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The Commission Circumvents Greece and Launches Accession Dialogue with Macedonia

Published on , , Sofia

It is clear that achieving a solution to the name dispute between Greece and Macedonia is unlikely this year, which is the main obstacle for the start of accession negotiations with the former Yugoslav republic. Greece does not show any symptoms of softening of its position to block the start of the negotiations and in the same time fears are growing that if Macedonia continues its stay in the "pantry", awaiting literally Godot, it is possible unpleasant, both for Macedonia and the EU, scenarios to develop. A fear, expressed during the debates on Macedonia's EU progress last week in the European Parliament.

This is why the European Commission has undertaken a step which practically circumvents the Greek veto and initiates accession talks with Macedonia, which however it calls "accession dialogue". By the way the abbreviation of the official name of the dialogue High Level Accession Dialogue (HLAD), which in Bulgarian means "coolness", is indeed a kind of coolness in the negotiations before they heat up with the start of the actual accession negotiations. EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, who launched the dialogue in the afternoon of the same day of the debates in Strasbourg, said that "we have opened a new phase in the European journey of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We have launched the High Level Accession Dialogue. With it we are building a bridge which will lead us to the accession negotiations". In other words, the Commission will prepare the grounds and will practically negotiate until the blockade for the formal procedure is removed.

Why those are indeed negotiations?

In the dialogue there are even specific chapters mentioned, like for example "Technical dialogue will also be started in line with the Commission’s new approach on Chapters 23 and 24 [Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, Justice, Freedom and Security]". The new approach of the Commission was introduced for the first time for Montenegro last year, when as a result of the rich experience from the enlargement in the past years the EU has come to the conclusion that it is better to start negotiations from the most difficult areas first - judiciary and interior.

The topics on which dialogue is starting show unequivocally what the goals are. The conclusions from the first high level meeting in Skopje last week are brief but quite indicative instead. It is pointed out that the purpose of the dialogue is "to inject new dynamism in the EU accession reform process", which has to lead to strengthening confidence and boosting the European perspective of the country. Besides, the dialogue is practically a framework in which all national stakeholders will be involved, including the civil society, for the definition and implementation of the national EU accession reform agenda.

The main goals of the dialogue are:

- "Media: Freedom of Expression and Professional Standards" - this is the most criticised area in the Commission's progress report on Macedonia last year. Concern about the freedom of media was expressed during the debates in the European Parliament too as by the Danish Presidency in relation to the pressure on A1 TV station and several newspapers, so by MEPs. The Commission's expectations are Macedonia to amend its legislation, which currently criminalises defamation, to improve judicial practise and to enhance professional standards. The rules related to media ownership are also expected to be enhanced;

- "Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights" - here it is expected the country to improve efficiency, quality and independence of the judiciary, to enhance anti-corruption measures, as well as to ensure "verifiable" implementation, which means that in this field there will be a kind of special monitoring similar to that being applied post factum on Bulgaria and Romania at the moment. You will hardly be surprised but Macedonia has very similar problems to those in Bulgaria, because the country is also recommended to increase the effectiveness and transparency of management of interception of
communication investigative technique, as well as to improve the inter-community dialogue. It is obvious that, especially in view of the Commission's experience with Bulgaria and Romania, even if Macedonia would achieve an agreement with Greece on its state name, the reform of the judiciary would emerge as a huge challenge unless genuine efforts are invested, not as in the case of Bulgaria - mainly commitments and zero results;

- The third goal is reform of the public administration, which includes improving the management of human resources, creation of a common framework for management of administrative procedures and more decentralisation.

- The fourth theme is in full synchrony with the problems Bulgaria has - electoral reform. Skopje is expected to ensure sufficient level of separation between the state and party; to address the gaps and ambiguities in the Electoral Code, as well as to complete the review of the voters' list;

- The last goal is enhancing market economy. The country has to improve the labour market, education, the business environment.

On the one hand this is good news that the Commission has after all decided to undertake this dialogue and will work in close cooperation with Macedonia, in order to avoid the country hanging about and doing nothing. The bad news is that, although the lessons from the failure of integration of Bulgaria and Romania to be visible, that specificity in expression is still lacking, as well as the direct naming of the problems, which can be seen the latest reports of the Commission under the Control and Verification Mechanism for Bulgaria. Brussels has to be aware that Europe's cultural diversity can have negative sides, namely - in our region (the Balkans) we need to be told things directly, and it is also recommended to invest a certain dose of threat in the tone. Probably it is a growth error but in all cases the diplomatic tone does not help.

What is interesting is that Commissioner Fule looked satisfied after his meetings in Skopje on March 15, as he assured: "With Prime minister Gruevski we mean business: if you look at the results of today's dialogue - it is not empty political declaration but a list of concrete conclusions and an annex with targets for different areas". Let's hope this is the case, because it is high time the mantra, that reforms should not be made for the sake of Brussels, must finally be having real meaning. Reforms are made to ensure the development and prosperity of countries. If this is not achieved, then only certain circles of society will prosper, as this is painfully visible in Bulgaria.

The Truth
31 May 2012 22:43

Most Modern Greeks Have No Connection To Ancient Greek Race. They are in fact a composite of various balkan races that migrated and repopulated the lands of todays Greece.


"The Usable Past" - 2003
By K.S Brown & Professor Yannis Hamilakis

Page 140:
"....As a result of a number of historical factors, much of the rural population in central Greece was Albanian-speaking by the time of the creation of modern Greek state in the 1830s"


By Professor Keith R. Legg
Page 86:


".....At the time of independence, the range in local dialects was significant; substantial portions of the population spoke Albanian"


"Collective Memory"
By Victor Roudometof
Page 155
".....Theodoros Pangalos (President of Greece in 1925) considered himself a friend of Albania, spoke Albanian, and was proud of his half-Albanian orgin"


"EURYDICE STREET - A Place In Athens"
By Dr Sofka Zinovieff, PhD
Published: 2004

Page: 38

".....This preoccupation with Greekness only really began after the War of Independence (1830), when defining what it meant to be Greek became a vital element in creating a new state - Their first capital was the smart little Peloponnesian port Nafplio. It was thought to be far more suitable than the goat-infested ruins and the insignificant, predominantly Turkish-Albanian settlement which existed in 1900-century Athens"


VENIZELOS (Famous Greek Statesman - Prime Minister: 1910-1920, 1932)
By Herbert Adams Gibbons, Ph.D

Page 346:
"....It may be useful to add that the present vice-president of Greek Ministerial Council, Mr Repoulis; the commander-in-chief of Greek army, General Danglis; the commander-in-chief of Naval forces and Minister of Marine, Admiral Koundouriotis, and the majority of crews of the Greek Navy, speak Albanian their mother tongue"


The Truth
31 May 2012 22:46

Continuation of the ethnicity of Modern "Greeks".


VENIZELOS (Famous Greek Statesman - Prime Minister: 1910-1920, 1932)
By Herbert Adams Gibbons, Ph.D

(At The Peace Conferance)

Page 346:

"....Venizelos advanced the famous theory of national consciousness as the test of nationality..."One may be temped", he said, "to raise the objection that a substantial portion of the Greek population uses ALBANIAN as its mother tongue, and is, consequently, in all probability, of Albanian orgin"

"ALBANIA - The Rise of a Kingdom"
 By J.Swire - 1971
Page 11:

"...In an article in the Greek monthly magazine, Parnassos - February 1916, it is stated that
"the majority of our soldiers speak to one another in the Albanian language....a very deplorable habit.....It is expedient that this habit be destroyed by all necessary and vigorous means". Prince Lichonowsky wrote: "the so-called Greek national dess itself is of Albanian orgin".


"THE ALBANIANS - An Ethnic History from Prehistoric Times to the Present"
ISBN-13: 9780899509327
By Dr Edwin E. Jacques - 1994

Page: 328

"....During the naval battle of the Dardanelles in 1912 he (Greek Admiral Kunduriot) shouted a command to the crew of his battleship in the Albanian language. When asked afterwards why he had used this unaccustomed idiom, the admiral replied, "From enthusiasm!" His reponse corresponds very closely to the reason given by Alexander the Great for frequently speaking to his Macedonian troops in their non-Hellenic language"

".....On another occasion Admiral Kunduriot learned that his ship's officers had forbidden the seamen to speak Albanian among themselves. The admiral summoned the seamen on deck and asked them, "A kuvëndoni Shqip, more?" (O you, do you talk together in Albanian?). The sailors looked at one another, hardly knowing what to reply. One of them took courage, and answered, "- We do talk together just a little, Admiral."

Kunduriot replied, "Go ahead and talk together in Albanian, for we are the ones who liberated Greece!" (Dituria January 1927, 86).


Edmond About
"Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day" -  Edinburgh, 1855 (translation of La Grèce contemporaine, 1854):
"....Athens, twenty-five years ago, was only an Albanian village. The Albanians formed, and still form, almost the whole of the population of Attica ... The Turkish village which formerly clustered round the base of the Acropolis has not disappeared: it forms a whole quarter of the town.... An immense majority of the population of this quarter is composed of Albanians."

The Truth
31 May 2012 22:47
Continuation of the ethnicity of modern "Greeks"



From the text in the video-clip

"....Prior to 1865, Vlachs everywhere in the Peloponnese"
"...Number of non-Vlachs remained lower than the Vlachs.."
"..the Peloponnese consisted mostly, if not entirely, of Vlachs and Albanians.."
"..the guerrillas were generally Vlachs and Albanians, and in the Greek revolution Vlachs and Albanians, etc etc..."
"Arcadia ... numerous Vlach villages."
"Achaia ... Vlach villages."

The Truth
31 May 2012 22:49
More on Modern day Greek Ethnicity

New York Times - June 2009
Nikos Dimou - Greek writer:

“.....We used to speak Albanian and call ourselves Romans, but then Winckelmann, Goethe, Victor Hugo, Delacroix, they all told us, ‘No, you are Hellenes, direct descendants of Plato and Socrates,’ and that did it. If a small, poor nation has such a burden put on its shoulders, it will never recover.”


The Truth
31 May 2012 22:50
And here we can see that even the Greek government is charging Greek citizens for declaring themselves as Macedonian.


In April 1993, in Athens, Hristos Sideropoulos and Tasos Boulis were charged with criminal offenses as a result of comments they had made in an interview that appeared in the March 11, 1992 issue of Ena, a weekly magazine published in Athens.

In the interview Sideropoulos was quoted as saying that he was a Greek citizen but that he had a Macedonian national consciousness. Boulis was quoted as saying "I am not a Greek; I am a Macedonian."

They were both found guilty and were fined 100,000 drachmas and sentenced to 5 months in prison. They were convicted of spreading false information about the non-Greekness of Macedonia and the existence of a Macedonian minority on Greek territory and with instigating conflict among Greek citizens. Amnesty International expressed its concern over the case stating that the prosecution of Sideropoulos and Boulis violated the European Convention on Human Rights.



The Truth
31 May 2012 23:10

Here we can see that even the intellectuals in Greece during late 1700 to mid-1800 century did NOT regard ancient Macedonia as part of the ancient Greek history.


Victor Roudemetof
Nationalism, Globalization and Orthodoxy

Page 102:

".....The new Greece that emerged after 1821 was a continuation of ancient Greece, and had no spiritual ties with the Byzantine Orthodox tradition - Characteristic of this assumption was the intellectuals viewpoint vis-á-vis the place of ancient Macedonians in the ancient Greek history - During the 1794-1841 period, at least 14 intellectuals (among whom were prominent figures such as Panagiotis Kordikas, Adamantios Korais, Alexandros Soutsos, Georgios Kozakis and Iakovos Rizos-Nerulos) expressed the opinion that the ancient Macedonians were not part of the ancient Greek world (Politis 1993, 40-2; Dimitrakopoulos 1996). The Macedonians were considered conquerors of ancient Greece, the first of a series of invaders that kept the region under their rule for more than two millennia."



