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Macedonia in the Twilight Zone

Published on , , Zagreb

The EU enlargement commissioner, Stefan Fule, has undertaken an ambitious task to inject new energy into the enlargement process towards the Western Balkans, introducing some new initiatives which, however, risk creating parallel worlds. The biggest risk this to happen is with the extremely difficult case of Macedonia (the former Yugoslav republic). Difficult because, since its very creation, the small, two million, country has been searching for its path and place, often crossing over the boundaries of good behaviour or the reasonable. But the European Commission is determined not to leave Macedonia on its own because this for sure would lead to its absorption by the twilight zone.

As this website wrote in March, Mr Fule has undertaken a very ambitious initiative, which he himself calls "a bridge towards accession negotiations" - the High Level Accession Dialogue. The aim of the dialogue is to maintain with Macedonia and with the Commission a commitment toward the European integration of the country, implementation of the main membership criteria while awaiting the outcome from the dispute between Skopje and Athens for the name of the former Yugoslav republic, which is the main obstacle for Macedonia to start real accession talks. The dialogue, with the sound abbreviation HLAD (sound as in Bulgarian language it means 'cool'), consists of five points that practically outline the five problematic areas for the country: the situation with media; rule of law and fundamental rights; reform of the public administration; election reform; and establishing market economy.

The media situation: even during communism it was not that bad

Right before the August vacation of the EU, on July 24th, there was a session of the EU-Macedonia Association Council, which sounded much more optimistically than the assessments of journalists to whom euinside turned for opinion in the country. In the conclusions from the meeting, spreading on four pages, it is pointed out that the EU appreciates the government's readiness to tackle the main problems, as laid out in HLAD. Regarding freedom of media, it is said that a review was made of the situation of freedom of expression and media and that the continuation of the dialogue between the government and the main stakeholders is noted. Also noted is the preparation of aa draft legislation on civil liability for insult and defamation, saying that this "will be a good step forward once adopted by parliament".

Not so optimistically sound the opinions of two journalists from Macedonia. According to Dushko Arsovski, the country is dominated by media who defend the policies of the government. This, he explains, is especially clearly embodied in the closure of the A1 TV station last year with the motive that it owes taxes to the treasury. Another colleague, Enisa Bajrami, adds that media close to the government were never financially audited. Apart from A1, Dushko Arsovski writes, in Macedonia three newspapers were closed, which were owned by the same man - Velia Ramkovski, who is in jail now for tax evasion. "Thus, space opened for Sitel and Channel 5 - two TV stations which are led by sons of members or leaders of the parties that take part in the ruling coalition of [Prime Minister] Gruevski. This is in violation of the law, which forbids leaders of parties or their relatives to own media. These media often provide greater space for government's activities, while the opposition is most often presented in a negative perspective".

Similar is the situation with the three most circulating dailies in Macedonia - Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik and Vest. Before, the three newspapers were owned by the German WAZ concern which, however, withdrew from the Balkans and at the moment the dailies are owned by the ORKA holding of Orce Kamchev, a businessman considered to be close to the government, Dushko Arsovski further explains. Lately, he adds, on the front pages of Dnevnik entire series of texts are being published, presenting Nikola Gruevski, the premier, in positive light.

My colleague, Enisa Bajrami, who is founder of the news web portal in Albanian language, Shqipmedia, wrote to me that, practically, she is afraid of speaking openly about the media situation in Macedonia because she fears that she might be arrested without a reason or her media be closed only because she thinks differently or dares to speak the truth. "The situation is worse than it was in the communist period", she says. The tipping point in the media saga was after the elections in 2011. Then, Bajrami writes, a new broadcasting law was introduced, without preliminary consultations, which added 6 new members to the broadcasting council - all of whom from the coalition group of the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE. And what is worse in Enisa Bajrami's story is that the Macedonian government is the largest spender on advertising in the country, thus, practically, ruining the media market as, she writes, most media depend financially on government advertising.

A ray of hope comes from the Macedonian National TV (MTV), of which Dushko Arsovski thinks that under pressure from Brussels it could be reformed. At the moment it is technically outdated and presents mainly the government's points of view, not allowing opposition positions. The TV is financially dependent on the state budget. But now, some changes are making there way through, allowing the TV to be financed by fees, advertisement and the state budget. "A spark of hope for some change comes from the new management [of the TV], who promise by the end of September to change the current vision of the TV and the news to be made according to the professional standards", Arsovski writes. New equipment is bought. "The reform of MTV is mentioned in every annual report of the European Commission on Macedonia and if there is any change, it would have to be perceived as a result of Brussels's pressure", the journalist says.

But Enisa Bajrami sounds more pessimistically. She asks, "how can the media situation improve in Macedonia with these current happenings?"

Cold or Hlad?

The EU-Macedonia Association Council, after its meeting on July 24th, noted progress in the economic area. According to the Council, there is progress towards implementation of the economic criteria and the functioning of market economy. "It welcomed the country’s appropriate macroeconomic policy in the context of the global crisis". But it calls, given the accession perspective, the country to improve efficiency and effectiveness of labour market, to enhance administrative capacity and the regulatory and supervisory bodies, as well as to improve the rule of law and contract enforcement. "The EU welcomed the steps undertaken to reduce unemployment", is another positively sounding sentence in the conclusions after the end of the Associations Council. Words, that are in contrast to the impressions of my colleagues Dushko Arsovski and Enisa Bajrami.

Enisa quotes calculations of big international media (as there are no official data), according to which the government is spending 500 million euros on the Skopje 2014 project, which is a gigantic sum for the size of the economy of the small Balkan nation. The project, apart from being expensive, is also causing tensions with neighbours as it envisages the building of 20 high statues and over 100 smaller ones, depicting "ancient Macedonia", among which the 22-meter high statue, called "A Warrior on a Horse", but in fact everyone is aware that it symbolises Alexander the Great.

The EU's conclusions differ from the data of the International Monetary Fund about the economic situation in the country, from June this year. There, precisely regarding fiscal policy, it is said that indeed the authorities had achieved their goal for 2011 to reduce the budget deficit but on a cash basis - a trick the Bulgarian government also used before the EU two years ago. The IMF underscores, that "the deficit would have been somewhat larger if arrears on government payments and VAT refunds were included". For 2012 the government announced a budget deficit of 2.5% of GDP but [this] "was based on highly optimistic growth and revenue assumptions", is the assessment of the Fund. And despite the small tricks, the IMF reports that Macedonia has a good history of achieving its budget deficit goals by cutting spending when necessary. Although the country scored 3% economic growth last year, the IMF says that the economic recovery is slowing down, mainly due to external factors.

The main question right now is whether the HLAD initiative, which radiates so much optimism and hope, would not prove in fact a real cold in the attempts of reforming Macedonia. Dushko Arsovski answers this question saying that the government presents this new initiative as a huge success for Macedonia. Moreover, the government even boasted that it had implemented all its commitments and it waited now for the verification of Brussels. The dialogue is presented as an opportunity Macedonia to progress in its European integration. Some officials, quoted by Arsovski, even think that by the time Macedonia starts accession negotiations, it would have completed the work on most of its commitments.

Enisa Bajrami, for her part, does not see how the dialogue can be of use since the main issues of integration are blocked. "The country’s name has been a roadblock to EU membership since 2005; the EC reports are more 'stagnation reports' rather than 'progress reports'; there is an obvious decline of the economy and unemployment; raising nationalistic feelings with introducing Skopje 2014 project [...]; ethnic-disputes between Macedonia and Albanians are in continues issues; the Albanian partner (DUI party) is ignored in serious issues by the Macedonian ruling party VMRO-DPMNE, and the DUI party actually failed to protect the basic rights of the Albanian minorities", she writes and concludes that the EU in general is "quite 'blind and deaf' when it comes to Macedonia situation, since all they do is talking in a diplomatic method claiming: Macedonia is doing well only it needs more reforms. I do not know what that 'is doing well' actually means".

In June, in the margins of the Sofia Forum for the Balkans, Macedonia's Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Teuta Arifi said, responding to a question by euinside, that for Macedonia HLAD was a particularly important instrument which would not reduce pressure over Macedonia to implement reforms. On the contrary - it the dialogue would keep the dynamics of administration and society.

"Overall we see that a lot of work has been launched and that some results are starting to be achieved. It is now time to continue on the good path, and follow up on the commitments which have been made. This is the way to achieve a positive climate later this year when the Member States will take decisions about the enlargement process", said during the Association Council Commissioner Fule. His words provide a broad space for interpretations, which is obviously what Enisa Bajrami means, because on the one hand these words say that a lot work has been launched but makes it clear that it could be said there are results but there is a lack of confidence in this diplomatic tone. In the end comes the threat that the big assessment will be given by the member states themselves. Among them Bulgaria and Greece, who constantly feel under attack by the small former Yugoslav republic, which was most clearly evident during the debates in the European Parliament earlier this year.

