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Kalfin: Serbia to sign an Association agreement on 11th of May

Published on , , Brdo, Slovenia

The deputy prime minister and foreign minister Ivaylo Kalfin has proposed his colleagues from the EU today by the end of April Serbia to sign the Association and stabilisation agreement. This could happen only if Serbia proves that it cooperates with the tribunal in the Hague. Earlier, in the Slovenian town of Brdo, at a working breakfast of the EU foreign ministers the Serbian foreign minister Vuk Yeremich has promised that Serbia will find, arrest and hand over to the Tribunal Ratko Mladic and the rest, investigated by the Hague. On 11th of May there will be early elections in Serbia for which Vuk Yeremich explained that there's a danger that radical powers in the region might win because, in spite of the need Serbia to bind itself in the long term with the EU, people in the country are still not prepared to swallow the separation of Kosovo. According to Yeremich, they see the EU as the organisation that has recognised this illegitimate act. Kalfin commented that it is absolutely realistic that the Association and stabilisation agreement is signed and hoped that this would be acceptable for all member states.

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