Nick the Greek
1 June 2012 08:17
In truth, anyone finding themselves in close proximity to the Greek world (Hellenism) has the right to absorbe the essence of it.

Hellenism's Influences transend ethnic-racial boundaries...evidently, Greeks have been Hellenizing NoN-Greeks for Mellenia.

The Hellenic culture is strong and dominant and those who have found themselves in it's embrace are Greeks...irrespective of differing previous backrounds.

Can a Vlach be Greek, can a Slav be Greek...can a Turk be Greek ??? These are just Tags to describe ones current ethnic-racial, cultural and linguistic affiliations. Hellenization and Assimilation...two recognized factors which have been in action in the Haemus and both sides of the Aegean for Millenia. Greeks are all those people that have retained that Greek language and that Hellenic culture and they can be traced back to a variety of peoples stretching from the river Iber in the West to the Evros river  in the East and beyond.

We are all Greeks in the Haemus and both sides of the Aegean, it's just that some of us are more Greek than others!

The Haemus (Balkan) peninsula should be allowed to revert back to it's roots...back to it's Greek-Hellenic roots, afterall, it is the primordial homeland of Hellenism.

Nick the Greek
1 June 2012 11:07
Macedonia:Brother-Peoples and Sister-Nations

Peoples in close proximity to the Greek world often Hellenized themselves freely and out of choice. Conversley, Greeks in close proximity to the Slavs may have adopted the Slavic language and culture...maybe by force, and maybe out of free will. If these scenarios occured, then Re-Hellenization remains the only way of sharing in the history and heritage of the Greeks.

Greeks cannot permit NoN-Greeks to adopt or usurp Greek things exclusively for themselves. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs arbitrarily calling themselves Macedonians and their country Macedonia is not enough...If they want Greek things, they should go the whole nine yards and Re-Hellenize willingly and voluntarily.

FYRoM should free itself, it should release itself from the shackles of Slavdom on the basis it sees itself as a nation of Macedonians, and Macedonians are a known Greek peoples with long historical ties and geographic connections to the Greek world.

If genetics have proven that FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are indeed and in-fact a native and Indigenous peoples to the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula, then this fact alone makes them Greek, or at least partially-Greek...or at the bearest minimum, a peoples closely akin to the Greeks.

Like the ancient-Greeks Hellenized the peoples in close proximity to themselves...Thracians and Illyrians accepted Hellenism for their own culture of choice, that action made them a brother-people and sister-nation to the Greeks.

If ethnogenecists can prove, that FYRoM's population is by enlarge, the same population which existed in ancient times, that would make them "Paeonians" in the south and Dardanians in the north. Paeonians eventually Hellenized, it is not that clear whether Dardanians did the same.

The point is this: FYRoM's Slavic Identity negates them being Macedonians on the basis the Slavic tribes entered the Macedonian geographic region almost a Millenia after the death of Alexander the Great...if Slavicization occured, that just validates the fact that before the Slavs Slavicized the region where FYRoM is right now, they were locals, Byzantine-Greeks, or partially-Greek or at least, a peoples closely akin to Greeks.

No matter which way one wants to look at it...Re-Hellenization remains the only way of sharing in the history and heritage of the Greeks.

Rule of Thumb: Macedonians are Northern-Greeks Not Southern-Slavs!

If FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs want Greek things...they should go the whole nine yards and Re-Hellenize.
Nick the Greek
2 June 2012 11:16
Macedonians are Northern-Greeks Not Southern-Slavs...This is a proven Fact.

Macedonians have always been Greeks and Greeks have always lived in Macedonia...This is a proven Fact also.

The Intelligent world are with the Greeks on this one...it means, World Academia support the Greek view and World diplomats cannot be seen to be going against the findings and teachings of World Academia.

There is no other way...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs must accept that they are neither real nor proper Macedonians on the basis they speak Slavic and originate from Slavic stock.

Macedonians have always been Greek speakers and Hellenic people...no amount of Slavist or Turanid distortions could persuade or convince the Intelligent world, the Academic fraternity and the diplomatic fraternity otherwise!

Slavists and Turanids set-out to make the Greeks look bad but in the event...they made themselves ((Slavics)(Turkics)) looke even worse!
Nick the Greek
7 June 2012 23:05
Archaelogy and history tell us, Macedonia and Macedonians where in the influential sphere of the Grecian world. They were as Greek as say, the Spartans or the Thessalians. This is what is known about them.

What is absolutely clear is this: ex-Yugoslavs cannot usurp an Identity based on an aquired name...Millenia after it was first used by Greeks. This is the best explanation for the Slavic speakers of FYRoM!

Contrary to what they have learned in Slavist schools...Macedonians have always been Greeks and Greeks have always lived in Macedonia.

Macedonians are Northern-Greeks not Southern-Slavs.

9 June 2012 10:15
@ Nick the Greek

".....You cannot usurp an identity based on an aquired name"

I dont see how modern Macedonians have usurped an identity based on an aquired name. There has always been people living in the lands of Republic of Macedonia and neighbouring regions. These lands were not empty. They just exercised their fundamental rigths to self-determination.

If anything, ethnic Wallachians, Albanians, Aromanians, Jews, Slavs have usurped an identity based on an aquired name (Greek). These ethnic groups have no bloodlines nor ethnic relation to the real ancient Greeks.

So the question is, why would modern day Greeks want to hide their true ethnic belongning or its own forefathers? Can you answer that "Nick The Greek" ?

Here are your forefathers:

"The Usable Past" - 2003
By K.S Brown & Professor Yannis Hamilakis

Page 140:

"....As a result of a number of historical factors, much of the rural population in central Greece was Albanian-speaking by the time of the creation of modern Greek state in the 1830s"


By Professor Keith R. Legg

Page 86:


".....At the time of independence, the range in local dialects was significant; substantial portions of the population spoke Albanian"


15 June 2012 13:10
The international organisations refer to this country as FYROM accoring to an agreement which FYROM has signed and accepted to be called FYROM until the name dispute is resolved. As such, I would expect the media to respect the agreements and the international law and refer to this country as FYROM.
Nick the Greek
25 September 2012 23:37
Two reasons why FYRoM, a newly established Slavic country cannot adopt - usurp - monopolize the Macedonian name exclusively.

1...The Macedonian name belongs in the Greek domain.

2...Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek heritage.

Two fundamental reasons which clash and conflict with FYRoM's Slavist orientated Makedonism Ideology. Those reasons shall haunt FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs for eternity.

Now lets review: Are they Macedonians...

...Well Yes If they want to be, but only in the geographic sense!

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs can never be those "exclusive" Macedonians they want to be, like Macedonians in the ethnic-racial sense and in the cultural-linguistic sense, on the basis, It is a Lie! The Macedonian name is a Greek specific place name, a regional-specific Identity applicable only to Greeks.

What Now for FYRoM.
Nick the Greek
29 September 2012 12:45
Only in the minds of some Southern-Slavs and those arrogant Slavist mind-architects that Idoctrinated them, beleive Macedonians were not Hellenic but Slavic. Only in the minds of some sick and twisted ex-Yugoslavs do they believe that Alexander the Great was really Aleksandar Veliki the first Czar of the Slavs. They shamelessly omit the term Hellenic and always refer to Slavs as Macedonians. Only in the minds of some hardened propagandists do they believe they can get away with the mass Indoctrination of FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs.

Only in FYRoM do they teach their children, pupils and students to think of themselves as Macedonians and to think of ancient-Macedonians as Slavs...remember, they never use the term Slav, but always use the term Macedonian to denote the same thing.

Only in FYRoM do they tuition their young people into the belief, todays Greeks are not real Greeks but remnants of Africans - Turks - Vlachs - Albanians and some rogue Slavic elements that converted to Hellenism. They teach their young children to believe in the notion that the ancient-Greeks all died-out, expired, leaving no heirs to inherit their legacy whilst the ancient-Macedonians survived moved North and Morphed into Slavic people who Centuries later, migrated back Southwards to their primordial homelands...an event recorded in history as the Slavic Migrations - Incursion - Invasions of the Eastern-Roman Empire during the last decades of the 6th Century AD.

Only in the minds of some sick and twisted ex-Yugoslavs do they see modern-Greeks as the creation of the West, created in order to cheat the Slavic-race from it's true history and heritage in the (Greek) Haemus peninsula. FYRoM's young children pupils and students are taught that Greece was created by the West to halt the Slavic race from expanding Southwards towards to Northern-Aegean coast.

Only in FYRoM do they see themselves as Macedonians...the rest of the world sees them as South-Slavs from Serbian and Bulgarian stock. Nobody equates them to the Macedonians of old...Everybody equates them to Serbo-Bulgarians that have been Indoctrinated to think of themselves as Macedonians.

Only in the minds of some sick and twisted ex-Yugoslavs do they equate themselves to Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. Only in FYRoM can you see Serbo-Bulgarian South-Slavs prostrate themselves beneath giant statues of Alexander the Great and King Philip of Macedon in posture of exaltation. Only in FYRoM can you see giant statues of medieval Bulgarian Kings alongside statues of ancient-Greek Kings, as if to give the impression their is kinship between the two. Only in FYRoM do they confuse Greek things with Bulgarian things.

Nowhere but in FYRoM do they resent ridicule and humiliate Greeks and Hellenism with a passion. Bred for purpose and kept that way by a Slavist based Ideology which seeks to make Macedonians out of Serbo-Bulgarian South-Slavs.

Now is the time for the Greeks to insist on an apology...for the twenty odd years FYRoM has spent Rubbishing them and their history!
Nick the Greek
30 September 2012 10:20
Macedonians are the Greeks that stayed loyal to Hellenism, proud to have retained that (Greek) language and that (Hellenic) culture which ultimately connects them back to that civilization and to that campaign their ancestor's initiated to expand (Hellenism) the Greek-Hellenic language, knowledge and culture to the farthestmost regions of the then known world. Real Macedonians preserve Hellenism, in fact, they have always defended and protected the Greek world from outsider attacks incursions and invasions. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are Not one of these, they acquired the Macedonian name by Ideology not by nature.

Todays Greeks are the Sole and Legal modern representatives of the ancient-Hellenic legacy which includes Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonians from antiquity. No other modern peoples in the Greek (Haemus) Peninsula or on this planet are closer to them than todays modern-Greeks...we can trace our history and heritage back, in "backwards-compatible" fashion, consistant to and compatible with the long established mainstream historical record traversing a time continuum spanning Millennia in complete synchronicity with other ancient-peoples written histories.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are Not one of these...they acquired the Macedonian name through the sheer will of some Slavists that demanded it.
Nick the Greek
5 October 2012 22:36
It's not just about the Macedonian name...The name dispute between FYRoM and Greece is essentially an argument about heritage more than anything else. Arguments about National Identity in the milleiu-mix of the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula are essentially flawed considering the populations there have been together in close proximity for quite some time.

Greeks maintain that their heritage is rooted back to the Byzantines. Byzantines traced their heritage back to the ancient-Hellenes. The Hellenes traced their heritage back to the proto-Greek Mycenaeans. In this three tier heritage configuration, todays Greeks claim ethnic-racial, cultural and linguistic continuity with impressive documentation to prove their case.