But again, as Dushko Arsovski and Enisa Bajrami said - there is hope. It can be enhanced when the name issue with Greece stops being the only obstacle for the European integration of Macedonia. The country must understand, especially against the backdrop of the democratic problems and pressure over media in some EU member states, such as Hungary, Romania, but also Bulgaria, that without freedom of expression and independent media all attempts for reforms are doomed. In this regard, it is indeed worth praising that for the Commission the first, out of the five, points in HLAD is precisely the media situation, because the devil is in the details, which can very clearly be seen in the media situation in Bulgaria - where quietly and gently the market has been merged and is now almost entirely in the hands of a single owner. The result is showing the prime minister from dusk till dawn on TVs, radios and newspapers - uncritically and unregeneratingly.

10 August 2012 06:49
yes the leaders are thief's,the government is not the best, and then you ask reporters for their views( which can be paid for)........still the country is in a better position then bulgaria(little stalin land),greece(bankrupt for 100 of 200 years),albania( classic basket case)..........and you find faults with others? look in mirror!
The Truth
10 August 2012 08:28
If Ms. Bajrami is genuine about journalistic freedoms and general conditions being better under Yugoslav communism, then why doesn't she advocate a return of Tito and Milosevic type regimes to her listeners? Let her Macedonian Albanian listeners decide, I think at best she will lose her job and worst case scenario would be her life.
Ms. Bajrami and those like her are the reason journalism in Macedonia needs overhauling and rightly the government is doing something about it. I think the message from the government and their Macedonian Albanian coalition partners is yes we will improve media freedoms, but journalistic standards and accountability must improve first. The negative garbage that Ms.Bajrami is portraying is designed only to impede Euro/Atlantic integration, it's on the same level as the unfounded rubbish that came out of the now bankrupt A1 media network whose money ran out exactly the same time as Greece went bankrupt, coincidence maybe, but I don't think so?
If Ms. Bajrami thinks she has it tough in Macedonia, then spare a thought for the brave Greek citizens that dared open a little radio station in Greece, broadcasting in their native Macedonian language. The 2nd in charge of the Greek Orthodox Church in Greece, the Bishop of Salonika organized and threatened to destroy the Macedonian language radio station in Ovcharani (Melitis) because it started to broadcast in the Macedonian language. He asked his followers at Sunday mass, what other country in the world would allow a foreign language radio station to broadcast on its territory and that he would take 40 buses full of patriots to destroy it to little pieces of steel and glass.
As the Albanians in Macedonia enjoy an independent radio, I'm sure Macedonians in Albania would like to have a radio station broadcasting news and views in their native language, but apparently in Albania as in Greece and Bulgaria there is no ethnic Macedonian minority. So, I think in the whole scheme of present day Balkan politics our Macedonian journalists and ethnic minorities are doing far better than those citizens in our immediate neighborhood.
This Is The Truth
10 August 2012 11:02
What gives FYROM the right to steal another country's culture, name and history. FYROM has no historical evidence to support their ridiculous claims. FYROM are Slav-Bulgarians and speak Bulgarian. The Ancient Macedonians claimed to be Greek and spoke Greek. Slavs arrived into Europe 1000 years after Alexander the Great... What FYROM is doing is called Identity and Cultural theft!
Dr Zlatko Giakofski
10 August 2012 11:03
The analysis of genetic data showed that the genes of the inhabitants of FYROM are very close to the Serbs and Bulgarians. The Croats to Bosnians and Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo have the least resemblance to the others, "said Dr.. Zlatko Giakofski.
The Only Truth
10 August 2012 13:21
Let's loose focus on the subject of media in Macedonia and degenerate onto the the subjects of modern Greek mytholgy and selective misrepresentation of a recent Macedonian genetic study of Balkan populations.
"This is the truth" reasons that because the Slavs came 1000 years after Alex Megali, then this disqualifies todays modern Macedonians from being Macedonian. If this is the case then what right do the 600,000 Anatolian refugees and their millions of descendants have in calling themselves "the real Macedonians"? They where resettled on Macedonian lands in 1926, that would make them 2400 years after Alex Megali and you prononounce that we are stealing your history? WOW, what a BLIND BARE FACED LIE, but typical of your modern nation, look at how you lie to your EU friends and partners whilst accepting their charity. Shame on you.
As for the good "Dr. Zlatko" he tries to pronounce something, but not quite sure what. The only thing to come out of the genetic study initiated by Macedonians is that all of the participating Balkan countries are all very closely related, this would indicate a very distant, but common Balkan ancestry. Now take note Doc, the only Balkan country not to participate in this study was? You guessed it.................GREECE, YES GREECE!
Why, have your boys got something to hide?????? 
Alfred Green
10 August 2012 14:14
It comes as clear as a whistle that your reporting, featuring two individuals whose views are clearly not in favor of the truth but somewhere between biased and falsehood, is inaccurate, onesided and distorts the real picture of the situation. Why don't you present both sides of the story? Why not include another two individuals from the opposite camp? If your aim was to portray the government of Macedonia in these darkened colors you in my opinion have failed. You have failed simply for that reason and that reason alone by not providing a balanced presentation in this case. For those people who are interested in the truth I will say this: Macedonia had never had better governing group of people than this one. I feel proud of their honest and dedicated work for the betterment of Macedonia.
Aemellia Santorum Fenkell
10 August 2012 14:37
Greeks have the audacity to call someone else a liar? Is there a mirror in this white world to be placed in front of their lying faces so they can see their noses grow proportionately with their incessant lies? The wellfare state of Europe is craying wolf? Have you people no shame? Not even an ounce of self-respect? Why don't you read your own ancient authors and see what they had to say about Alexander, Philip or the rest of the Macedonians? Is there anyone with integrity left in that failed country of yours? Or do you still depend upon your Greek clergy to lead the way to democratic awakening? Face it; you are no longer needed as buffer zone between the democratic west and them "bad" commies from the east. Your privileged position has outplayed, outlived its usefulness and now is the time for you to start working and earn a real living. Milking the west is over. Lying to the world is over. You have nothing in common with the ancient Macedonians and your invented fight with today's Republic of Macedonia about the so colled name is another attempt to hide and circumvent the Geneva convention and grant full rights to the Macedonian minority in your country whose lands, properties you have confiscated and whose human rights you have abrogated.
Credebility is an issue that you need to work on; it is not going to be given to you any time soon. You have been lying for too darn long time. 
Nick the Greek
10 August 2012 22:36
Macedonians are Greeks...Northern-Greeks from the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon located in Northern-Greece. The Macedonian name belongs to no-one but the Greeks and their legacy belongs to Greek heritage.

Had FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs Introduced themselves to the world as Slavs but Macedonians too, Greeks would have sat down with them to discuss exactly, their Macedonian credentials but they didn't do that...instead, they told the world Alexander the Great was the first Czar of the Slavs and the ancient-Macedonians were proto-Slavic people.

Greeks have been sensitized to FYRoM's propaganda antics...every word they say there and every step they take there is scrutinized.

Macedonia for the Greeks constitues a large part of their geography and an even larger part of their national-history and cultural-heritage...we aim to keep all the Macedonian Identity factors Greek-Hellenic because we owe it to our ancestral forebears to do that.

We are all one
10 August 2012 23:34
Greeks, you people make me laugh, you are the biggest hypocrites. Still living on your ancient achievements, yes its time to get off you lazy asses and work for a living pay taxes and stop expecting hand outs, your ancestors would be ashamed of what you have done to the country and the economy. 

11 August 2012 00:25
Is Macedonia Hellenic YES or NO

Well, it entirely depends on which Macedonia one is talking about ?

If one is talking about the Ancient-Kingdom of Macedon...then the answer is YES!

If one is talking about Macedonia II Salutaris...then the answer is NO!

Macedonia-Secunda Salutaris is where FYRoM is situated right Now!

FYRoM is situated on an administrative district the latin-Romans named Macedonia II Salutaris, an add-on to the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon...hence the Romans distinguished the added-on part, the beneficial Salutaris part, from the original-Greek Macedonia-Prima part.

FYRoM is Macedonia-Secunda...meaning, the Second-Macedonia! It has nothing to do with the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon where Alexander the Great was born, making FYRoM's claims to a Macedonian Identity rooted in classical antiquity absurd, and nonsensical.

Macedonians have always been Greeks, Northern-Greek and Greeks have always lived in the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are Not one of these!

For 21 years, FYRoM's South-Slavs Rubbished the Greeks and their history in order they could take the Macedonian name for themselves, the new Slavic country, nationality, language and ethnicity, no matter what the cost!

And In terms of costs...both Greeks and Slavs have paid dear, advancing their positions, links and connections to the ancient-Macedonians.

