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Serbia will sign the Stabilisation and Association agreement

Published on , , Sofia

The Serbian government is ready to sign the Association and stabilisation agreement immediately, the Serbian foreign minister Vuk Yeremich said before his EU colleague during their meeting in Brdo, Slovenia.

The agreement is the first step toward a full membership to the EU. the EU offered a very special version of the agreement because of the resistance of some member states because of the insufficient cooperation of Belgrade with the War crimes tribunal in the Hague. But around the independence of Kosovo, the Serbian government refused to sign the agreement. Today the foreign minister Vuk Yeremich said before the EU foreign ministers that the time for Serbia's signing the Stabilisation and association agreement has come. He added that the Serbian government is totally aware of its obligations to the Hague tribunal and he promised that Serbia will find, arrest and hand over Ratko Mladic and the rest wanted suspects. He said that it is not just a political requirement for EU membership but a moral engagement toward the victims and their families and especially to the Serbian democracy. The only way to achieve this is the road to the EU, said Yeremich.

Yeremich reminded also that tough elections were ahead of Serbia and the result would be very difficult to forecast. A large part of Serbians realise that these elections are fundamental for Serbia's relations with Europe and that the choice will leave no one indifferent because of Kosovo. But at the moment Europe is mainly seen as the organisation that has supported Kosovo's independence, seen by the Serbs as a unilateral and illegitimate act.

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