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Western Balkans

The Balkans are struggling in the past years to recover from the devastating wars that accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia and to direct their efforts toward integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures. At the moment neither the European Union nor NATO or the US are capable of paying as much attention as they did in the 90s. This to a large extent means that the countries from the region have to deal on their own with difficult problems, additionally being complicated by the tough economic atmosphere not only in Europe but globally too. euinside thinks that the region needs special attention and this is why we dedicate this subject to the most important things that are taking place in the region.

26 September 2016 14:55 Bosnia Has No Useful Move after the Referendum

The referendum in Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the leading subject in the countries of the former Yugoslavia’s press this morning. To some it was successful, while others see it as the beginning of many more problems. Most regional media quote the Bosnian newspaper Dnevni ...

20 September 2016 15:50 The Balkan Refugee Route Reopened

Croatian media are consumed with anxiety because of the danger of a reopening of the Balkan refugee route. “The Balkan route is being activated” is a headline in today’s edition of Vecernji list. The newspaper reports that it is more and more probable that the Balkans ...

13 September 2016 16:26 Milanović Stepping Down Is a Major Topic in Regional Press

Results of the snap elections in Croatia of September 11 are the leading subject for media in the region of former Yugoslavia. For most media the main piece of news is the announced stepping down of former Prime Minister Zoran Milanović from the leader’s seat in the Social Democratic ...

8 September 2016 16:02 Serbia Creates Ministries of European Integration and Relations with Eurasian Union

Media in Serbia and Croatia this morning are again dealing exclusively with the tension between the two states. The rest of the subjects in today’s press review are the refugee crisis, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia’s European integration.  The most interesting subject t ...

6 September 2016 15:01 Vučić's Orbánisation

Croatian and Serbian press are paying a lot of attention to the visit of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to Belgrade on Monday. Croatian media quote Mr Orbán in saying that Hungary will not accept anyone and for whatever reason blocking the accession of Serbia to the EU. The ...

23 September 2016 19:45 Will There Be a War in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

It is no longer funny, nor exotic, but very real – there will be a referendum in Republika Srpska (RS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina and this, alas, already brings sabre rattling. Concern is growing in Croatia, but also disappointment with the inactivity of politicians, media hysteria is ...

19 September 2016 15:40 Is the End of Hasanbegović Near?

The pebble in the shoe (Zlatko Hasanbegović) of the renewed Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) under the leadership of MEP Andrej Plenković (EPP) is about to be discarded, as is evident from the review of Croatian media from the weekend and today. The technical minister of culture, who has been cau ...

9 September 2016 11:15 The Autumn of Referenda*

The previous political season ended with a referendum of large magnitude, which shook the entire European Union, but there are mighty aftershocks and individual local earthquakes expected in the new one, for there are three more referenda coming in seismically active areas for the EU and the Eur ...

7 September 2016 17:07 Restorers of Milošević Are Waiting for EPP Membership

There are various exciting issues in media in the countries of former Yugoslavia – from the upcoming elections in Croatia and Montenegro, through Islam, to relations with Russia. Leading topic for Croatian media yesterday and today is the postponement of the vote on the application of the ...

6 September 2016 14:43 What Future for EU Enlargement?

The European Union is gradually coming out of its summer vacation and concentrating its efforts on the upcoming summit of September 16th in Bratislava, during which a vision of the future of the Union needs to get drafted for the times following the June 23rd referendum in Great Britai ...

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Adelina Marini
The Council of the EU has tasked the Commission to submit an opinion on #Bosnia and Herzegovina's application for EU membership. This is a sort of consent the European integration process of #BiH to deepen. This consent, however, comes with a condition. In their conclusions, the ministers ask the Commission to pay special attention on the implementation of the ruling on the Sejdic-Finci case. This was the first pre-condition for the continuation of BiH's integration process before the change of approach. In the conclusions, there's no single word about the upcoming referendum in the Republika Sprska this Sunday. You can read the full text of the conclusions here euinsi.de/xBR9
20 September 2016 12:34
Adelina Marini
#euco Good day from #Bratislava! The sirens and the blocked city centre this morning created a sense of Brussels. The leaders of the EU member states (without UK) have gathered in the Slovak capital city to try to find a solution to the pile of pressing issues. The drama is that some leaders want an entirely new vision for the EU whereas others insist the summit to deal only with specific issues like security, migration and the creation of a defense union. The 27 are expected to tell each other honestly everything they were so far silent about for various reasons. To some, Brexit was the final drop, to others - it's the stubborn behaviour of leaders with illiberal views. The organisers' plan is the summit to draw a 6-month plan for restoration of the sense of unity. So, prepare for a long summit which might not end so optimistically as President Donald Tusk wanted before its start
16 September 2016 11:24
Adelina Marini #BratislavaSummit Tusk: Bulgaria is a good example of the change of our approach. This means that all member states are ready to support Bulgaria for the effective control of the border with Turkey
16 September 2016 20:11
Adelina Marini
#Montenegro PM Milo Djukanovic is appearing for a hearing in the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee. Stay tuned for live updates or watch the debate live here euinsi.de/4t7D
15 September 2016 08:09
Adelina Marini #Montenegro Djukanovic: I agree that the Thessaloniki agenda is not being applied seriously but we have to note that the process is still alive
15 September 2016 09:10

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