Greeks live next to primitive peoples...right
The Truth from Kiril
11 August 2012 10:30
Poor Nick the Grik, aka Observer, you poor soul. You have lost the war buddy, the Megali Idea died 100 years ago. Your boys tried to take eastern Anatolia in the 1920's while the Turks were busy fighting the Russians, Greece miscalculated and didn't get the expected support from mother Europe and accordingly you got your arses kicked, right?
Due to this disasterous campaign and as a consequence having lost your ancestral homes in Anatolia forever, some 600,000 Anatolian refugees and their millions of descendents have descedend upon Macedonian lands and are now the real Macedonians, what a joke! Go fight your real nemesis the Turks, but that is too hard, right?
I bet you Nick, are descended from one of those poor Anatolian refugees, this is what erks you, this is what causes your accute paranoia and inferiority complex. The truth is we Macedonians don't care if you want to be a Macedonian, we are comfortable in the sense of we know who we are. We don't impose our will upon anyone, we are what we are, those in our country that feel different are allowed to feel different, unlike your Greece right?
Long Live Macedonia, right? 
11 August 2012 17:33
Greeks,you have been seperated from the ancient Hellens since 338 bc.Your lineage has been brocken.You have been fooling the world for too long,the time has come to tell the truth.
Your continued lies about the "megali Idea"has been brocken.Some of you are suggesting,the Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia are different than the ones in the Republic of Macedonia,well,take a note hondrokefale,we are the same ethnic Macedonians in Aegean,Pirin Small Prespa and the independent Republic of Macedonia!What did the Greek ambassador to Macedonia said?"The tourists don't know in which country they realy are because they lookalike,they eat same,they drink and behave the same as in Northern Greece".Apparently she forget,you can put illigal borders between people,but you can't seperate them from their own ethnicity or culture and language.
The question is;if you have no lineage to the ancient Hellens,how can you claim Alexander was Greek?My suggestion to you is,put the key to the ignition before you engage the gear,or,think before you speak!One more thing I would like to make it clear to you,and that is,do you understand the letter of Isocrates to Philip ,the epitaph at Chaeronea by Demosthenes in 338 bc,Alexanders comment to Philotas at his treason trial,the most recent comment by former PM Mitsotakis for the introduction of T.Skinalis book"For The Name Of Macedonia"in 1995?.
You people are a joke!
It proves John Adams letter to his Secretary of State Livingston in 1783 was right on by characterizing the Greeks as"corrupted in their morals to such a degree,as to be faithless,perfidious race,destitute of courage..."
Nick the Greek
11 August 2012 18:32
FYRoM's Slavist Makedonists cannot undo the past simply by rewriting it.

FYRoM's historical revisionism and Pseudo-history needs more followers than just the Indoctrinated Serbian and Bulgarian peoples that subscribe to it.

Macedonians were Macedonians ofcourse but Greeks to boot, by default!

It's not who you are but what you are! Macedonians Spartans Athenians Corinthians etc, all of them Greeks to the core...who denies it but the Slavs of FYRoM!

Macedonians were Macedonians because the term Greek was not applied alongside the term Macedonian...this is the kind of Slavist Indoctrinated Silliness Greeks have to contend with.

Macedonians have always been Greek speaking Hellenic peoples...we know this from since they first learned to read and write, they have been telling us about their Greekness in ways which are still apparent even today!

FYRoM's Indoctrinated ex-Yugoslavs sift and search through historical text's for the term "Macedonian" and apply it to Serbo-Bulgarian people...themselves!

This is not right and somebody has to explain to them that Macedonians are Greeks...Northern-Greeks from the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon situated in Northern-Greece.

If left to wallow in their own nostalgia...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs shall convert their country into a Theme-Park Wonderland based on the Las Vegas model, where gigantic larger than life statues of ancient-Greek hero's adorn their streets boulevards and highways.

Before 1991, there were No gigantic Greek statues in FYRoM!

After 1991, FYRoM initiated a Makedonist theme to their politics and began to change. The country began to take on the look and the feel of ancient-Greece, where Alexander the Great and his father King Philip grace the interior of that country with their names and their presence everywhere in the form of Las Vegas style larger than life statues and figurines.
Nick the Greek
11 August 2012 18:35
Makedonism in FYRoM is dangerous. Slavists there continue to spread historical-revisionism and pseudo-history in order to compliment an outdated expansionist Ideology from the imperialist era which had envisioned Slavdom stretching southwards down to Greece then onwards to the Northern shores of the Aegean Sea.

Makedonism in FYRoM is dangerous, it can be viewed within the context of an unsettled Tectonic-Plate, resting uneasy alongside other Tectonic-Plates, pressing down hard on the sides of the long-established settled ones. FYRoM's uneasy restlessness alongside it's neighbours is sending-out shock-waves far exceeding the regions natural capacity to absorb.

FYRoM, a new Slavic country seeks to establish itself in the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula as a Nation of Slavic speaking Macedonians when the long established mainstream historical narrative places the Macedonians into the Greek domain, in with the Greek collective of peoples.

See what I mean about shockwaves!

Macedonians are Greeks...Northern-Greeks from the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon located in Northern-Greece. The Macedonian name belongs to no-one but the Greeks and their legacy belongs to Greek heritage.

Had FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs Introduced themselves to the world as Slavs but Macedonians too, Greeks would have sat down with them to discuss precisely, their Macedonian credentials, but they didn't do that...instead, they told the world that Alexander the Great was the first Czar of the Slavs and the ancient-Macedonians were proto-Slavic peoples.

Greeks have long been settled in the Haemus peninsula and they have now become sensitized to FYRoM's anti-Hellenic propaganda antics...every word they say there, and every step they take there is scrutinized.

Macedonia for the Greeks constitutes a large portion of their geography and an even larger portion of their national-history and cultural-heritage...Greeks aim to keep all of those Macedonian Identity factors because we owe it to our ancestral-forebears to do that.

From since 1991, FYRoM's unsetled restlessness in the Haemus is acting like that Tectonic-Plate, pressing down hard trying to fit-in but in doing that...is sending-out shockwaves, each recent one becoming ever more powerful than the previous one, and so on.
Nick the Greek
11 August 2012 20:04
According to FYRoM logic...if South-Slavic declare themselves Macedonians, they automatically become the modern descendants of Alexander the Great and ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. Flawed FYRoM logic, right!

It's not about who you are...It's about what you are!


Who are You: Macedonian
are You: South-Slav

The example above is a Fail

see correct example below:

Who are You: Macedonian
are You: Greek-Hellenic

The example above is a Pass

It's not Who you are but What you are, right!

If being Macedonian means being Greek in the first place...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs must learn to respect that!
We are all one
12 August 2012 02:35
Hey Nick who are you Hellas, Greece or Turkey, I cant tell the difference as you all look the same. You seem to have a lot to say why don't you use your energy into saving your own drowning country rather than telling someone how or what to call themselves. Get a job pay your taxes and stop expecting every to bail you lazy asses out.
We are all one
12 August 2012 02:42
Are you guys that insecure that you need us to be Greeks, we don't care what you are or claim to be, because we know who we are MACEDONIANS, the question is who are you?
Nick the Greek
12 August 2012 13:20
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs made the issue of Identity a political issue. For 21 years now, it has been discussed at the highest echelons of diplomatic office. Ofcourse, FYRoM's South-Slavic peoples have the right to self-Identity, it is a right assured through the UN charter but nobody ever envisioned the time when that universal-right would be abused so crudely for political motives.
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are South-Slavs on the basis, that is what the terms "Yugo" and "Slav" mean...yet some people there deny they are from Slavic stock, ditching the term "Slav" for the term "Macedonian" and confounding it still by applying the term "ethnic" alonside it.
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs want to self-Identify as "ethnic-Macedonians," do they have the right to do that ?
The answer ofcourse is No! Modern-ethnicity is a very difficult subject to discuss. It could be construed as being a manipulative concept-process. That young Slavic speaking children were taught, nurtured to think of themselves as Macedonians under strict authoritarian  conditions, goes a long way in explaining how modern-ethnicity can be manipulated through social-engineering programmes.
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are victims of Slavist based manipulations and social-engineering programmes, by-products of a now, outdated expansionist Ideology which could be traced back the Imperial Tzarist era and the advent of the Bulgarian-Exarchate.
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs developed ethnic feelings, collective memories and national-pride under Slavist school conditions. Now that they are free from communism and the Yugoslav Federation which accomodated them from since 1945, they want too keep these Identity factors and they also want to express their Macedonian-Identity on the world-stage and at the International level...but for Greek objections.
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs have to deal with Greek objections
which seek to restrict South-Slavic people from using the Macedonian term at the ethnic-racial level and at the cultural-linguistic level, on the basis, Greeks have the right to defend and protect their national-history and cultural-heritage.
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs self-Identify as ethnic-Macedonians
when it is known in academic and scholarly circles that Macedonians are Greek speakers and Hellenic peoples. It was their ancestors that exported Hellenism and spread the Greek-Hellenic language knowledge and culture to the farthestmost regions of the ancient-word.
So FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs self-Identify with a name that belongs in the Greek domain and who's Identity belongs to Greek heritage.
Can the UN and the International legislatures accomodate FYRoM's Identity at the International level, knowing full-well and in advance that a Nation of Macedonians outside of Hellenism and the Greek-Hellenoc core, has never existed in historical verity.
The answer ofcourse is No! FYRoM's much covetted Macedonian Identity shall always clash and conflict with the Greek one.
Two John Smiths could live in peace, side by side, next door to each-other, but if one John Smith decides to usurp the Identity of the other one...that is Identity theft or in FYRoM's case, cultural thievery!
Welcome to the Name dispute between FYRoM - Greece! 21 years on and still unresolved.

13 August 2012 02:28
nick the geek..........please comment on the story,  ......not your warped sense of nonsense if you do not like macedonians,go get a job so you will not have time for rants.thank you for your consideration.
Nick the Greek
13 August 2012 08:28
Macedonians are Greeks...Northern-Greeks Not Southern-Slavs!

