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The Bulgarian proposal about Serbia at the "Gymnich" meeting

Published on , , Bremen

The meeting of the EU foreign minister of the "Gymnich" type (the informal) has just started in the German city of Bremen. The topic "Kosovo" will dominate the meeting today and tomorrow the Eu foreign ministers will discuss the relations with Iran. Regarding Kosovo Bulgaria will make a special proposal.

Bulgaria plans to offer Serbia to be included in the future administration of the EU which, if Marti Ahtisaari's plan is approved, will replace the UNMIK administration, led by the UN. The new administration will work with a less personnel. Bulgaria has offered Bulgarian experts to work in all levels - justice, politics and economic development. At the moment in the UNMIK administration 59 Bulgarians are working and it is expected that, if the proposal is approved, 22 of them to be relocated to the EU administration. But still there is no decision of the ministries of internal affairs and justice.

According to the Bulgarian deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs Mr. Ivaylo Kalfin, it is very important an agreement to be reached at today's meeting because, otherwise, the EU member states will have to defend their national positions separately. Of all EU member states only the UK and France are permanent members of the UN Security Council. But for now it is not clear whether it is possible a common position to be reached since several member states like Greece, Slovakia and Slovenia proposed the negotiations on Kosovo to continue to avoid the imposure of a decision which will harm one of the countries (Serbia or Kosovo). Russia defends a similar position.

Also today the EU foreign ministers will listen to the report of the members of the contact group to see how the negotiations between the US and Russia are going on with regard to the status of Kosovo.

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