Greeks maintain that FYRoM's heritage can only be traced back to Communism. FYRoM has Communist heritage. To go back further would only reveal FYRoM's Bulgarian past. This ofcourse, is where it starts to get wishy-washy because FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs deny anything to do with Bulgarians, they insist, they are Macedonians with ancient roots.

It is both a paradox and an anomaly, that in today's modern and complicated world, one may be found carrying a type of Blood and Dna that does not properly reflect or bode-well with ones current ethnic-feelings or National-pride. For example: FYRoM's South-Slavs are closer to Greeks in temperament morphology and in many other ways, than to say Russian Slavs or Polish Slavs. To say they are Slavicised Indigenous peoples from the Haemus peninsula resonates. It could be that they carry the same native Blood and Dna as the Greeks, but they speak a foreign non-native language and follow an anti-Hellenic path.

FYRoM's Identity cannot be the same as the one that exists in Greece...regional-geographic Identities cannot be serreptitiously transformed into ethnic and racial ones and then erroneously applied to to a peoples espousing a different heritage. Heritage is something Inherited by legal descent or succession. Todays Greeks are the sole and legal modern-representatives of the ancient-Hellenic legacy, the legal-custodians of Hellenisms cultural Inheritance.

Greeks cannot permit a NoN-Greek peoples to adopt - usurp - monopolize an ancient and archaic Greek-Hellenic regional-tribal name. Why ? Because we value our heritage...right!

Real Macedonia is in Greece this is a fact. No educated person, not even a Slavic one could consolidate the requests of FYRoM with what is actually known about Macedonians.

What I am saying is this: This is as close as it gets to reality without the need to attach modern populations to ancient Identies. The Macedonian name does belong in the Greek domain, whether Greeks exist or not, and the Macedonian Idenity does belong to Greek heritage, applicable only to the peoples of today who legally represent Greeks.
Nick the Greek
6 October 2012 12:23
From the Ionian Islands in the West to Cyprus in the East, and from Crete in the South to Macedonia in the North...here you are in Greek cultural waters and Hellenic linguistic space, it has been this way from since Millenniums into the past.

If some free spirited, unaffiliated Individuals decided to enter into that space in order to make it their home, I mean, they decided freely to settle there to lay down some roots...how long I wonder, would it take for them to assimilate, to take-in, absorbe and incorporate as their own, the language, customs, culture and traditions in order to become one with the native originals peoples, the Indigenous autochthonous peoples of the land. The answer we know to be 8 generations or around 2 Centuries. The precedent was set by the original-Bulgar tribes who morphed into fully fledged Slavs at around the 9th Century AD.

Peoples in close proximity to the Greeks adopted their dominant-language and resiliant-culture out of choice, freely and willingly. The Greek (Haemus) peninsula absorbed numerous NoN-Greek peoples into their fold that ultimately learned to walk like Greeks and talk like Greeks.

It's Ironic that most of that Hellenizing thing was done by the Macedonians. It was the Macedonians that Hellenized the Thracians and the Paeonians. Paeonia is where FYRoM is situated geographically right now. It could be, probably more likely, that FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are the Slavicized remnants of the once Hellenized-Paeonians.

It's Ironic...that Macedonians Hellenized their ancestors during antiquity, whilst the Bulgarians Slavicized them much later during the Avaro-Hunnic, Bulgaro-Slavic migrations, incursions, invasions then final settlement of the Greek (Haemus) peninsula sometime around the top-end of the 6th Century AD.

If FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are serious in wanting to sift and search for their ancient-roots in the Greek (Haemus) peninsula, they can find those roots in Paeonia. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are more Paeonian than Macedonian...geographically speaking at least!

Macedonians are Greeks...they have never been detached from Hellenism and that is a recorded fact.
Nick the Greek
6 October 2012 16:19
It used to be, many many moons ago, that Macedonians were a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples...today however, Macedonians can be Slavic speakers also. Slavs, namely some Bulgarians and some ex-Yugoslavs can lay claim to Macedonian-Identity on the basis of geography. The lands on which they reside were once under Roman rule and carried the Macedonian-name for administrative purposes. The latin-Romans applied the Macedonian-name in subsidiariness, to serve a wider, more-enlarged and more-extended Macedonian-region in order to compliment and aggrandize the much smaller ancient-Kingdom of Macedon, which they distinguished by using the term Prima-Macedonia. The added-on parts the Romans called Macedonia II Salutaris, meaning Secondary-Macedonia, or beneficial-Macedonia, to symbolize and signify it's status.
It must be stressed...The Slavs of the region invoked, revived and bought back to life, the use of the Macedonian-name in 1945 during Communist rule. Marshall Tito, the Croatian dictator of Yugoslavia, resurrected the name then applied it to a brand-new South-Slavic Republic he Christened "Socialist Republic of Macedonia." Tito took this action to compliment a decision he made a year earlier in 1944, when he commissioned the creation of a brand-new South-Slavic language he Christened "Macedonian" language.
It must be stressed...Before 1944, the Slavs of the region described their land as Vardar Banovina or just plain South-Serbia...they never used the Macedonian-name to describe the land.
It must be stressed...The Slavs of the region bacame Macedonians linguistically, in 1944, and Macedonians geographically, in 1945.
It must also be stressed that Marshall Tito, the Communist Coatian dictator of Yugoslavia not only Christened their brand-new South-Slavic language to Macedonian-language, and their brand-new South-Slavic country to Socialist Republic of Macedonia...he also created a Church for them. In 1967 he commissioned the world's first atheist Communist inspired Christian-Orthodox Chruch, which he Christened to Macedonian Orthodox Church.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs owe Marshall Tito their very existence! If not for him, they would still be considered Bulgarians in both speech and in genous...and Southern-Serbs by land.
How did we get here! How did it get to this stage...when we see that gullible, simple-minded, simple-hearted South-Slavs have been manipulated and coerced into thinking of themselves as Macedonians, and into thinking of ancient-Macedonians as Slavs on the basis they have learned to call their new language Macedonian, and their new country Macedonia, therefore, they must be bona-fide Macedonians...is an indulgence and a manipulation too far. 
Nick the Greek
7 October 2012 12:32
From the river Iber in the West, to the river Evros in the East, that space in between is a Greek concept...Evropi!
Europe without Greeks in it is not Europe at all but a place where Celto-Germanic peoples dwell in the West and an assortment of peoples dwell in the East. Evropi, goes where the Greeks take it, the word-term, I mean. Europe today, owes it's cultural development-enlightenment to the Greeks and the Romans...Hellenics and Latins, a Southern-European Mediterenean-peoples, who's Greco-Roman civilization, a refinement of a much earlier Hellenic one, became the culture of choice for the disparate peoples that settled and replenished Europe much later.
Hellenics and Latins evolved and went on to develop into Greco-Romans. Their empire ceased to exist in the Western part of Europe at September 4th 476 AD, but it continued in the Eastern part of Europe until 1453 AD.
Those Greek speaking Romans and those Latin speaking Romans are represented today by the modern-peoples of Greece and Italy.
Here, It must be stressed that only one of those peoples has legitimacy over the legacy of the Roman Empire. Only the Greeks can trace their heritage back to those Greco-Roman Byzantines in wholly consistant and "backwards-compatible" fashion.
Todays Greeks are the sole and legal modern representatives of the Byzantine Empire...the cultural-custodians of Byzantium's legacy. No other modern-peoples on this planet can boast what the Greeks boast.
Europe today gets it's cultural nourishment and sustenance from Athens and Rome. Greeks and Romans set the foundations for a civilization that has endured into the modern-age.
When the Celto-Germanic peoples of Western Europe look back at themselves to find common synergy, they get to a hero-figure called Karalos (Charlemagne) Magnos, or Charles I, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 800–814 AD. Like the example above...only one of them claims legitimacy over the legacy of the Holy Roman Empire. In this context, one can feel the friction which so evidently exists between todays modern Hellenic entity and it's Germanic equivalent.
Can the Slavs of FYRoM even contemplate what is going on here...I mean, their argument with Greece over the use of the Macedonian name and Identity, is it even taken seriously in Europe. I doubt it!
Nick the Greek
7 October 2012 16:18
Everybody knows, Greece is home to the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon, where Alexander the Great was born. Everybody knows, the name of the Kingdom was used by the latin-Romans to rename Paeonian-lands and Dardanian-lands. FYRoM sits on those lands today.
In a region shared by so many, how can FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs claim to be the only "Macedonians" around, living in the only "Macedonia," when the region today straddles over more than one country. How can those claims be taken seriously.
As for human rights - having the freedom to choose any name one wants for self-Identity purposes, based on feelings or the way one sees fit is really not true. Rather, it is  considered an abuse to invoke those rights when it is known that a particular name is already in use, and the name choice itself implies heritage rights.
When Greece is home to 51% of geographic-Macedonia, and this 51% is where the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon lay...this fact alone puts FYRoM's silliness into perspective. FYRoM is actually home to 39% of geographic-Macedonia which in ancient geographic terms, was not Macedonia at all but Paeonia and Dardania.
In demographic terms, geographic-Macedonia is home to approximately 5 Million souls, more than 2.5 Millions are Greek, the largest ethnic group in the region. FYRoM is home to approximately 1.2 Million souls.
It must be stressed...FYRoM holds just over 1/3 of geographic-Macedonia and home to 1.2 Million souls who give their allegiance to it, out of a total population of more than 5 Millions. With figures such as these, FYRoM loses credibility in the eyes of the world, having absolute-zero legitimacy in laying claims to another peoples name, land and Identity.It must be stressed...Macedonia has always been home to Greek speaking Hellenic people and Macedonians have never been detached from Hellenism. These are recorded historical facts.
It must be stressed...Macedonian-Identity is used as regional-Identity by more than 5 Million Greeks that still actually live in real and proper Macedonia, and not the extended geographic region!
Nick the Greek
10 October 2012 23:58
Greece cannot possibly recognize FYRoM as an Independent Nation of Macedonians, on the basis, there has never existed an Independent Macedonian state outside of Hellenism. Through Greek eyes, FYRoM is seen as an artificial creation, an invention of comrade Tito, the Croatian dictator of Yugoslavia, who, in an effort to bolster potential territorial claims against Greece, baptized a milieu of Serbo-Bulgarian South-Slavs with the Greek-Hellenic name "Macedonians."

The Greek position contends that since Alexander the Great was the Greek King of Macedon and because the ancient-Macedonians were essentially a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples...only Greeks have right to their legacy on the basis, the path of least resistance flows through the modern-Greeks. Even if fragmented, those chain links join modern-Greeks to ancient-Greeks in a line of ethnic-racial, cultural and linguistic continuity in a manner which no other modern peoples can boast. It is the Greeks who can boast head seating position at the heirarchy table, only Greeks have the principal-right to Identify themselves as Macedonians, not the Slavs of FYRoM.