Macedonians have always been Greeks and Greeks have always lived in Macedonia...the ancient-Kingdom.

These are the facts, the factual truth!
Waco the Maco
13 August 2012 19:49
Nick The Greek: don't you have a life? family? wife? girlfriend? vibrator?
Nick the Greek
14 August 2012 21:41
The disintegration of the Yugoslav Federation placed the historians apart from the successor states before approaching the task of reconsidering the national composition and tendencies of the, until then, dominant common Yugoslav historical “masterpiece”(1).

In this regard, Macedonia is an exception: the ideology of Yugoslavianism proclaimed in 1952 was here once again subordinated to the one of Macedonianism (2), when nation-building became at all possible in 1994, when this republic was constituted.

The Yugoslav Communist Party clearly understood that the policy for Macedonianization of the Yugoslav Vardar Macedonia, as well as temporarily of the Bulgarian Pirin Macedonia, promises little success, when there is a parallel policy of Yugoslavization being carried out (3). Of course, the renunciation of this supranational concept is an insufficient explanation for the success of the project for creating a Macedonian nation, which was conducted from Belgrade.

In 1995, the social anthropologist from the US, Kate S. Brown, tried to examine this success with the help of the “national imagination” in the now independent Macedonia, and, toward this aim, formulated the following leading question:

"In the 1990s, Macedonians speak a language codified in 1946, spoken by less than two million people, and with a very slender literature. They are members of an Orthodox Church whose authority was established by a socialist political regime in 1968. They are heirs to a 1903 revolution that until the 1940s was described by almost all sources as being Bulgarian. They are descendants from people who were called, and at times called themselves, Serbs or Bulgarians. They have no modern history of independent statehood; the last period that they can claim as boasting a Macedonian regime was in the 11th century".

The Republic of Macedonia, established by consensus authorized by a referendum, has no internationally agreed name (...). Yet its Slavic inhabitants have no doubt that they are Macedonians, and that the territory they occupy has always been and should always be occupied by Macedonians.

The question that baffles many Western observers is simple: how do these people know who they are?”(4)

Stefan Troebst from Leipzig
(link to www.newbalkanpolitics.org.mk ) Historical Politics and Historical “Masterpieces” in Macedonia before and after 1991
Nick the Greek
15 August 2012 22:29
Poles apart...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs on the one hand, and Greeks on the other hand. The problem between them is a name dispute in it's 21st year pending resolution.

Greeks contend that Macedonians are Greeks from since the days of King Karanos...for Greeks, the Macedonian name stays in the Greek domain whilst Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek-heritage. Northern-Greeks still use that Macedonian-Identity today, in the regional-geographic sense.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs contend, they are Macedonians also, only they go a step further by strategically placing the "ethnic" term along-side the Macedonian one. They call themselves "ethnic-Macedonians" much to the annoyance of the Greeks.

The International academic community support the Greeks on these main tenets...that the Macedonian name was created from Greek speaking Hellenic peoples who's Identity was attested to in other peoples histories.

Global politicians versed in the complexities of diplomacy and International relations cannot disagree or go against the findings of scholars and academics who spent their professional carears on the dissemination of classicist Greco-Roman history.

If FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs want to use the Macedonian-Identity to describe themselves, they first have to acknowledge that the first users of that Identity were Greek speakers and Hellenic people.

The original-Macedonians were Greeks and they are still here today as Greeks...FYRoM's South-Slavs have to contend with these people when they call themselves "ethnic-Macedonians. "
Nick the Greek
16 August 2012 08:07
Macedonians are the Greeks of Northern-Greece who still live in the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon...only these people have the right to call themselves Macedonians.

There are Macedonians elsehwere in this world...the only common attribute between them is that their ancestral forbears at one time or another, in the near or distant past hailed from that place.

Macedonians are Greeks...Northern-Greeks Not Southern-Slavs!

Go tell the Abduls Mehmetins and Gorans from FYRoM who try so hard to alter the demographics of the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula by changing Macedonians from ethnic-Greeks to ethnic-Slavs.

Slavist Makedonists from FYRoM cannot undo the Past simply by rewriting it!!!
Nick the Greek
18 August 2012 00:31
In the broader sense, one could say that Macedonians today are those people that live in Macedonia...but Macedonia today is different from the original-Macedonia of antiquity.

Macedonia today has changed both size and shape, today, it is more bigger and more larger than the original-Macedonia...the ancient-kingdom which has always been situated in Northern-Greece.

Today, Macedonians can be Slavs, both Serb and Bulgarian, and Albanian also...Macedonians today can also be Turks too, but who in their right mind can deny that the original-Macedonians were Greek speakers and Hellenic peoples. Who has got the gall or the front to deny that!

Today, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs want to usurp the Macedonian name exclusively for themselves. They want to apply it to their new Slavic country, nationality, language and ethnicity when it is known, these Identity factors do not bode well with South-Slavs.

It takes a brave South-Slavs to proclaim himself a Macedonian at the expense and exclusion of the Greek!

Knowledgable people...scholars and academics know the original-Macedonians to have been a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples, and because they still exist today as Greek speaking Hellenic peoples it makes a mockery out of FYRoM's claims to the same!

FYRoM's Slavist orientated Makedonists cannot undo the past simply by rewriting it!

If being Macedonian means being Greek in the first place...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs must learn to respect that!

Those who deny the Greekness of the ancient-Macedonians, deny it at their own peril...example is FYRoM! shoved-up a siding and kept at arms length, at a distance until the people there learn to respect more, the history of the peninsula they reside-on.
Nick the Greek
18 August 2012 11:53
There is Nothing Macedonian in FYRoM...at least Nothing Authentic I mean. Everything there is a facade, to appear genuine legitimate and veritable when in reality it is not.

Take the name of the land: Named Macedonia Secunda-Salutaris by the Romans...when in reality, it is not real or authentic Macedonian-land in regards to Alexander the Greats Kingdom.

Take the name of the people: Named Macedonians by themselves...when in reality, they are Southern-Slavs from Serbian or Bulgarian stock.

Take the name of their language: Named Macedonian-language by Slavist philologists from communist era Yugoslavia...when in reality, it is a Serbianized-Bulgarian language, just 5 Serbian letters short from proper Bulgarian-language.

Take the name of their ancestors: Named Macedonians by Slavist pseudo-historians...when in reality, their ancestors self-Identified themselves as full-blooded Bulgarians fighting for the Bulgarian cause.

There is Nothing Authentically Macedonian in FYRoM....everything there is fabricated, veneered to give the outward impression it is Macedonian when in reality it is Not!

Authentic Macedonians are those people that still live in the ancient-Kingdom of Macedonian situated in Northern-Greece...not those people who live outside of it!

Authentic Macedonians are those people that still speak Greek, the Macedonian language of old...not the new Slavic concoction mischieveously named "Macedonian-language " by communist era Slavist philologists for mischieveious Slavic reasons.

Authentic Macedonians are those people that still remain proud of their Greek-Hellenic ancestors, the ones that initiated that campaign to free the ancient-Greek cities from subjugation by the Persian empire...not those people who deny the ancient-Macedonians Greek-Hellenic Identity.

Authentic Macedonians are those people that still remain proud of their Greek-Hellenic roots and ethno-origins...not those people who deny them!

Authentic Macedonians are Greeks, Northern-Greeks...not Southern-Slavs!

Those who deny the above, deny it at their peril.
Nick the Greek
19 August 2012 10:34
Something very Morbid in wanting to take the name of an ancient-peoples in order to apply it to your tribe, in the ethnic and racial sense and in the cultural-linguistic sense knowing full well and in advance that you are causing consternations with the living relatives that still use that name for Identity...Certainly, it is not a natural thing to do, I mean ofcourse to usurp the name of another peoples and then attempt to convince the outside world that you are the one more deserved of that name on the basis it applies to your language and to your country.

Something very Morbid in wanting to rewrite the history and the heritage of another-peoples in order to claim their legacy as yours, knowing full well and in advance that it is a legacy to which you have No real, earthly or natural connections to...Certainly, it is not a natural thing to do, I mean ofcourse to usurp their name, their history and their heritage on the basis it is a human-right to self-Identify the way you want, the way you feel and the way you see fit.

Something very Morbid in telling the world that you feel Macedonian on the basis, you have developed ethnic-feelings and collective memories for Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity knowing full well and in advance that those ancient-peoples were a Greek-speaking Hellenic peoples, whilst your ancestors were known to be Slavic-speakers from far away lands.

Something very Morbid in wanting to convince the outside world that you are Macedonian on the basis, your language is called Macedonian-language and your country is called Republic of Macedonia, therefore, on this alone, it gives you entitlements and rights to claim the history, the heritage and the legacy of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity when it is known...you are Not one of these!

Something very Morbid...in wanting to convince yourself that you connect to ancient-peoples from a different ethnic and racial backround to your own, who's culture, Ideals and core values formed the bedrock and the foundation of Western civilisation.

Something very Morbid about that, because the very peoples you want to impress with your fabricated Macedonian-Identity already apply that Identity to Greeks in the regional-geographic context.

