towards R ...

3 October 2016 15:34 Balkan Media: Orbán’s Referendum Has Failed

Media in the countries of former Yugoslavia are unanimous – Orbán’s referendum has failed. The subject was covered in the larger countries of the region (Serbia and Croatia), while in the smaller ones it is almost non-existent. Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji list  ...

29 September 2016 14:10 Croatian-Serbian Relations Cannot Stand Even a Movie

The big movie-event of the year in the region is the Croatian film “The Constitution” (original title “Ustav Republike Hrvatske”), the screenplay of which is written by the well-known Croatian writer Ante Tomić and Rajko Grlić. The movie is advertised as “A love sto ...

27 September 2016 16:35 Winners and Losers in the Bosnia Referendum

Day two after the referendum in the Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is already no trace of tension, sober analyses prevail throughout the region. Croatian Vecernji list published on its front page today 10 questions, following “Dodik’s plebiscite”. Does the succ ...

23 September 2016 19:45 Will There Be a War in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

It is no longer funny, nor exotic, but very real – there will be a referendum in Republika Srpska (RS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina and this, alas, already brings sabre rattling. Concern is growing in Croatia, but also disappointment with the inactivity of politicians, media hysteria is ...

8 October 2016 07:40 Montenegro Wants to Leave the Balkan Autistic World

The first hearing of a Montenegro Prime Minister in the European Parliament foreign affairs committee transpired with applause and tears. Applauses for the pro-European affiliation of Milo Đukanović, who otherwise has controversial past, as well as present. The tears were for the Monte ...

30 September 2016 14:20 "Boris and Nicolas Are Redrawing Europe"

This is the headline of a commentary in today’s edition of the Serbian newspaper Politika. Due to the lack of serious regional and internal scandals, many of the large newspapers in the region are dealing today with … European issues. “Will Europe give birth to its D ...

28 September 2016 14:47 "We Cannot Wash our Hands with the Migrants"

It is the third day after the referendum in the Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Media in the region have already returned to national subjects, but the referendum is still the subject of commentaries. Croatian media are fully immersed in the official consultations for the formation of ...

26 September 2016 14:55 Bosnia Has No Useful Move after the Referendum

The referendum in Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the leading subject in the countries of the former Yugoslavia’s press this morning. To some it was successful, while others see it as the beginning of many more problems. Most regional media quote the Bosnian newspaper Dnevni ...

20 September 2016 15:50 The Balkan Refugee Route Reopened

Croatian media are consumed with anxiety because of the danger of a reopening of the Balkan refugee route. “The Balkan route is being activated” is a headline in today’s edition of Vecernji list. The newspaper reports that it is more and more probable that the Balkans ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#euco In Brussels begins the October EU summit. On the agenda of the summit are the trade agreement with #Canada, migration, relations with #Russia against the backdrop of its role in Syria. The European Council today and tomorrow will be the first for UK PM Theresa May and for the new #Croatia PM Andrej Plenkovic. Stay tuned for live updates!
20 October 2016 14:32
Adelina Marini #euco #CETA While there are conflicting reports about whether Walonia will approve the latest proposal of the European Commission, #Bulgaria continues to insist on written guarantees and is not happy with what it is being offered so far, euinside has learned from own sources
20 October 2016 22:11
Adelina Marini
#HDZ leader Andrej Plenkovic and #Most of independent lists leader Bozo Petrov have announced they had reached an agreement to form a government. The agreement contains a precedent in #Croatia's recent history - a rotating presidency of parliament. Andrej Plenkovic called this decision "a European one"
7 October 2016 12:12
Adelina Marini #Croatia #politikaHR #Plenkovic said it was essential to earn the support of minorities for the sake of tolerance and relations with neighbours
7 October 2016 12:19
Adelina Marini
In the European Parliament has begun a debate on the situation in #Greece with the participation of Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici. Stay tuned for live updates
4 October 2016 15:05
Adelina Marini #Greece #Moscovici: By the end of the year I want to see a deal on debt but this requires efforts from all sides - creditors, all partners in the Eurogroup and the Greek authorities
4 October 2016 17:15

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