Ultimately, the Greeks are realists, Greeks recognize that the only possible solution to the FYRoM - Greece conflict is one that takes into account and recognizes both peoples' rights to the Macedonian-name and Identity, but from a hierarchical perspective...there can be two kinds of Macedonians, Macedonians who are Greeks and Macedonians who are not Greeks. Macedonians who are not Greeks having the right to Identify themselves as Macedonians on the basis of geography, and not through injudicious or wrongly percieved ethnic-racial, cultural or linguistic perspectives.
Nick the Greek
13 October 2012 13:10
Create a Macedonian country peopled by NoN-Greeks and you automatically create a Nation of South-Slavs wanting to excercise their self-determination right to Identify themselves as Macedonians...ethnically, racially, culturally and linguistically. This is what Greece is faced with if FYRoM is granted Macedonian status.
Create a Macedonian Nation made-up of Serbo-Bulgarian South-Slavs and you automatically take-away a very important self-determination right of Northern-Greeks wanting to Identify themselves as Macedonians in the regional and geographic sense. The Macedonia(n) name and Identity has been in use in the Hellenic world stretching back Millenniums. This is what Northern-Greeks have to contend with if FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are granted Macedonian status.
Create a Macedonian entity outside of Hellenism and you automatically become an enemy of it. I mean, you would become an enemy of the Hellenes, for Greeks would take offense and blame you for creating something unnatural, something that was never meant to be. This is what FYRoM's sponsors - supporters - backers are faced with, if they get to be successful in bringing their creation to the fore of political legitimacy.
Create a Macedonian Nation peopled by NoN-Greeks and you automatically create an internal problem for Greece...a problem which has the potential to destabilize the Hellenic Republic into civil war. This is what Greece may have to deal with, if FYRoM's sponsors - backers - supporters get their way. This is what the UN, USA, EU and NATO may have to contend with if FYRoM is granted Macedonian status.
Create a NoN-Greek Macedonian country, then make it home to an assortment mosaic of peoples made-up of Serbo-Bulgarian South-Slavs, Turks, Albanians and Others, then award those disparate peoples Macedonian National-rights, ethnic and racial rights, and cultural-linguistic rights, and you automatically create at a stroke, their respective alter-ego minorities...in Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, with rights to call themselves Macedonians. This is what awaites us if FYRoM is granted Macedonian status.
Create a NoN-Greek Macedonian Nation and you automatically force Greece to recognize Serbo-Bulgarian Slavic peoples as Macedonians, with seemingly higher rights, above and beyond the rights of Greeks to the Macedonian name and Identity. This is what is in store for Greeks if FYRoM is granted Macedonian status.
To FYRoM's sponsors - backers - supporters, I say this:
There has never existed in historical verity, a Nation of Macedonians outside of Hellenism...to create one now, peopled by NoN-Greeks is mischieveous and anathema for Greeks. Greeks would readily take-up arms to defend and protect their historic-rights and cultural-heritage. The Macedonian-name belongs in the Greek domain and Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek heritage. Macedonians are Greek, they have always been Greek and Greeks have always lived in Macedonia, the ancient-Kingdom.
Who has got the bottle, the gall or the front to Rubbish This!
Nick the Greek
13 October 2012 17:51
Awarding FYRoM's South-Slavic peoples Macedonian-Identity, will do a major injustice to the Macedonians of Greek heritage who form the majority. More than 3.5 million Macedonians world-wide Identify with Greek National-Identity and Macedonian regional-cultural Identity. These are the authentic-Macedonians and they do have the right to defend, protect and preserve their historic cultural Hellenic-Identity.
Awarding FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs Macedonian-Identity, empowers them to monopolise the terms "Macedonia" and "Macedonian" exclusively at the International level, thus eradicating at a stroke, the rights of more than 3.5 million Macedonians worldwide, the use of their ancient and archaic, regional-tribal, Greek-Hellenic name for self-Identity.
Awarding FYRoM's disparate populace Macedonian-Identity, gives free-license to a minority over the majority. Their numbers constitute just 25% of the total demographic population of the greater-Macedonian geographic-region.
Awarding FYRoM's Serbo-Bulgarians Macedonian-Identity, qualifies them, a minority, to impose hierarchical supremacy over the majority, thus rendering the Greek-Hellenic peoples ages-old Macedonian cultural-Identity null and void.
Awarding FYRoM's Slavic speaking South-Slavs Macedonian-Identity, entitles them to claim exclusive ownership of the terms "Macedonia" and "Macedonian" at the Internationl level, thus distancing those terms from Hellenism and their Hellenic primordial base.
To those who work tirelessly to award a NoN-Greek peoples a Greek-Hellenic Identity, I say this:
Greeks have the appetite to engage You...Fiercely! to spoil your vision to bring to life a NoN-Greek Macedonian entity at the expense and exclusion of the Greeks!
Nick the Greek
14 October 2012 15:46
To say that a regions history may belong to more than one peoples, especially when that region is the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula, would be a true statement to make.
The Macedonian geographic-region today straddles over more than one country. All the peoples living there have right to share in the regions natural history and heritage. All of them though, in common, should recognize and acknowledge in no uncertain terms, the ethnic-racial, cultural and linguistic Identity of the peoples who made that history.
All the countries touched by the Macedonian-name should, in common, recognize and acknowledge in no uncertain terms that the Macedonian-name belongs in the Greek (Hellenic) domain whilst Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek heritage, irrespective of whether Greeks exist today or don't exist.
Greeks exist ofcourse. Todays Greeks can prove that only they can boast the closest possible connections to Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity...Greeks have competition though. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs vie and compete with the Greeks in that they tell us, they feel like genuine Macedonians, descended from the noble tribe of Alexander the Great. The key issue here is cultural-heritage, own the Macedonian-name and one inherits the legacy by default.
If FYRoM was awarded the Macedonian-name by virtue of  International recognition, that action would implicate that the peoples there become bona-fide Macedonians, with legal entitlements to own the rights to the cultural-heritage bequeathed to the region by the original Greek-speaking Hellenic-peoples of ancient-Macedon.
Greeks get annoyed that the International community affords FYRoM such attention. Greeks see themselves as the sole and legal, cultural and ethnic descendants of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs contention that they feel like Macedonians also, has caused the matter of self-determination to become an inflamed issue which has reached the highest echelons of diplomatic office, involving the UN, EU, USA, NATO and the International Academic community. The question everybody is asking is...why do the Slavs of FYRoM want to call themselves Macedonians. Ethnically and linguistically they are South-Slavs with close racial-ties to the Bulgarians.
It must be stressed...The term, Macedonia, acquired a geographic meaning rather than an ethnic meaning during the latin-Roman era when they established the province of Macedonia II Salutaris. The original ancient-Kingdom of Macedon the Romans kept it Greek, seperate and distinct.
All the peoples inhabiting the Greek (Haemus) peninsula have right to share in the peninsulas history and heritage. All of them though, in common, must recognize and acknowledge in no uncertain terms, the ethnic-racial, cultural and linguistic Identity of the ancient-peoples who bequeathed them that history and cultural-heritage. All of the countries except one, contest the Greekness of the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity...FYRoM vies and competes with Greece over Macedonian issues, not least, who has the highest ultimate right to the Macedonian-name.
Have the name - get the legacy for free. FYRoM fights for this. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs sincerely believe that their aim is entirely noble honourable and achievable, in spite of the overwhelming evidence.
Nick the Greek
20 October 2012 12:50
There is Nothing Macedonian in FYRoM...I mean, FYRoM is not located in the original ancient-Kingdom of Macedon but made an extension of it, an add-on the latin-Romans adjuncted to the ancient-region for administration purposes. FYRoM carries the name only courtesy of latin-Roman rule. In fact, FYRoM is located on ancient-Paeonian soil south of Skopje and ancient-Dardanian soil north of it. Like I said, there is Nothing of real Macedonia there.
It must be stressed, Alexander the Great never set foot in Skopje. The authorities in FYRoM erected gigantic statues of ancient-Greek hero's the peoples there have no real links, earthly connections or historical ties to. The peoples in FYRoM are South-Slavs who's ancestral forebears settled the Greco-Roman world at the top-end of the 6th Century AD.
To make matters worse,FYRoM constitutes just over one third of greater-Macedonia, the enlarged and extended region the latin-Romans adjuncted the name for administration purposes.
So FYRoM is home to a small part of geographic-Macedonia, covering just 38% of greater-Macedonian teritory. Nothing of real Macedonia is there...just the name. Macedonia II Salutaris is how the Romans named the region, it means, the Second-Macedonia, or the added-on beneficial Macedonia.
It just keeps getting worse for FYRoM. Quite evidently they are not Macedonians, at least not by land. By land they are merely Secondary-Macedonians and by race, they are Slavs from Slavdoms southernmost branch, akin to Serbians, but moreso to Bulgarians. Evidently, by land and by race, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are not Macedonians, at least, not in the real or authentic sense of the word.
As if it could not get any worse for FYRoM...even on the linguistic level we find that their language is in fact a Serbo-Bulgarian language. Serbianized (seeded) with just five Serbian letters in the autumn of 1944, FYRoM's Bulgarian language changes name to Macedonian-language courtesy of a Croatian South-Slav going by the name of Josep Broz Tito, the Communist dictator of wartime Yugoslavia.
Greeks are not to blame for exposing Slavdoms cruel, socially engineered exploitations and manipulations of their own children pupils and students. FYRoM's Slavist school indoctrination convinced young Serbo-Bulgarian children they were Macedonians on the basis, they live in a country called Macedonia and speak a language called Macedonian-language but we have proven, that by land, by race and by language, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs struggle to hold on to their indoctrinated belief, they are the sons and daughters of Alexander the Great and his father King Philip, the Macedonians of old, when confronted with the facts.
From the facts above, it becomes overtly noticeable that FYRoM's Macedonian-Identity is actually based on myth and fabrication, a socially-engineered, Ideologically-Inspired, politically-motivated Identity...Initiated on the will of those Slavists that demanded it, to see the greater region of Macedonia come under Slavic Communist control.
It has gone from bad to worse for FYRoM...Nobody gives the country a second look anymore, shoved-up a siding, kept at arms length, at a distance until the people there learn the truth about Greeks and Macedonia. But more importantly, it is time now to learn the truth about themselves, who they really are from whence they really come from.
Macedonians are the Greeks that still live in the historical region of ancient-Macedon located in Northern-Greece...ask any world diplomat or global politician, or ask academics and scholars alike, they all say the same thing, Macedonians have always been Greek speaking Hellenic peoples.
Can FYRoM continue to Rubbish This!
Nick the Greek
20 October 2012 23:16
Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity were culturally and linguistically Greek speaking Hellenic peoples. They had as much in common with ancient Hellenic Athens as they did with ancient Hellenic Sparta, they were all integral to the Hellenic collective of peoples constituting >230 ancient-Greek groups, tribes and Kingdoms. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are not one of these and they need to be told that, in no uncertain terms.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are not the Macedonians they think they are, or were told they are. They can never be the Macedonians they want to be, on the basis, they are from a different race...they belong to the Slavic collective of peoples and that is a cultural-linguistic fact.
Macedonians have always been Greek, and Greeks have always lived in the historic region of ancient-Macedon in Northern-Greece...they belong to the Hellenic collective of peoples and that is a cultural-linguistic fact.
The difference is clear...Macedonians are Greeks from since the times of King Karanus. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are South-Slavs from since the times of the Slavic settlements of the the Eastern-Roman Empire.
FYRoM should revert back to it's pre-Makedonist name of Vardaska-Banovina...This is the original name of FYRoM when it was simply a South-Serbian province. Slavist-Makedonists renamed Vardaska-Banovina province to Socialist Republic of Macedonia in 1945. The government of FYRoM should consider changing the name back to the original Vardaska-Banovina, in order to fasciliate an ending to the long running name dispute between FYRoM and Greece over the proper use of the Macedonian name.
Before 1944, FYRoM's language was simply Bulgarian and before 1945, FYRoM was known simply as Vardaska. The name dispute would end in an instant, at a stroke, if FYRoM reverted back to it's original provincial name of Vardaska-Banovina.
A small tweek can covert an otherwise provincial name to a full-blown country name...The Vardaska Republic, to end the name! 