Macedonians are Greeks...Northern-Greeks Not Southern-Slavs!
Nick the Greek
23 August 2012 11:59
FYRoM's Macedonian-Identity did not develop through natural processes but through the will and determination of those Slavists that demanded it...evidenced damningly by it's absence before the advent of the Bulgarian Exarchate during the last decades of the 19th Century. Before this juncture, the development of a Macedonian-Identity amongst the Southernmost Slavs of the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula never crossed the boundaries of geography where Slavic speakers Identified as such in this context, within the framework of the greater Slavic Milieu.

That Slavic Nations in the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula are named after their primordial tribal forebears...only two Nations there show their inconsistancies in this regard, where (i) Bulgaria the country, gets it's name from an old-Turkic Tribe, and (ii) FYRoM the country, gets it's name from an ancient-Hellenic Tribe. Both Bulgaria and FYRoM share similar if not the same language, and both peoples are the nearest Slavic speakers to the Greek world where both peoples shared the same geographic space north of Greece.

That the Imperialist Tzarist-Russians resurrected a modern Slavic Nation in the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula under an old-Turkic Tribal name...ostensibly to legitimize the oldest known Slavic presence there, does not bode well for Slavdom having to trace their history back to proto-Bulgar peoples, peoples that were known to have been outwardly different, both ethnically and racially to the Slavic Tribes. The Bulgar name basically restricts Slavdom from claiming a presence there in the Haemus before the 6th Century A.D.

FYRoM has inconsistancy problems with it's name also, in terms of both race and ethnicity and in terms of historical presence in the Haemus. FYRoM's self-imposed name can be traced back to a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples where the Macedonians were known to have inhabited the northern extremities of the Greek world, their King, Alexander the Great exported Hellenism, the Greek-Hellenic language knowledge and culture to the farthest points eastwards to the then known ancient-world.

Slavs using the Greek (Macedonia) name to Identity with is similar to Slavs using the Turkic (Bulgar) name to Identity with. Bulgaria today is a Slavic speaking country, who's history stipulates...the proto-Bulgars Slavicized themselves over a period of 8 generations or 200 years, so that by the 9th Century A.D. Bulgarians were speaking the language of the Masses and had developed a literary tradition based on the Cyrilic alphabet. FYRoM today is a Slavic speaking country similar to Bulgaria, their history is similar to the Bulgarian one but for the pseudo-historical nonsense taught in the schools colleges and universities there.

Proto (Turkic) Bulgar people Slavicized themselves to become what they are today...a modern Slavic Nation and country in the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs have to decide if they did the same thing...did Greek speaking Hellenic Macedonians Slavicise themselves to become what FYRoM is today ?
Nick the Greek
23 August 2012 17:02
Ask ten different people in FYRoM where their ethno-origins lay and there is a high probability you shall hear ten different answers...such is the confusion there over the ethnic and racial, cultural and linguistic Identity of the disparate peoples there. The reasons for this are many, not least, the Bulgarian-camp vies and competes against the Serbian-camp which vies and competes with the Makedonist-camp for the hearts and minds of the country's simple-hearted, simple-minded peoples.

1...The Bulgarian-camp in the country tells them they are Bulgarians...evidenced in the language they speak and the similarities in folklore culture and traditions.

2...The Serbian-camp in the country tells them they are Southern-Serbs and different from Bulgarians...evidenced in the Serbism's found in their language and the similarities in folklore culture and traditions.

3...The Makedonist-camp in the country tells them they are neither Serb nor Bulgarian but Macedonian...evidenced in the name of their language and the name of their country, which can be traced back to 1944 and 1945 respectively in communist-era Yugoslavia, but this is not expounded upon for fear questions shall be asked about Identity issues there before those dates.

There is another force inside FYRoM which is neither Serb in flavour, Bulgarian in flavour or Makedonist in flavour, and that is the Hellenist-camp in the country. The Hellenist-camp keeps a stealthy distance from the rest, coordinating a Hellenic course for the country...evidenced in the street names there, where ancient-Greek names in there number adorn streets boulevards and highways, but more evidence of the Hellenization process can be found in the street architecture where gigantic statues of ancient-Greek Kings and hero's stand on plinths 22 meters high at the center of Skopje.

FYRoM, Identity wise, is spoilt for choice or getting torn apart due to the torment of it...I mean, having to chose between Serbian-characteristics, Bulgarian-characteristics and Greek characteristics. The Makedonist-camp there attempts to incorporate all three characteristics into one singular and unique Makedonci-Identity but the results are not good nor pleasing to the eye.

In FYRoM today, one can witness ancient-Hellenic things standing next door to medievil-Slavic things, and this comes across as a mismatch, the type of mismatch you get when one attempts to mix and match several elements at once in order to get an aesthetically pleasing result, but ends-up looking Vulgar and unplanned for...This is where FYRoM has ended-up, looking Vulgar and pleasing nobody!
Nick the Greek
23 August 2012 19:49
FYRoM's Macedonian Identity rests on the twin pillars of Language Name and Country Name...take these away, I mean, knock these pillars down and FYRoM has nothing else to base their Identity on.

Language Name and Country Name...Two Identity factors FYRoM bases it's Identity on, and both were sanctioned in 1944 and 1945 respectively by a South-Slavic Croatian Communist going by the name of Marshall Tito.

The language name is properly called Serbo-Bulgarian and the country name...Vardar-Banovina for those in the know!

FYRoM's Macedonian Identity is based on the will and determination of the Slavists that demanded it. The peoples there would happily revert back to their Serbian and Bulgarian roots and ethno-origins given the choice and the opportunity.

Language name and country name...it is these two factors which enable FYRoM to complete the jigsaw...where country name begets nationality and language begets ethnicity.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs base their ethnicity on the name of their language which came into existence for the very first time in 1945.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs base their nationality on the name of their country which came into existence for the very first time in 1945.

Country Name - Nationality Name - Language Name - Ethnicity Name!

The Identity Jigsaw puzzle above completes when the country name is determined and the language name is determined. Both of them were determined by the sheer will and determination of the Slavists in the old-Yugoslavia that demanded it.
Nick the Greek
24 August 2012 10:11
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs would happily revert back to their Serbian and Bulgarian roots given the choice and the opportunity...it has already started to happen, evidenced in the >70k Bulgarian Passports that have been applied for and issued to the people there. Bulgarians in FYRoM Identify themselves as Bulgarians and the Serbians there do the same. The Makedonci notation was only ever used for geographic conveniance by both Serbs and Bulgarians, but Slavist-Makedonists in FYRoM demand they ditch the Serb and Bulgarian Identity for just the Macedonian one.

In FYRoM, Serbs Identify this way: I am Serb from Makedonija, which equates to Serb from the geographic region of Macedonia, but Slavist-Makedonists there want them to ditch the Serb Identity factor.

In FYRoM, Bulgars Identify this way: I am Bulgar from MAKEDONHR, which equates to Bulgar from the geographic region of Macedonia, but Slavist-Makedonists there want them to ditch the Bulgar Identity factor.

Makedonism Ideology in FYRoM is dangerous...it seeks to make Macedonians out of Serbian and Bulgarian South-Slavs at the expense and exclusion of the Greeks.

Authentic-Macedonians are the Greeks that still live in the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon in Northern-Greece. The latin-Romans used that regional-tribal name to extend and enlarge an administrative district, but they made the distinction between the two...Macedonia-Prima denoted the real and authentic ancient-Kingdom of Macedon, whilst Macedonia Secunda Salutaris, denoted the extended, added-on parts which just used the name for administrative purposes.

FYRoM is not real Macedonia and the people there are not real Macedonians...the land FYRoM sits on is actually ancient-Paeonian land in the South and ancient-Dardanian land in the North, whilst the people there are South-Slavs from Serbian and Bulgarian stock.

Everything in FYRoM is fabricated...from the name of the peoples to the name of the land, and it is all reflected in the way they present themselves and their ethno-genesis story.

In FYRoM, they teach their children pupils and students to think of themselves as Macedonians and to think of ancient-Macedonians as Slavs...this is Makedonism, a Slavist based expansionist Ideology. Makedonism in FYRoM is dangerous in the wrong hands, it demands Serbians and Bulgarians to ditch their ages-old ethno-tribal names for the Macedonian name, a name known to belong in the Greek domain, to a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples.

Nobody has tried harder to alter the demographic consistency of the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula than the Slavists of FYRoM. They have worked tirelessly to change the ethno-cultural Identity of Macedonians from ethnic-Greeks to ethnic-Slavs without regret or an incline of shame. They have used state sponsored proaganda against Greece and the Greek-Hellenic peoples whilst they continue to use institutions of state to (brainwash) educate their own children on Makedonism. In FYRoM, state apparatus is used in the same manner as it was under Communism, strictly controlled, to keep the people there Ignorant and Ill-informed about their own ethnic and racial, cultural and linguistic origins.
24 August 2012 12:12
@Nick The Greek...you are everywhere maaan :)....poor creature :(

Linguists agree: Croats and Serbs speak the same language - Macedonian!

Slovenian to somehow might perceive as a real language, but it is used by a small number of people that may come under the statistical error.

