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The Bosnian mistake should not be repeated with Kosovo

Published on , , Kyustendil

The international community should not make the same mistake with Kosovo as with Bosnia and Herzegovina where the government of this state formation, practically, is in the hands of the international community representative, the Bulgarian foreign minister and deputy prime minister Ivaylo Kalfin said at a seminar in the Bulgarian south-west town of Kyustendil, near the border with Macedonia.

The EU should make s serious commitment to Kosovo so as to ensure its presence in the area but this commitment should be well dosed, Ivaylo Kalfin added. He explained that otherwise the territory with 2 mn people population might remain entirely dependent on the money of the European taxpayers which was of no good neither for the Kosovars, nor for the Europeans. And for Bulgaria, the price would be even higher because Kosovo is on our doorstep. This can be avoided if the international community succeeds in controlling Kosovo but without taking over governance from local politicians, Ivaylo Kalfin further explained.

The deputy prime minister said he was happy with the European unity regarding the future European civil mission in Kosovo but reminded that still there was no legal framework for it to start functioning because, according to UN resolution 1244, this role should be played by UNMIK. Consultations will soon be held to find the best way to transfer UN's rights to the European mission.

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