Nick the Greek
22 October 2012 23:00
Before 1944 there was No Macedonian-language, and before 1945, there was No country called Macedonia. Both, the country and the language are in-fact, modern-phenomena, contemporary-constructs, constructed quite recently. Both were formed during the latter years of WWII in communist-ruled Yugoslavia. Expansion communist-style being the driving force to bring into existence, two things which never existed before in historical verity.
Macedonia existed ofcourse...but not as a seperate country to Hellas, or even as a standalone self-contained country in it's own right. The ancient-Kingdom of Macedon existed as a Hellenic-Kingdom, populated by Greek speaking Hellenic peoples. Hellenisms Northern-most Greeks stood ready to defend and protect Hellenic borders from babarian attacks, invasions or incursions.
Under latin-Roman rule, Macedonia existed as a much larger, extended region. Paeonia and Dardania were added-on, adjucted to the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon distinguished by the term Macedonia II Salutaris, meaning the Second-Macedonia or added-on beneficial Macedonia. The Romans kept the ancient-Kingdom Greek, seperate and distinct reflected in the way they named it Macedonia-Prima.
There was never a country called Macedonia or a language called Macedonian-language...both were invented in 1944 and 1945 respectively by South-Slavs, working to an ages-old agenda to take Macedonia away from the Greeks.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs genuinely believe they speak Macedonian, the language of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity...when in reality they actually speak a Serbianized form of Bulgarian, just five Serbian letters short from proper-Bulgarian.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs genuinely believe their country is real and proper Macedonia, when in reality, Alexander the Great never set foot in Skopje.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs genuinely believe they are Macedonians and that Macedonians were a Proto-Slavic peoples, speaking the language the Slavs of FYRoM speak right now...Serbo-Bulgarian.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs genuinely believe Greeks are not real Greeks but titular-Greeks...Greeks in name only, not in substance.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs genuinely believe the West created the modern-Greeks in order to cheat the Slavic race from it's real history and heritage in the Greek (Haemus) peninsula.
Greeks live next to primitive lowly educated peoples that were bred for purpose to think of themselves as Macedonians and to think of ancient-Macedonians as Proto-Slavs.
Greeks have to live next to primitive ex-Yugoslavs who have become expert at taunting Greeks and ridiculing Hellenism on a daily basis.
In defense of Hellenism I say, enough is enough...Greeks should not have to endure such primitive, unsophisticated treatment of their race and culture. We shall defend and protect what is ours by birthright...We shall defend and protect Hellenisms cultural heritage Come Hell or High Water!
Nick the Greek
23 October 2012 21:15
Contrary to their wishes, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are still viewed as Serbo-Bulgarian South-Slavs, instead of the Macedonian label they wish to be known by. For 21 years, they have touted the International community to recognize them as ethnic-Macedonians, the Identity they wish to be known by...Internationally!
Contrary to their convictions, FYRoM's immediate neighbours know them only as Serbians or Bulgarians...more the latter than the former. The Macedonian label they wish to apply to themselves is rejected in their own neighbourhood.
Contrary to their misguided belief, the International community know them only as South-Slavs from Serbian and Bulgarian stock. The Macedonian-Identity they wish to be known by, remains Illusive...too ambitious.
There is not one school, college or university outide of FYRoM that teaches Macedonians were South-Slavs or Slavic speaking peoples. History has always depicted and Illustrated Macedonians as a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples, and this is how the Macedonian name and Identity are assigned...the name is assigned in the Greek domain whilst the Identity is assigned to Greek heritage.
FYRoM's anti-Hellenic propaganda has only served to brainwash the masses. Indoctrinated on Makedonism, the people there think of themselves as Macedonians and think of ancient-Macedonians as Slavs...or Slavic speakers.
Contrary to their wishes, convictions and beliefs...FYRoM, from the outside, is still viewed as a South-Slavic country peopled by Slavic speaking South-Slavs from Serbian and Bulgarian stock. This view is not about to change anytime soon.
Contrary to popular belief inside FYRoM, that they have absolute and legitimate right to the Macedonian name and Identity...in reality, they do not!
Human rights and the rights of modern-peoples to self-express or self-determine as they wish or see fit, is no longer considered viable or even appropriate in the face of strong academic arguments in favour of the rights of the local existing Indigenous peoples that already use the Macedonia(n) name for self-Identity in the regional-geographic sense.
The Peoples of FYRoM declaring themselves Macedonians, is both problematic and confusing, Macedonians already exist, they are Greeks and they have been using that name for self-Identity from since the days of King Karanus.
Most learned people remain perplexed...they do not understand the reasons or the motive, why a Slavonic peoples would even want to use a Greek-Hellenic name for self-Identity. Why a Slavonic peoples would even want to contemplate the use of a Greek-Hellenic Name for their new Slavic country, nationality, language and ethnicity remains a mystery!

Nick the Greek
26 October 2012 20:50
The complexities of ethnic-tensions and religious tolerances in the Balkans, is nowhere more truely represented than in FYRoM. The natural-history, cultural-heritage and time-served traditions of the place reflect that...a place where a mosaic of exogenous-cultures made the geographic-region of Macedonia their home. The principle base-culture of the place can be found in Northern-Greece, where the historic-part, the ancient-region of Macedon is located. Greece is the primordial-home of original-Macedonia but the region grew under latin-Roman rule creating Macedonia II Salutaris to the north of Macedonia-Prima.

Today, the greater extended, geographic-region of Macedonia straddles over more than one country. Greece holds on to the original ancient-Kingdom of Macedon which constitutes the largest share of 51% of the total teritory. FYRoM holds 39% of it, which equates to just over one third. Bulgaria holds on to just over 9% whilst Albania holds a miniscule 1%.

1...The original ancient-Kingdom of Macedon is held by the Hellenic Republic.

2...The largest portion of Macedonian teritory belongs inside Hellas.

3...The most populated part of Macedonia is in Greece.

4...Greece is the primordial-homeland of a base-culture, a material-culture and a host-culture all ancient-Hellenic peoples...>230 known, ancient-Greek groups, tribes and Kingdoms subscribed.

These facts FYRoM ignores. The fact that FYRoM is a small part of a whole speaks volumes.

FYRoM is home to 39% of Macedonia II Salutaris, an add-on to the original ancient-Kingdom of Macedon. There is nothing of real Macedonia there, yet, the peoples of that newly emergent country hold on to the belief they are Macedonians on the basis, they live in Macedonia and speak Macedonian...neither of which is true!

FYRoM equates to 39% of Macedonia Secunda Salutaris...This is not the Macedonia of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity...is it!
Nick the Greek
27 October 2012 16:05
Before 1913, the geographic region of Macedonia was under Ottoman Turk (control) ownership. The Greek beat the Turk in war, in battle and by conquest, to regain Macedonia (the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon) back for Hellas. The Bucharest treaty of 1913 made that process legal and binding.

The Turk never ever recognized Slavic owneship of Macedonia. The Turk, in-fact, acknowledged that he took Macedonia away from the (Rum) Greco-Romans. The Turk also acknowledged defeat in battle, and that meant he had to give Macedonia back to the Greeks.

Like the Turk, the Slav must recognize that Macedonia (the ancient-Kingdom) has always been Greek-Hellenic teritory, even when during specific periods of the past, the Slav had intermittant possession of Macedonia...brief posession, and only at various intervals.

For the Slavs of FYRoM to be taught that Macedonia belongs to them, the Slavs...at the expense and exclusion of the Greeks is a total-travesty of what has already been established and become common-knowledge, through the mainstream historical-record.

During those brief historical intervals, when the Slavs had posession of specific areas of geographic-Macedonia, they never ever used the Macedonian-name for self-Identity, nor did they ever use the term "Macedonian-language, " there was no such thing, it hadn't been invented yet. The first time we get to hear about a Macedonian-language was when the Croatian South-Slav, Marshall Jozep Broz Tito banded a group of Slavist philologists in 1944 to create it.

Autumn 1944, South-Slavs of FYRoM get a Macedonian-language to call their own...to call it by that name. Before 1944, it didn't exist, they had to make do with Bulgarian.

Before 1944, the all-pervasive Bulgarian-language prevailed in Vardaska-Banovina...FYRoM's previous name. Cyrillic-Bulgarian was used to engrave the Tombstones of their dearly departed. After 1944, those Tombstones had to be engraved using a new language, the Makedonski-language which had just been created for them.

How absurd it must appear, to bury Bulgarian speaking South-Slavs before 1944 and then, have to call them Macedonian speaking South-Slavs after 1944. Same people but different name choice for language. Slavists called it language-shift.

FYRoM's Slavist orientated rogue scholars, pseudo-historians and specialist-propagandists tried to make the Hellenic race look bad, but in the event, they made themselves, the Slavic race, look even worse in the eyes of the world.
Nick the Greek
28 October 2012 14:53
Almost the entire population in FYRoM are sold on the Idea they are Macedonian by nationality and by descent, on the basis, they live on Macedonian soil and speak a language called Macedonian-language.

Amost the entire population in FYRoM are sold on the Idea the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon was a distinct nation in it's own right, and that they, are the modern descendents of it.

Almost the entire population of FYRoM are sold on the Idea Macedonia was divided brutally in 1913, and that their fatherland is today, under Greek occupation.

Almost the entire population of FYRoM are sold on the Idea they are Macedonian by blood and by Dna, and that modern-Greeks are not real Greeks but titular-Greeks...Greeks in name but not in substance.

Almost the entire population of FYRoM are sold on the Idea they are ethnic-racial Macedonians, and cultural-linguistic Macedonians...empowering them to exercise their self determination right to use the Macedonian-name for their new Slavic country, nationality, language and ethnicity.

Almost the entire population of FYRoM are sold on the Idea Greece is an artificial nation, created by the West to cheat the Slavonic race from it's true history and heritage in the Greek (Haemus) peninsula...which they equate to Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. In their history books, Aleksandar Veliki is a Proto-Slavic hero and becomes the first Czar of the Slavs.

Greeks live next to primitive, lowly educated South-Slavic peoples...Sold on the Idea they Macedonians, with roots and connections to the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity.

Greeks despair but we No give-up!

Greeks shall continue to educate them here, on the Internet and elsewhere, in the hope that one day...Slavdom does the right thing in taking that job away from the Greeks, in order to bring it in-house, to educate their own Slavic peoples on Slavic history and heritage. FYRoM needs it, in-fact, FYRoM is lost without it, forever condemned to walking the streets thinking of themselves as Macedonians and thinking of ancient-Macedonians as Slavs!
Nick the Greek
29 October 2012 22:29
When radicalised Albanians say: Alexander the Great was Albanian...it doesn't even register on the richter-scale of looney statements because the Idea is way-too preposterous to contemplate. Historian scholars and academics alike dismiss these wayward Albanian claims as wishful thinking.

When radicalised Bulgarians say: Alexander the Great was Bulgarian...people pay them no-mind, such statements are ignored because the Idea is simply way-too radical to be taken seriously. Historian scholars and academics alike disregard these Bulgarian claims as being delusional.

When radicalised ex-Yugoslavs say: Alexander the Great was Macedonian...accredited historians agree, he was the King of ancient-Macedon. At this juncture, it starts to get complicated because it must be pointed out, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs apply the Macedonian term to themselves for self-Identity. When that is actually realised at the academic-level, the reaction amongst historian-scholars and academics alike is one of subtle astonishment, then bewilderment turning to utter confusion. How can Slavs from the old-Yugoslavia be Macedonians they ask!

When Albanians say those silly things, they are simply ignored, on the basis, those claims are considered wishful thinking!