Zagreb - After their colleagues from other scientific fields have made the amazing discovery and linguists from the Institute Francis Arapovic finally ended years of research on the languages ​​of the South Slavs. And their findings refute even the king for love.

    ''Croatian and Serbian are two separate languages, they are only dialects of the original language spoken by South Slavs. Closest to the original language of the southern Slav Macedonians, so we can say that the Macedonian language spoken in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, but it is in these countries that use a slightly different dialects. Just all these nations developed their somewhat amusing dialects - linguists explained in the conclusion of his scientific work.''

When researching the experts of the Institute Francis Arapovic carefully examine the development of words, special attention pridavajući words that are not the same in the Macedonian and later formed one of the dialects. Emphasize the example of the word "beautiful," which are, for example, Croats and Serbs took the word "beautiful" in much of the Croatian or "beautiful" in a large part of Serbia and Zagorje. At the same time the Macedonian word "beautiful" a new, completely opposite meaning by adding the letter G in front of him.

    ''Our research has no errors. I used to think that the Serbian and Croatian two separate languages, but I was wrong. This study and its conclusions are irrefutable. Serbs and Croats speak the same language - Macedonian - briefly commented linguist Sanda Ham.''

Prominent linguists add an amendment regarding scientific article. They found that the Bulgarian language is not the same as Macedonian. With the help of historians have discovered that, for the dissemination of Slavonic tribes Macedonians in Bulgaria and probably went a Macedonian with a speech impediment, so the local Slavicized Macedonian Bulgarians accepted the fact with a speech impediment, which is still spoken in only slightly modified version.

How are the results of this study conclusively demonstrates the fact that many of the world's universities, but the day after the publication of his Department of Slavic Languages ​​was renamed the Department of Macedonian language.

Victor A Fried
24 August 2012 14:29
The language spoken in FYROM is a Serbianized form of Bulgarian.

The Bulgarian language was seeded with five Serbian letters and renamed Macedonian-language.

I know, believe me!
Nick the Greek
24 August 2012 19:44
The neighbours know them as Slavs. Demographers know them as Slavs. Ethnogenists know them as Slavs. Linguists know them as Slavs. Slavs know them as Slavs...we are talking about FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs ofcourse, the newly emergent peoples who only recently entered onto the world stage wanting to name themselves Macedonians and their country Macedonia, even though in antiquity, the Macedonians were known to have been a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples.

FYRoM has presented Europe and the world with a problem so unique, it was never before witnessed nor recorded in the history of mankind. Here we have a clash between anthropologists and historians on the one side, and a conflict between ethnogenists and archaelogists on the other side. The question academics are asking in this: How can FYRoM, a newly established Slavic country consolidate a much covetted Macedonian-Identity with it's Slavic heritage and backround.

It's a hard question to answer, especially at these scholarly and academic disciplines: (i) anthropology, (ii) archaelogy, (iii) history, (iv) ethnogeny, (v) philology and (vi) linguistics. In fact, at every single academic discipline known to man and science, the Macedonians are attributed with a Greek-Hellenic Identity.

It's hard then, to take FYRoM seriously when they tell the world they are Macedonians, the modern descendents of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. But as if this was not bad enough, they confound it still by claiming an ethnic-racial connection and a cultural-linguistic connection to them, when it is all but given, known at all the academic levels that these Identity factors do not bode well with South-Slavs.

Yes they are Slavs, on the basis Slavdom recognizes FYRoM as a Slavic country. Foolish then, for some in that country to deny that they are Slavs, in speech and in genous. It is known at the highest echelons of diplomatic office that in every Census-report, Population-statistics, Demographic-data and ethnology-records ever undertaken, actioned under the auspices of the Great Powers during the numerous upheavals witnessed in the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs were listed as Slavs, from Serbian and Bulgarian stock.

Spectacular failure on FYRoM's behalf, I mean, to attempt to persuade the outside world to take them seriously, when serious people ((academics)(politicians)) know them as Slavs
and know Macedonians to be a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples who's ancestors spread Hellenism, the Greek-Hellenic language, knowledge and culture to the farthestmost regions of the then known ancient-world.

When FYRoM's Slavist orientated rogue-scholars, pseudo-historians and specialist propagandists Rubbished the history and heritage of the Greeks...they also Rubbished the West and by extension, Western Civilization, on the basis, the bedrock, cornerstone and foundations of it are based on those Hellenic Ideals and core values the ancient-Macedonians exported eastwards to the orient and beyond.

Spectacular failure on FYRoM's behalf, to have taken-on, not just the Greeks but the international academic community, scholars that spent their professional carears disseminating Greco-Roman classicist history in the most prestigious learning instutions of the Western-world.

No amount of persuasion can convince the international community to recognize FYRoM as a Nation of Macedonians with ethnic-racial roots and cultural-linguistic connections to the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. This is the harsh reality of it!

FYRoM's much vaunted Macedonian-Identity shall have to reflect in real and factual terms, that it is distanced both in geographic terms and racial terms from the Greek-Identity of those Greek speaking Hellenic peoples that still live inside the boundaries of the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon, in Northern-Greece!
Nick the Greek
25 August 2012 10:54
In the past, only Greek speaking Macedonians existed, but today, there are people in the Haemus who are Not Greek, but still want to use the Macedonian name for self-Identification. Who are They!

Today, there are 4 Types of Macedonian: The Authentic Type, the 2 Slavic Types, and the Albanian Type.

1...The Authentic-Macedonian ofcourse is the Greek speaking Hellenic type. He remained loyal to Hellenism and still lives within the boundaries of the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon in Northern-Greece.

2...The Slavic-Macedonians can be split into two groups:(i) Bulgarian-Slavs and (ii) ex-Yugoslavs.

3...The Albanian-Macedonian we can discount on the basis, Albanians are No Macedonians, they know it, we know it, and they say so. Albania is home to just 1% of geographic-Macedonia, the extended and enlarged region which just carries the name only, it has Nothing to do with the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon. Some Albanians can self-Identify as Macedonians in the geographic sense but chose not to.

The list is 3 but 4 Types of Macedonian are there. Now that we have discounted the Albanian Type of Macedonian, we are left with (i) The Authentic Greek Type of Macedonian, plus (ii) The Bulgarian-Slav Type, plus (iii) The ex-Yugoslav Type. From those 3 we can discount the Bulgarian-Slav Type of Macedonian on the basis, Bulgarians are No Macedonians, they know it, we know it, and they say so.

From the 4 Types of Macedonian, we have discounted 2 Types on the basis, they just carry the geographic-regional name only. Albania is home to just 1% of it, and Bulgaria just 9% of it. Albanians and Bulgarians are No Macedonians, they know it, we know it, and they say so.

From the 4 Types of Macedonian we have discounted 2 Types, therefore 2 more remain. The Authentic-Macedonians have to contend against a rival who has staked a claim to their ancient and archaic, regional-tribal name.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are a newly emergent peoples that acquired their Independence under dubious circumstances during the break-up of the old-Yugoslavia. In 1991, they entered onto the world stage wanting recognition as a Nation of Macedonians, on the basis, they speak Macedonian and live in a country called Macedonia...kick-starting off a name dispute with Greece over who and who isn't Macedonian. After 21 years, the name dispute is still on-going!

Authentic-Macedonians have always been Greek speaking Hellenic peoples from since the days of King Karanus, more then 3 Millenia into the past. Alexander I, the grand-father of Alexander III the Great, declared himself Greek on record whilst his grandson, years later, initiated a campaign to free the ancient-Greek cities in (Asia-Minor) the east that found themselves under the rule of the Persians.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs vie and compete with the Greeks over a name the Greeks have been using in the regional-tribal context from since Millenia into the past...So what posessed them, Slavic speakers from Serbian and Bulgarian stock to become contender to the Macedonian name when it is known at every single academic discipline, Macedonians have always been Greeks and Greeks have always lived in the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs know none of this, that Macedonians have always been Greeks...for them, the Greeks are imposters, created by the West to cheat the Slavonic race from it's real true history and heritage in the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula.

Greeks live next to Primitive TurkoSlavic peoples...both Turkics and Slavics work tirelessly to Rubbish Greeks and Hellenism and both of them plot to eradicate the host-culture from the Haemus peninsula, the primordial homelands of the Greek-Hellenic peoples from since Millenia into the past.
Nick the Greek
27 August 2012 16:46
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are under the primitive impression they are free to chose their own National-Identity, and free to write their own National-history...this is how they see things. Whilst the right to choose ones own National-Identity is valid, ethical-codes and moral-codes dictate that one cannot simply infringe on other peoples rights, peoples who's regional-tribal Identity and National-history clash and confict with the Identity you have just chosen and the history you have just written.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are under the primitive impression they are Macedonians on the basis they have lived in the geographic-region of Macedonia for 1,400 years from since the first settlements of their Avaro-Hunnic, Bulgaro-Slavic ancestral-forebears. By the rights and virtues of land and birth, they consider they are entitled to Identify as they wish, as they feel and as they see fit. So they Self-Identify as Macedonians. At this juncture, one could be inclined to agree with their point of view, but all is not as it seems.