When Bulgarians say those silly things, they are shunned, on the basis, those claims are considered too radical to be taken seriously!

When FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs say those silly things, they are shoved-up a siding, kept at arms length, at a distance, on the basis, those claims are considered way-too opinionated to warrant comment.

In the Balkans, the peoples there begrudge the Greeks and resent them for having inherited the history and heritage of the Eastern-Roman (Byzantine) Empire. The Greek speaking (Romioi) peoples of that empire traced their heritage back to the ancient-Hellenes, who traced their heritage back to Proto-Greek Mycaeneans.

Greeks live next to primitive politicised peoples, trained and prepared to despise Greeks for being Greek...hateful, resentful peoples, radicalised and bred for purpose to destroy Hellenism in the Greek (Haemus) peninsula, the primordial homelands of the Greek-Hellenic peoples from since Milleniums.

I say, the time has come for the Greek-Hellenic peoples to rise, to stand-up for Hellenism, to defend their culture, to protect their heritage, to safeguard their ancestral-inheritance, to fight for their rights...their historic-rights and to champion the Hellenic cause in the face of adversity.

In preperation for things to come...The fighting spirit of the Greek has awoken, stirred mobilized and ready, the spark to ignite the motion just a flicker away.
Nick the Greek
30 October 2012 20:35
Right to self-Identity is sacrosanct absolute, enshrined in the UN charter of human-rights. Nobody foresaw or imagined that one-day, this right would get misused and abused...as evidenced in the case of FYRoM - a newly emergent country which is home to a peoples from Serbian and Bulgarian heritage.
The world witnessed South-Slavs from the old-Yugoslavia lay claim to the Macedonian-name and Identity, whilst they invoked the UN charter of human-rights to uphold their right to self-determination.
Common knowledge: The Macedonian-name and Identity have a history associated with Hellenism. Greek speaking Hellenic peoples created the name and used it for self-Identity from since the times of King Karanus 808 - 778 BC. The name belongs in the Greek domain whilst the Identity belongs to Greek heritage...This is the prevailing consensus amongst reputable historian-scholars of the classics.
FYRoM's right to self-Identity is sacrosanct absolute, but that does not signal the green-light for it's misuse, nor does it issue free-license to abuse that right.
When it is known at the highest echelons of academic and scholarly disciplines that the Macedonian-name sprang from the Hellenic world, it makes FYRoM's use of it disturbing.
FYRoM's use of an ancient-Greek regional-tribal name, is now viewed with derision amongst the learned peoples of this world, they look upon it as an abuse of the right to self-determination...on the basis, it crosses the lines of moral and ethical conduct.
Yes, everybody has the right to self-Identity, to self-determine the way they wish, feel or see fit...but the FYRoM case is unique in that it is realized now, the people there practice Makedonism, an expansionist-based Slavist doctrine which attempts to make Macedonians out of South-Slavs by manipulating simple-hearted, simple-minded people to think of themselves as Macedonians and to think of ancient-Macedonians as Slavs.
It is an abuse of the UN charter of human-rights, to knowingly attempt a preemptive strike at taking the Macedonian-name away from the Greeks, laying claims to the legacy of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity...when on every single Identity-factor they have proven to be Greek speakers and Hellenic peoples.
FYRoM covets a name and Identity the Slavs there cannot have...on the basis, they are different race, a fact now acknowledged at the highest echelons of diplomatic - political and academic office. 
With no political or academic support...FYRoM is in dire self-inflicted straits, a precarious state of affairs, shunted up a siding, kept at arms length, at a distance until the people there learn the truth about Macedonians and about themselves, about their true ethno-racial origins, history and heritage.
Nick the Greek
31 October 2012 20:57
Contrary to popular-belief in FYRoM...there are no human-rights that stipulate, new emergent nations have the right to usurp existing-Identities, especially if a particular Identity already exist's and is just next door in a long established neighbouring country.
FYRoM covetts the Macedonian-name and Identity for self-determination purposes but Macedonians already exist...they are Greeks, and Greek have always lived in Macedonia, the ancient-Kingdom. By pursuing these claims, the political leadership in FYRoM have overstepped the mark on moral-ethical issues, and matters pertaining to decency and respect.
In order to express some Macedonian credentials, the political leadership there in FYRoM embarked on a crusade to construct gigantic statues and classical-style Hellenistic architectural-monuments...most have been erected now but the results are dissapointing. Critics consider them a disnified aisthetic nuisance, this is how they have been depicted in the International press.
The Disney-fication of FYRoM has motivated some people in that country to ponder their international-image and their future...how they are viewed by the outside-world and whether the Theme-Park approach in Skopje is the right one for the country.
Everywhere in FYRoM, ancient-Hellenic themes adorn the streets boulevards and highways...often done in bad-taste, in very tacky settings. The rush to mark everything with Macedonian insignia, whether it be names or symbols, the end results are often shabby reflections of the originals.
Frantic actions to stamp everything there with Macedonian onomastics, for image purposes, in hope aspiration and desire that FYRoM's much covetted Macedonian-Identity shines through, has had the opposite affect...all of these actions have served only to highlight just how misplaced they are in FYRoM, a Slavic country chasing the Macedonian name for their country-name, nationality, language and ethnicity when everybody is telling them these Identity factors do not bode well with South-Slavs.
Nick the Greek
1 November 2012 22:04
Macedonian...this term denotes a primordial Greek-Hellenic regional-Identity which is still embraced by a considerable proportion of the peoples now populating the historic region of ancient-Macedon in Northern-Greece.
Macedonian...this term is used to describe Greeks from the Northenmost region of Hellas. How confusing is it for the Macedonians of Greece, to have FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs wanting to use their regional-name for self-determination purposes.
South-Slavs from the old-Yugoslavia consider it their inviolable-right to use freely, a name of their choice, so they opted to use the Macedonian-name. They chose an ancient-archaic, Greek-Hellenic, regional-tribal name freely...this is the name they want to use for their new Slavic country, nationaltiy, language and ethnicity.
FYRoM's Slavist orientated mind-architects, converted an ancient-Greek, regional-tribal name, into a unique ethnic-racial term, citing, it is their inviolable right to so, invoking the UN charter of human-rights.
FYRoM has spent the last 21 years trying to establish themselves as a Nation of Slavic-speaking Macedonians...at the expense and exclusion of the Greeks. But for Greek objections, FYRoM is kept from achieving that goal.
Greece holds the moral and academic high-ground in the name dispute between the two countries...supported by the UN, USA, EU, NATO and the International academic community. All of these worldly-bodies and global-Institutions say the
same thing, that FYRoM must compromise. The Onus is on FYRoM to comprimise, to find a proper, more suitable name for the country and it's disparate peoples.
FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are not the Macedonians they think they are or were told they are...or the Macedonians they want to be. Real Macedonians have always been Greek speaking Hellenic peoples.
Macedonia(n)...when this term is used, it is used to describe Greeks, Northern-Greeks from the historic-region of ancient-Macedon in Northern-Greece.
Can FYRoM Really Rubbish This!
Nick the Greek
2 November 2012 18:23
The political will to integrate FYRoM into the Euro-Atlantic economic and security area has all but fizzled out. The benefits for doing so have become minor to insignificant.
The general area of the Balkans have proven difficult to develop into something the West would recognise as being economically worthwhile. Plan after plan on restructuring the region, getting the right political parties on-side never materialized. The pay-off for the West would have manifested in a peace dividend at the end, but none of these things were achieved and none are foreseable now as ever being achieved.
FYRoM is kept at arms length because bringing it closer to the West benefits no-one! Politicians from across the political divide have abandoned the FYRoM cause as being unachievable. Integrating the country into Western economic and security structures have proven far to difficult. The stumbling block...The Macedonian name.
FYRoM's freely chosen name for self-determination is the one-single factor which keeps the country from achieving it's aspirations. It was a mistake for FYRoM to get into historical debates with Greece over Macedonian issues relating to the classical period, the roman period and the medievil period, when everything that we know has been long established and academically approved. Arguments with Greece over these historical matters are in fact, arguments with academia.
Greece politicised the academic world with significant numbers of historian scholars openly suporting the Greek postions over FYRoM visa vie, the name dispute issue.
Politicians have their hands tied...they are unable to go against the teachings of academia on matters Macedonian. Their influence in championing the FYRoM cause cannot be tarnished by historical-revisionism and pseudo-history, the two main pillars on which FYRoM's so called Macedonian Identity rests upon! 
Nick the Greek
3 November 2012 11:18
Macedonians are the Greeks that still live in the historic-region of ancient-Macedon in Northern-Greece. Others bearing that name are Not Macedonians...at least, not in the Greek sense of the word.

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs bear the name issued to them by Communist-Slavists during the WWII years. On their will, did they acquire the Macedonian-name for their language and for their country...1944 and 1945, respectively.

Who do they think they are fooling...historians, maybe.
Nick the Greek
3 November 2012 18:52
Like the Turks, the Slavs of FYRoM share similar themes and synergies regards their ethno-genesys story. The Turk for example, scripted himself an ethno-genesys story which blurs the distinction between the ancient-peoples of Asia-Minor and the modern Turkistani speaking muslim-population which is found nowadays populating Anatolia.
Turkic-Turanids, revisionists and pseudo-historians, consider it fair to equate modern-Turks with ancient-Anatolians...on the basis, todays Turkistanis are an amalgam of all the peoples that set-foot on Asia-Minor soil. FYRoM's Slavist orientated revisionist pseudo-historians do the same with the modern-Slavic population of FYRoM, they equate the Slavic element in their biological make-up to be just one part of the amalgam.
But, is it really fair to suggest that eastern-asiatic, oriental Turkic-Turanids, are really descended from Hittites, or Lycians, or Phrygians. Is it really fair to suggest that the "Turkic-element" is only just one part of the amalgam which constitutes modern-Turk contemporary Identity. One would have to be a hardened propagandist, or a severely brainwashed individual...immersed in Slavist-based Ideology in the FYRoM case, or immersed in Turanid-based Ideology in the Turk case.
Greeks live next to primitive TurkoSlavic peoples who's respective Turkic - Slavic mind-architects prime-them and drive-them to think of themselves as being native and Indigenous peoples to the Greek (Haemus) peninsula and to Asia-Minor, when nothing is further from the truth.
In order to compensate for their foreign - exogenous origins, both Turanids and Slavists scripted themselves similar ethno-genesys stories, which are way inconsistant and incompatible with their actual, real-time, ethno-racial Identities. Turks are known to have eastern-asiatic, oriental beginnings, whilst the Serbo-Bulgarians of FYRoM are known to have Slavic beginnings.
In their pseudo-scriptures, Turanid themes merge with the Slavist ones...both Turkic and Slavic revisionist pseudo-historians share synergies which make their respective races leap-frog back to a time in pre-history, a time before the making of the Proto-Greeks, as Hittites and Trojans in the Turanid case, and Phrygians and Macedonians in the Slavist case.
Greeks live next to foreign - exogenous TurkoSlavic peoples who evidently, appear to be hell-bent in wanting to eradicate Hellenism from it's primordial homeland...the Greek (Haemus) peninsula!
Nick the Greek
3 November 2012 21:22
FRYoM's ex-Yugoslavs cannot claim to be a peoples that exist in another country, nor can they be seen to be usurping another peoples native tribal-name...neither can they wantonly claim the territories of a neighbouring country as being "occupied-territories" with impunity, or without consequences. These hostile actions rightly bring-on reactions, from the very peoples those hostilities were aimed at. FYRoM's hostile actions directed towards Greece and the Greek-Hellenic peoples have been duly-noted at the highest echelons of diplomatic office.
Hostile Action No 1...FYRoM, a newly emergent Slavic-country from 1991, claims the Macedonian-name to be their freely chosen name, the name they wish to use for their own self-Identity and for self-determination purposes. The problem for FYRoM is this: The Macedonian-name is known to have originated in the Hellenic world from Greek speakers using a Hellenic (Centum) language. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are a South-Slavic peoples speaking a Slavic (Satem) language mischieviously and inappropriately named to Macedonian-language in 1944.
Hostile Action No 2...FYRoM used anti-Hellenic genetic propaganda to portray Greek Dna as African. State-sponsored genetic tests were initiated using Spanish haematologist A.Arnaiz-Villena. The results were rigged to cluster Greek Dna in with an African sample, something which could not be repeated in European-wide genetic tests using Greek Dna.
Hostile Action No 3...FYRoM invited a Pakistani Hunza Prince to their Slavic country in order to hail him as one of their own...as a descendent of Alexander the Great, their ancestor. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs were seen to be prostrating themselves in the Press and Media, in adoration and in total humility. Europeans witnessed Yugoslavs getting down on all fours to prostrate themselves in front of an Asian Pakistani, something real European Greco-Macedonians would never do.
Hostile Action No 4...FYRoM erects gigantic statues of ancient-Greek hero's, like Alexander the Great and his father King Philip of Macedon in Skopje, their capital city, a place they never set-foot.
Hostile Action No 5...FYRoM renames Slavic street names to ancient-Greek names to rile the Greeks.
Hostile Action No 6...FYRoM promotes revisionism and pseudo-history in order to make Macedonians out of South-Slavs, where ancient-Macedonians become Slavic-speakers racially akin to Slavs.
There were many many instances of hostile actions FYRoM directed at Greece and the Greek-Hellenic peoples, all of them done for the gratification-factor, to see the Greek peoples squirm at their actions, knowing they had support from a world community sympathetic to their cause, but that was then and this is now.
FYRoM now, has been abandoned...shunned, shoved-up a siding, kept at arms length, at a distance until the peoples there learn the truth about Macedonians and about themselves, like who they really are, and from whence they really come from.


Nick the Greek
4 November 2012 12:19
From since the advent of FYRoM onto the world-stage, the Greeks have witnessed hostililties directed at them, their race, their culture, their skin-colour, their religion, their Dna, their history and their heritage...as if there existed a concerted effort to undermine Greeks Greece and Hellenism in the Greek (Haemus) peninsula...the primordial homelands of the Greek-Hellenic peoples from since time immemorial.
So I take my hat-off to the guy who wrote these now prophetic words...
...The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.
On the back of the name dispute between FYRoM and Greece, Greeks have witnessed all of those anti-Hellenic elements listed above, come to fruition before our very eyes.
Before our very eyes, Greece is being neutralized, caged and locked, into financial-alliances designed to shackel the Hellenic Republic in for the long term.
Before our very eyes, Greece is being neutralized in order to limit the reactions of the Greek-Hellenic peoples to events which are yet to come...events which in themselves  shall prove to be detrimental to Hellenism and the Hellenic cause.
Before our very eyes, Greece is being forced to conform to the will of International-Financiers. Under the cloak of International-financial assistance, the social-cohesion of the Hellenic Republic is being dissmantled in order to create fragmentation.
Before our very eyes, Greece is being choked, denied the loan-funds required to initiate sustainable-development in the Greek economy. Prospectors - Speculators - Ratings-Agencies working in tandem, in common-cause, preventing Greece from accessing International-Finance.
Before our very eyes, Greece is being suffocated in order to keep the peoples there comatosed on depravity and destitution, to keep them moot and passive, to keep them from distinguishing themsleves and to prevail.
Before our very eyes, Greece is being forced to chase the wealth of some Rich-Greeks who Bank abroad. French politician (Lagarde) supplying the sinister list of names for the Greek-State to hound and to chase. Make Rich-Greeks poor, then sit back and watch Greece develop, go forward or prevail. The Idea of going after Rich-Greeks, under the cloak of Tax redemption is a Sinister-Idea, borne from devious and deviant minds.
To those who want to see the Hellenic Republic Nondescript,
Unimportant and Insignificant I say This:
The time has come for the Greek-Hellenic peoples to rise, to stand-up for Hellenism, to defend their culture, to protect their heritage, to safeguard their ancestral-inheritance, to fight for their rights...their historic-rights and to champion the Hellenic cause in the face of adversity.
In preperation for these things to come, the fighting spirit of the Greek has been invoked, the Greeks awoken, stirred mobilized and ready...the spark to ignite the motion just a flicker away.
Rich-Greeks stand Ready to Assist...Their Wealth is for Hellenism, not for Lagarde. The use of their Wealth is to ensure the survival of the Greek-Hellenic-Nation for years to come.

Nick the Greek
6 November 2012 22:46
Looking back...Nobody could have predicted the extent to which FYRoM was prepared to stoop in order to promote the Idea, Alexander the Great was a Proto-Slav rather than an ancient-Greek.

Macedonians have always been Greek speaking Hellenic peoples but FYRoM's South-Slavs tried to persuade the world otherwise...they failed, and now, the world does not give them a second look!

FYRoM's pseudo-scriptures littered the air-waves and the ether of the internet, all media platforms were covered. FYRoM's revisionist rogue-scholars plastered their pseudo-historical Slavist-orientated pseudo-scriptures everywhere...coverage went viral as they say in the media-world.

In addition to having their history and heritage rubbished, the Greeks had to endure FYRoM's racism. From the period 2004 - 2008, the Greeks were treated to a continuous barrage of verbal-taunts and racist-comments, badmouthing them on their anthropology, race, skin-colour, Blood-Dna, religion, language, culture and traditions. This is the extent to which FYRoM's Slavists stooped to make the Greeks look bad and themselves good, the innocent victims of Greek barbarity...this was they way they wanted to portray themselves on the international-stage and to the outside-world.

FYRoM was not alone though, they were aided and abetted by some of Greeces Western-Partners and European-Cousins who had interests in the Balkan region...more business, than anything to do with academic or political-correctness.

Mostly though, FYRoM was aided and abetted by Turanid orientated Turkics who had rhyme reason and motive to assist in the character-assassination of the modern-Greek. Global media coverage was achieved through Turkeys one-time strategic partnership-alliance with Israel, a middle-eastern super-power with global media assets the Turkics made absolute and thorough use of.

Political expediancy almost awarded FYRoM, a newly established Slavic country, the Macedonian-name...at the expense and total exclusion of Greeks. Greek concerns were discounted by some in Europe until a private initiative by historian-scholars and academics alike, banded together to defend historical-verity.

(link to macedonia-evidence.org ) Who dares go against the teachings of this academic body!

World diplomats and global politicians have discounted expediancy for historical truth...FYRoM is no longer given the time of day or even a second look!
Nick the Greek
9 November 2012 21:07
There is no doubt, the legacy and the cultural-heritage of ancient-Macedon gets onward-transmitted, passed-on, to the nowadays modern-Greeks...on the basis, Alexander the Great spread Hellenism. The Hellenic Republic boasts sole and legal cultural-custodian of all things Hellenic. The Hellenic state of today has recognized historic-rights over the Macedonian-name, the history, and the cultural-heritage of ancient-Macedon.
It should be noted that Southern-Greeks refined the Greek-language and developed the Hellenic-culture, but it took the Northern-Greeks to export Hellenism, that dominant and resiliant civilization to the farthestmost reaches of the orient and the ancient-world.
There can be no doubt, the cultural-heritage of the ancient-Macedonians belongs to the nowadays Greeks. Lest we forget, it was a Northern-Greek...Alexander the Great who exported Hellenism, and on this basis, it gives the Greeks of today exclusiveness to the ancient-history of Macedonia.
There can be no doubt, the Macedonian-name belongs in the Greek domain, whilst Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek-heritage...academic reference-points to quell the doubters.
The ancient-Kingdom of Macedon was a Greek-Kingdom. All of the regions Hellenic elements Greece boasts sole and legal ownership of...however, Macedonia today is an enlarged and extended region, it straddles over more than one country.
Macedonia today is a geographic term, a region that spreads over Greece 51%, Bulgaria  9%, and FYRoM 39%.
Greeces 51% constitutes the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon.
Bulgarias 9% constitutes Pirin, there is Nothing of ancient-Macedon there, it just carries the name.
FYRoM's 39% constitutes ancient-Dardanian lands North of Skopje, and ancient-Paeonian lands South of it. There is nothing of ancient-Macedon there but a slither of unredeemed pelagonia, nowadays Bitola.
From since the times (6th Century AD) when the first Slavic tribes settled there, until the final days of the Ottoman Turk Empire...Macedonia has been home to Byzantine-Greeks,
Serbs, Albanians, Bulgarians, Vlachs, Jews, Turks and Others.
Today, everyone living within those extended geographical borders of Macedonia is a Macedonian...a regional-Identity regardless of nationality or religion. Macedonia(n), when this term is used, it is used to describe regional-geographic Identity not ethnic-racial Identity, and certainly not National-Identity. Lest we forget, there was never a Macedonian-Nation peopled by NoN-Greeks in historical verity.
There is no doubt...the ancient-Macedonians have gone down in recorded history as a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples.
There can be no doubt...the ancient-Kingdom of Macedon was an ancient-Greek Kingdom.
There is absolutely no doubt...the Macedonian-name belongs in the Greek domain.
There is absolutely no doubt...Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek heritage.
Before the 6th Century AD...Greeks reserve the right to defend the Macedonian regions Greek-Hellenic elements. After the 6th Century AD, Greeks do not deny that other foreign, exogenous peoples settled on Macedonian soil and laid down roots.
The Biggest Lie: FYRoM is a Nation peopled by ethnic-Macedonians! They (Slavists) stretched this lie to the brink!

Nick the Greek
5 January 2013 18:41
Names are important - more important if they are ethnic-names and indigenous to the lands and peoples that originated them.


Did you know? Baby names have to be approved by the state in Germany,Denmark, Iceland and others.

In light of this seemingly petty naming issue...FYRoM's name dispute with Greece just got relegated!

In the European view - names are important to the native indigenous people-groups that originated them....so much so, they are protected by law!

Greece was right all along...defending-protecting one of it's ancient and archaic, regional-tribal names!
Nick the Greek
7 January 2013 22:12
Many countries that criticized Greece in the past, regarding the name-dispute issue between FYRoM and Greece have been found to practice name protection themselves. Those countries that recognized FYRoM under the native indigenous Greek-Hellenic name of Macedonia, should reconsider their positions after it was made common-knowledge that some of them practise name protection, enshrined in statute.How can Hungary Sweden or Iceland consolidate their practise of name protection with their decision to recognize FYRoM as Macedonia - a native indigenous people-name and place-name attributed to a historical people-group of ethnic Greek stock. Greece has right to point-out to them the double-standard. European names are important to Europeans - so important some countries practise name protection and enshrine it in law. Greece is not the only country in the world wanting to protect it's own unique native indigenous people-names and place-names - others do it too.

http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/198... Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981. If New Zealand can do it - Greece should do it also!

http://www.wipo.int/article6ter/en/ Article 6ter of the Paris Convention Protection of State Emblems, and Names, Abbreviations and Emblems of International Intergovernmental Organizations

The protection of Names Flags Emblems etc, is common place in Europe and beyond...yet some countries had the front to criticize Greece when Greece protected Macedonia as an ethnic indigenous name belonging to a historic people-group of ethnic-Greek stock. FYRoM does not have right to use this name under the normal conventions.

http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/edumat/studyguid...  “Indigenous peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”

FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs shall struggle proving indigenous-autochthonous status to the Haemus (Balkan) peninsula as South-Slavs when it is known, the Slavic tribes were exogenous settlers to the peninsula rather than native indigenous peoples to it. And if by genetic studies of the population there, the peoples are attributed autochthonous status - what would that finding actually imply ? Paeonians maybe ? Slavicized Paeonians, by virtue of the fact they speak Slavic...but who named their language "Macedonian-language " and why did they do that ?