Yes, they have right to Identify as Macedonians in the geographic context, but they are not content with this...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs want to Self-Identify as ethnic-racial Macedonians, and cultural-linguistic Macedonians, and they want their National-history to reflect that.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are under the primitive impression they have ancestry rights to the ancient-Macedonians legacy, so they scripted themselves a National-history which made ancient-Macedonians Slavic speakers and Alexander the Great a proto-Slavic hero. They named the ancient-Greek King of Macedon, Aleksandar Veliki and made him the first Czar of the Slavs.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are under the primitive impression they can do all this as of right...to Rubbish Greek history and belittle Hellenism with impunity and without consequences!

Greeks live next to primitive TurkoSlavic peoples who learned nothing in primitive school but Turkic based Turanid histories and Slavic based Slavist histories...just pseudo-historical fantasies which connect Turkics to ancient-Trojans and Slavics to ancient-Macedonians.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs abused the right of Self-Identification the moment they opted to name themselves Macedonians, their country Macedonia, their Nationality Macedonian, their Language Macedonian and their Ethnicity Macedonian...Ethical codes and Moral Codes should have kicked-in to stop them from using a Greek-Hellenic name to Identity with in the ethnic-racial sense and cultural-linguistic sense, when it is all but given, these Identity factors do not bode well with Slavs!
Nick the Greek
1 September 2012 11:48
The enlightened peoples of FYRoM...Yes, they do exist but in small numbers, they squirm at the Makedonist hysteria surrounding the fledgeling country's inexperianced approach at portraying, Illustrating, depicting and characterizing the country's National-Identity at the world stage level.

The enlightened peoples of FYRoM squirm at having to listen to their own country-men explain their ethno-origins in a multitude of ways...all them inconsistant and incpompatible with the previous one, making a total mockery out of the country's schools learning institutions and academies of state, including the scholars that teach in them.

The enlightened peoples of FYRoM writhe with agony at having to abide with constitional-policies which forbid them speaking-out about National-Identity matters...similar policies to those which have been enforced in the Turkish Republic for decades. In fact, in Turkey, the Turks forbid any talk or publication which can distort the country's written historical-narrative. Like their Turkish mentors, FYRoM's historians became mind-architects, specialist-propagandists and revisionist pseudo-historical rogue-scholars, they scripted a National-history that was so crude and so crass, it alarmed the worlds accredited historians proficient in the dissemination of Greco-Roman classicist history to reject it outright as revisionist pseudo-historical nonsense.

Like their Turkish counterparts, they wrote FYRoM a very unique National-history and nobody is permitted to alter it, question it, or distort what is written. Some of them regret ever taking part in that programme because of the damage it has caused them and their academic reputation.

The enlightened peoples of FYRoM squirm at having to now admit, that they were coerced under strict authoritarian conditions to take part in state initiated programmes to write FYRoM's pseudo-scriptures...which meant, rewriting the worlds long established mainstream historical-narrative to which all International accredited historians subscribe.

The enlightened peoples of FYRoM squirm with embarrassment at having to listen to their own country-men recite pseudo-scriptures they themselves were coerced into writing, under very strict authoritarian conditions. They realize now, the damage they have caused themselves and their country...they realize also that they cannot be absolved to free themselves from the guilt, the blame and the concequences of their actions.

The enlightened peoples of FYRoM squirm at having to admit they took part in one of Slavdoms greatest-most damaging actions against Hellenism and the Greek-Hellenic peoples...the concequences of which shall fester for years to come!

History cannot be undone simply by rewriting it!
Nick the Greek
2 September 2012 11:35
Macedonians are Greek in the authentic sense and Slav in the geographic sense. The Macedonian name belongs in the Greek domain whilst Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek heritage...these are the unshifting fundamentals understood at the highest echelons of diplomatic office.

That FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs perceive to have inalienable self-determination rights to that name goes far beyond their remit to exercise...for example: Simply acquiring, attributing or applying the Macedonian name to ones-self does not a Macedonian make because, to be Macedonian in the authentic sense, one needs to be Greek in the first place.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs tell us they have rights...by the virtues of land and by birth they perceive themselves to be Macedonian. By land and by birth they calculate, makes them ethnic-Macedonians in the racial sense, and in the cultural-linguistic sense on the basis, they live on Macedonian soil and speak a Macedonian-language.

Like I said before: Simply acquiring, attributing, applying that name to ones-self does not a Macedonian make...one needs to be Greek to be Macedonian, in the authentic sense of the word.

In reality...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are not Macedonians by land. They are Paeonians by land, ask the professionals, accredited historians, that know about ancient-geography.

In reality...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs do not speak a Macedonian language. The name of their language is properly called Serbo-Bulgarian language, ask the professionals, accredited linguists and philogists that know about ancient-languages.

Because the Macedonian name was aquired and then attributed to FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs in 1944 - 1945 respectively, they have learned to apply it to themselves, their land and their language when it is known, all but given...these Identity factors do not bode well with South-Slavs.

Like I said before: Simply Acquiring, Attributing, Applying the Macedonian name to ones-self does not a Macedonian make.

To be Macedonian, one needs to be Greek in the first place.
Authentic-Macedonians are the Greeks that remained loyal to Hellenism, and who still reside within the original boundaries of the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon in Northern-Greece...

Can FYRoM ex-Yugoslavs really Rubbish This.
Nick the Greek
3 September 2012 23:47
As if the signals could be any more illuminating, the message they emit is crystal-clear. With FYRoM being Ignored, kept at arms length, kept at a distance, shoved-up a siding and generally treated like the great unwashed, the message those signals are sending out should be deciphered properly and understood at political level.

With the EU - UN - USA - NATO and the International academic community all saying the same thing...the message is absolutely clear. FYRoM must compromise in it's name dispute with Greece over the correct use of the Macedonian name.

Greece champions the mainstream view, that the Macedonian-name belongs in the Greek domain and Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek-heritage...two basic and unflinching positions Greece has maintained from since the start of the dispute. Greece has the support of those world bodies and global institutions listed above, in their eyes, Greece holds the moral high-ground.

It's hard to see where FYRoM can go to from here!

The answer ofcourse, is this: FYRoM goes nowhere, it stays where it is indefinately...shoved-up a siding, Ignored, kept at arms length, at a distance until the people there learn the truth about their ethno-racial, cultural and linguistic origins.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are proper bona-fide South-Slavs from Serbian and Bulgarian stock, we know it, Serbs know it, and Bulgarians know it...It's time the peoples in FYRoM are told the truth, and in no uncertain terms where their real history and heritage lay.

Macedonians are Greek in the authentic-sense and Slav in the geographic sense.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs arbitrarily calling themselves Macedonians in the ethnic and racial sense and in the cultural-linguistic sense is not only problematic...it is confusing, not least to their own children, pupils and students who have been raised to think of themselves as Macedonians and to think of ancient-Macedonians as Slavs.
Nick the Greek
8 September 2012 11:08
The chances of FYRoM attaining recognition on the basis it is a modern newly established Slavic country peopled by Macedonians, the modern heirs and inheritors of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity is pretty remote...yet this is what they are striving for, International recognition that they are a Nation of Macedonians.

A Nation of Macedonians outside of the Greek-Hellenic core has never existed in historical verity...to create one now, in the modern era would be anathema for Greeks and a travesty to the long established mainstream historical narrative.

To create a country called Macedonia now, would bring into being, a Nation peopled by Serbo-Bulgarian South-Slavs, they would be calling themselves ethnic-Macedonians, and calling their Serbo-Bulgarian language - Macedonian-language.

To create a Nation of Macedonians now, who's ethnogenic origins are known to hail from Serbian and Bulgarian stock, flies in the face of what we know about Macedonians...that they are Greek speaking Hellenic peoples from since the times of King Karanus >3 Millennia into the past.

Really, what are the chances...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs getting recognition, as a modern Nation of Macedonians claiming Alexander the Great for their ancestor.

No chance...right!

There is absolutely No chance FYRoM attaining recognition as the successor Nation to the ancient-Macedonian legacy, on the basis, the West have ditched FYRoM, that much is certain...from since the start of the American Obama administration.

Worst was yet to come when FYRoM's best friend and sole benefactor Turkey, came into conflict with Israel...destroying their long-time strategic partnership-alliance.

FYRoM benefitted from that Turko-Israeli strategic partnership-alliance on the basis, global media assets were made available to spread the word...that FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are Macedonians and that Greeks are Sub-Saharan Africans.

How things have changed!

FYRoM is now a small insignificant little country in the Balkans that nobody is prepared to touch or sit next to...shoved-up a siding, kept at arms length, at a distance, until the people there learn the truth about themselves and the Greek (Haemus) peninsula on which they reside on.
Nick the Greek
8 September 2012 20:16
Macedonia is historically Greek-Hellenic territory. The Macedonia of old was an ancient-Greek Kingdom but today it is a geographic-region, more enlarged and extended from the original boundaries of the ancient-Kingdom. Today, that greater geographic-region of Macedonia is found divided-up between Greece (51%), FYRoM (38%), Bulgaria (9%) and Albania (1%). That 51% of greater-Macedonia was redeemed by Greece (1913) from the Ottoman Empire, it encompasses the original boundaries of the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon. As Greece has already named its provinces (i) Western Macedonia,(ii) Central Macedonia and (iii) Eastern Macedonia - Thrace, FYRoM is found restricted to the use of "Northern-Macedonia" or "Upper-Macedonia" if it so wishes to distinguish - differentiate itself from Greek-Macedonia. The name is one subject, Identity and language is quite another.