If the right of self-determination refers to the democratic freely chosen political and economic orientations of governance, in a newly established country - then the right to self-Identify is a completely different issue which is not covered under the self-determination right. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs wanting to self-Identify as Macedonians contrevenes the rights of Greeks. The Macedonian name is protected like intellectual property belonging to the Greeks. Macedonians are a native-indegenous, historic people-group of ethnic-Greek stock...their name belongs in the Greek domain and their Identity belongs to Greek heritage.

As we have recently learned - People-names and Place-names are protected in many countries around the globe...Greece is no exception.
Nick the Greek
25 January 2013 20:54
When Marshall Josep Broz Tito, the Croatian dictator of WWII Yugoslavia, converted a South-Serbian province into a republic, the Greeks complained he used a Greek name to do that. Tito used the Macedonian-name to rename Vardaska Banovina to Peoples Republic of Macedonia. The Greeks complained, but not loud enough...a good move on behalf of the Greeks, for reasons that shall be explained later.
When it was realized, that Communist Slavists were making preperations for the development of a brand-new 6th autonomous Republic, to compliment the 5 that already existed there in the old-Yugoslavia...Greeks complained but were powerless to intervene, Hellas was a country in ruins after five long years of warring with Germany Italy and Bulgaria.
When Slavist philologists decided to bring into existence, a brand-new South-Slavic language, they achieved that aim in 1944, and when those same Slavists decided to bring into existence a brand-new peoples republic, they achieved that as well, just one year later in 1945. They named their new language to Macedonian-language, and they named their new republic to The Peoples Republic of Macedonia. The Greeks did complain at these anti-Hellenic hostile actions...but not loud enough!
Yugoslavia - the land of the South-Slavs, the place went from accomodating Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Hertzegovina, to finding accomodation for the now Socialist Republic of Macedonia. With the Introduction of Macedonia, the 6th and newest member of the now ethnically organized Yugoslavia, initiated the requirement for nation building structures to be developed there, and so it began, (i) social-engineering, (ii) ethnic-manipulations, (iii) Indoctrination...all of these brainwashing tools were used in WWII Yugoslavia to make Macedonians out of South-Slavs.
Greece viewed these Slavist orientated events as hostile actions, anti-Hellenic actions, designed to take Macedonia away from Hellas. Greek complaints were registered and acknowledged at the highest echelons of diplomatic office,
see here:
Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
Washington D.C.
Circular Airgram
(868.014/26 Dec. 1944)
The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Officers*
The following is for your information and general guidance, but not for any positive action at this time.
The Department has noted with considerable apprehension increasing propaganda rumors and semi-official statements in favor of an autonomous Macedonia, emanating principally from Bulgaria, but also from Yugoslav Partisan and other sources, with the implication that Greek territory would be included in the projected state. "This Government considers talk of Macedonian "nation", Macedonian "Fatherland", or Macedonia "national consciousness" to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece".
The approved policy of this Government is to oppose any revival of the Macedonian issue as related to Greece. The Greek section of Macedonia is largely inhabited by Greeks, and the Greek people are almost unanimously opposed to the creation of a Macedonian state. Allegations of serious Greek participation in any such agitation can be assumed to be false. This Government would regard as responsible any Government or group of Governments tolerating or encouraging menacing or aggressive acts of "Macedonian Forces" against Greece.
The Department would appreciate any information pertinent to this subject which may come to your attention.
Secretary of State
After WWII, Greece entered straight into another War - the Greek Civil War, 1945-1949. Communist-Slavs neighbouring Greece, aided Greek-Communists in a pact to tear Macedonia away from Greece and place it into Slavic hands. More Greeks died in that War than in WWII. Greece fought hard to keep Macedonia Greek and achieved that aim but at huge cost in Greek lives...the country ruined and taken back into the stone-age - this picture is scratched into the collective memory of all Greeks, a latent image serving as reminder, helping Greeks to remember what those Communist-Slavs did to the Greeks over Macedonia.

Nick the Greek
28 January 2013 21:27
Not one qualified historian has ever come to their defence when they contest the Hellenic Identity of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity. Not one credible politician has ever sided with them over the issue
of historical-revisionism, it's usage at government and state institution level in FYRoM. Not one academic has ever endorsed what FYRoM is doing with ancient-Greek history. Not
one diplomat has ever supported FYRoM's use of pseudo-history to negate the mainstream.
History is a science, the past is for historians to ponder. Politics is a carear, the future is for politicians to ponder. Both disciplines agree...the Greek positions hold the moral and academic higher-ground in regards to the long running name dispute issue between FYRoM and Greece.
Ultimately, it all boils down to this:
1...The Macedonian-name belongs in the Greek domain, on the basis, early Greeks originated the name.
2...The Macedonian-Identity belongs to Greek heritage, on the basis, modern-Greeks have principle right of claim.
Modern-peoples wanting to connect themselves to that name, that heritage, and that legacy need to push in front of the Greeks first.
To be Slav in Macedonia...means, to be Macedonian-Slav!
To be Greek in Macedonia...means, to be home!

Nick the Greek
29 January 2013 19:15
Macedonia is a Greek place - it cannot be anything else. We Greeks have been living there from since millennia. We have watched variant-peoples come and go - watched them settle and watched them grow. Watched them multiply - watched them change. We know them. We knew their ancestors - they knew ours. We called them Sklaveni - they called us Grtci. This name Macedonia was unkown to them, they could not spell it nor write it, until they learned those literary skills from the Grtci. Rimyani-Grtci baptized them watched them civilize. Watched them organize. Watched them become the peoples they are today - Southern-Slavs!
Macedonia, this name they learned - the Grtci taught them...how to say it, how to spell it and how to write it.
Macedonia is a Greek place...from since the days of King Karanus 808-778 BC.
Nick the Greek
30 January 2013 20:57
Macedonians have always been a Greek speaking Hellenic peoples, a regional historical people-group of ethnic-Greek stock...history reflects that. The peoples of FYRoM are not Macedonians, at least, not in the Greek sense of the word - they are Slavs, Reluctant-Slavs, soon to be ejected from Slavdom, the Slavic collective of peoples for rejecting their Slavic heritage and for considering the Slav-label to be a racial slur.
By chosing as Greek-Hellenic name to Identify with, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs distance themselves from their Slavic roots and ethno-origins...FYRoM's pseudo-history reflects that!
FYRoM adopted a Greek name to Identify with and the reason for that has not been fully understood...Why would a Slavic peoples from Serbian and Bulgarian stock use a Greek name to describe themselves ethnically and racially - culturally and linguistically ? Why Identify after a Greek-Hellenic name when the peoples in closest proximity to you, know you as Slavs! All of FYRoM's neighbours know them as Slavs and even the minorities in their own country refer to them as Slavs.
Clearly the protocols governing self-Identification are unknown in FYRoM, even though they have been around for a very long time. The Greek protocols for self-Identification are based on these simple rules: Regional-Identity in the first instance and Parent-Ethnicity in the second, see here:
1...A Macedonian to a Corinthian was a Macedonian, but to a Persian, he was Hellene from Macedonia.
2...A Spartan to an Athenian was a Spartan, but to an Egyptian, he was Hellene from Sparta.
Regional-Identification in the first instance - denoting place-name and birth-place of the ancestors, the original-peoples responsible for the creation of the name in the first place followed by Parent-Ethnicity in the second instance - denoting affiliation to a much wider peoples-collective.
To expand - the Greek way of Identifying oneself has as a reference point, the concept of a Europe...the Greeks knew their place in it. Macedonian - Hellene - Hellas - Evropi.
A Macedonian is a Greek from the Hellenic Republic which is situated in the south-eastern part of Europe. Regional-Identity - Macedonian. Parent-Ethnicity  - Hellene.
National-Identity - Hellenic. Supranational-Identity - European.
There is only one way to Identify...use the name of your ancestors - this is what the Greeks do!
Nick the Greek
31 January 2013 22:10
Why did it take 1,400 years for the Slavs of FYRoM to call themselves Macedonian. Why did it take that long to adopt the Macedonian-name. Why do the Slavs of FYRoM call themselves "ethnic-Macedonians" when their parent-ethnicity is Slavic. Why do the Slavs of FYRoM consider the Slavic label to be a racial slur. Why do they reject the Greek-Identity of Alexander the Great and the ancient-Macedonians from antiquity - Why ?
Adopting a Greek-name means showing some Greek credentials. They call them "Macedonian" but those credentials are no different from the core Greek ones, which tilts FYRoM more towards Hellenism than towards Slavdom. By taking the Macedonian-name away from the Greeks, they incrementally shift away from Slavdom, from their Slavic roots and ethno-origins - moving more towards Hellenism, becoming more Hellenic, in the way they have to present themselves...a natural consequence they did not cater for.
Making Macedonians out of South-Slavs is not that hard considering they can be made under the right conditions.  Those conditions were prevalent during WWII inside wartime Yugoslavia, where the Communist regime there schemed and plotted to take Northern-Greek territory by stealth or by military means.
That Slavs could be socially-engineered and ethnically-manipulated to develop ethnic-pride, national-feelings and collective-memories for ancient-Greeks is a reality, the example is FYRoM. Under those very strict, very controlled, authoritarian conditions, Communists made Macedonians out of Serbian and Bulgarian South-Slavs.
In FYRoM, the peoples there speak Slavic...they are considered Slavs and included into the Slavic collective. Slavdom includes them into the fold.
In FYRoM, the peoples there appear to have developed a new realm, they neither see themselves being fully Slavic or fully Hellenic, just Macedonian - Macedonian for them means speaking Serbo-Bulgarian, living in Paeonia, having King Philip of Macedon for ancestor and having his son Alexander the Great for hero. 
Nick the Greek
29 March 2013 11:46
The Slavic speaking peoples of FYRoM are not the Macedonians they want to be on the basis of race - If such a concept exists then they are Slavic whilst the Macedonians are Hellenic.

In the same way the Turks could never claim to be the heirs and inheritors of the ancient-Anatolians, the Hittites or the Lydians etc, nor could they claim to be descended from the Trojans or the ancient-peoples that inhabited the Greek cities on the Aegean coast, nor could they claim ancestry from the latin-Romans, Eastern-Romans or Medieval-Byzantines, on the basis, they are different race of peoples from the original ancient inhabitants...

...likewise, FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs could never claim to be the natural heirs and inheritors of the ancient-Macedonians on that same basis - they are Slavic, whilst the Macedonians have always been Hellenic.

Sometimes you have to be Cruel to be Kind - the Slavic speaking peoples of FYRoM must be told in No uncertain terms that they are not the Macedonians you want to be...Macedonians are Greek whilst they are Slav.

Macedonians are Greek by Origin - If they recognized and acknowledged the Macedonians primordial Hellenic-Identity...they would soon come to the realization that the Macedonian name is applicable to them, but only in the geographic-sense, and not in the ethnic-racial way they covet.

I say: Respect the origins of the Macedonians and self-determine accordingly...Grno-Makedonjia for example!

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