To fix the name dispute between FYRoM and Greece, FYRoM could opt for "Northern-Macedonia, " making the inhabitants there Northern-Macedonians in terms of Nationality. In terms of Identity and language...those factors would remain Slavic. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs would then become Slavic (Makedonski) speaking Northern-Macedonians with Nationality to match. Ethnic-Identity would be (Makedonci) Macedonian, of the Northern-variety.

Because FYRoM buttresses up to the peripheries of original-Macedonia, that fact does not give them the right to usurp the regions-name or annex the regions cultural-heritage or claim the regions historical-legacy. Just as Slovenia is buttressed-up against Italy, it is still inhibited from usurping latin-Roman regional-names, annexing Italy's cultural-heritage or claiming famous ancient-Roman hero's for their own ancestors of choice.

FYRoM needs to understand that the past cannot be undone simply by rewriting history...the Macedonian-name belongs in the Greek domain whilst Macedonian-Idenity belongs to Greek-heritage, irrespective of who represents them today in the modern-age. Everyone who is remotely familiar with ancient-Greek history knows, the ancient-Macedonians self-Identified with Hellenism, simply put, the ancient-Macedonians were a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples and FYRoM today simply does not have the right to Rubbish that fact!
Nick the Greek
9 September 2012 10:56
The Slavic presence in the Greek (Haemus) peninsula is legitimized through the Bulgarians. It was those early Bulgar people, along with the Avaro-Hunnic tribes that ushered them in, surreptitiously, to the Greco-Roman world. For 1,400 years, Slavs have been living next to Greeks, that is quite long enough for them to know their neighbours.
Modern South-Slavs can trace their existence to the Greek (Haemus) peninsula from since the 6th Century AD. Back then, FYRoM's ancestors used their own Bulgaro-Slavic tribal names and Identities, the Macedonian name was unkown to them. 1,400 years of continuously living next to Greeks, does not entitle Slavs to adopt or usurp the Macedonian name exclusively for themselves whilst there are still Greek carriers of that name that stayed loyal to Hellenism.
The Macedonian name belongs in the Greek domain and the Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek heritage. Slavs cannot take these Identity factors to build a National Identity for FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs...those Identity factors are the cultural-inheritance of the Greeks.
We need to understand that FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are Not Macedonians in the Greek sense of the word. Even if they espouse to having blood ties to Macedonians, that fact alone would still only make them partially Greek, entitling them to partial-Greek ancestral and inheritence rights. But how do we explore that possibility, that FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are connected through blood ties to the classical Macedonians from antiquity.
There were No Macedonians at the 6th Century AD like there were No Spartans, No Corinthians, No Thessalians, No Athenians on the basis, all of these ancient-archaic names and Identities gave way to one common Supra-National Identity that was used all over Byzantium Eastern-Rome...Romios! Slavs, FYRoM's ancestors at the 6th Century AD met Romioi Eastern-Romans, Not Macedonians. If the Slavic tribes cross-fertilized with them, the end result would have produced a hybrid Greco-Slavic population. It is entirely feasable then, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs may carry the blood and Dna of this union between those early Slavic tribes and the local Romioi Greek-Byzantines they met and intermingled with, at the top-end of the 6th Century AD.
FYRoM's claim to Macedonian ancestry pale in comparison to the Greek one, for they could only ever espouse partial-Greek connections to them, whereas Greek claims to the Macedonian-name and the Macedonian-legacy are legitimized on the basis, todays Greeks are the closest modern-peoples to them...fraternally, linguistically, geographically, historically and in all the other ways that matter to historian scholars and academics alike.
If FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs were serious in wanting to resolve their issues with Greeks, they would acknowledge Alexander the Great as the Greek King of Macedon and recognize in no uncertain terms the ancient-Macedonians as a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples, then, and only then, could they claim partial-Greek ancestry, entitling them to partial inheritance rights to the ancient-Macedonian legacy.Through their as yet unproven, partial-Greek connections, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs could espouse to having some form of Secondary-Macedonian status...like in the latin-Roman designation, Macedonia-Secunda Salutaris.
What FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs cannot have is what they covet the most...the Macedonian name for Country name, Nationality, Language and Ethnicity. It is impossible for Hellenism to accept this when Greeks reserve the right to keep the Macedonian name in the Greek domain and Macedonian Identity to Greek heritage.
Nick the Greek
11 September 2012 21:40
If a dissident breakaway separatist group today, decided to secede from an established Slavic country or Turkic country in the Greek (Haemus) peninsula, and then went on to declare their new state "The Republic of Sparta," how should the Greeks react. Would the EU - UN - USA - NATO tell Greece to put-up and shut-up, and accept the new reality because this new state has the inviolable right to declare it's chosen name freely on the basis of the feelings and the wishes of it's peoples. So, "The Republic of Sparta" comes into existence and touts for global sympathy and support which is freely given followed by semi-quasi recognition by America prompting other's to follow suite...how should the Greeks react to these surreal developments.

The scenario above is not that far remove from the real events which took place following the break-up and disintegration of the old-Yugoslavia...these events ushered in, onto the world stage, a Socialist Republic that went by the name of Macedonia in the Federation of South-Slavic states. Come 1991, the Slavs of FYRoM decided to drop the "Socialist" part of their name to become The Republic of Macedonia.

Note: Spartans and Macedonians derive from the same Dorian Hellenic stock, and affiliate to the Greek collective of peoples from since Milleniums into the past.

In the case of the Spartan example...who would have the front or the gall to want to take that name for self-Identification, knowing they are Not derived from Greeks. Nobody would entertain such indulgence, such folly and such silliness.

In the case of the FYRoM example...the West entertained their indulgence, their folly and their silliness on the basis of faulty substandard, ill though-out advice that was issued to GW Bush in 2004 by his highly paid advisors, the best brains money could buy. They advised George to recognise FYRoM as Republic of Macedonia at the expense and exclusion of Greek concerns.

Politics eh! Politicians eh! It took scholars and academics to put politicians in their place. The international academic community backed Greece whilst politicians backed FYRoM. The rest is history! FYRoM went from being showered with Western sympathies and support to being ditched...on the basis, politicians cannot ride roughshod over academia.

Macedonians like the Spartans are derived from Dorian Greeks and academia knows that...their regional-tribal names belong in the Greek domain whilst their Identities belong to Greek heritage.

It took alot of front, alot of bottle and alot of gall to do what FYRoM did...tell the world they are Macedonians on the basis they speak Macedonian and live on Macedonian lands when none of this is true. In reality they are South-Slavs from Serbian and Bulgarian stock. They speak a language properly called Serbo-Bulgarian than Macedonian. They live on Paeonian - Dardanian lands.

Greeks have to defend and protect their history and heritage because if we didn't do that...politicians would make Macedonians out of South-Slavs, not for academic or political correctness but for the expediance of it!
Nick the Greek
15 September 2012 13:13
FYRoM is unable to convince the outside-world that the people there are Macedonians, the modern descendants of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity.

FYRoM is unable to convince the outside-world that the language they speak is Macedonian, the language spoken by Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity.

FYRoM is unable to convince the outside-world that the land they reside on is Macedonian-land, the Kingdom of Macedon, the land of Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonians from antiquity.

FYRoM is unable to convince the outside-world to recognize the people there as real Macedonians like they way they want to be recognized...as Macedonian-speaking Macedonians from Macedonia.

FYRoM tried very hard but failed. In November 2004, the International community took the diplomatic approach based on Americas lead and recognized them, FYRoM, as RoM on bi-lilateral basis...solely on a one to one basis, for trade and commercial reasons and for bi-lateral ties only. None of those countries that recognized them in the bilateral-sense recognize them as the modern heirs and inheritors of Alexander the Great's Macedonians with ancestral historical and cultural rights to the ancient-Macedonian legacy.

FYRoM was left to wallow in it's own nostalgia for far too long. The people there were left free to talk and to write about the old-times, their collective-memories and past experiences...all of them fabriacted in reminiscence and in remider of an ancient-past.

FYRoM is unable even now, to convince the outside-world that they are something different to the Serbian-Bulgarian South-Slavic collective to which they belong, ethnically - racially - culturally - linguistically...

...so why the pretence!

Why does FYRoM continue with this pretensious, farcicle and sometimes theatrical side-show, put-on, staged to persuade and convince the outside-world to recognize them as real and proper Macedonians...the sole and legal modern descendants of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity when clearly they are Not.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are exactly what it says on the tin...they are blood-kin South-Slavs from Serbian and Bulgarian stock with no proven links or connections to the real Greek speaking Hellenic Macedonians of old!

To FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs I say this: Stop the Pretence and apologise immediately to the Greek-Hellenic peoples, whom you ridicule and humiliate, and who's history and heritage you have Rubbished now for more than two-decades.
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