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Institutional Affairs of the EU

18 July 2014 13:13 The Juncker Precedent

There is no doubt that the European Parliament has won this time in the battle with the Council. However, there is a danger this victory to prove Pyrrhic. Jean-Claude Juncker has already been elected president of the European Commission, but the way the European Parliament tried to trade it ...

4 July 2014 12:03 Leaders Adopted a Strategic Agenda To Quell Juncker

Many things have happened for the first time in the EU at the last European elections. For the first time a president of the European Commission was nominated (Jean-Claude Juncker) after a pan-European election campaign and severe disputes in the European Council. For the first time, a president ...

27 June 2014 16:16 EU in Rabbit Hole

EU is slowly falling into the rabbit hole. However, the EU is not an Alice but 28 Alices led by various degrees of curiosity to see is it really possible a talking rabbit to exist with a coat and a watch or a European Commission chief who can be a reformer and innovator, a supporter of a looser ...

9 May 2014 08:59 This Year's May 9th Is the Saddest So Far

I wrote this article for last year's May 9th, but I believe it is still valid today. With a few complements. First and foremost the title. Today it should be "This year's May 9th Is the Scariest Ever", because almost 70 years later Europe is (was?) again on the brink of a war. The memories of th ...

6 March 2014 13:26 Merkel Is Mutti Not Only To Germans But To All Europeans

2 weeks ahead of the long awaited visit by Angela Merkel in London, I myself had to go to the British capital. I have to admit that my heart was bleeding because I have the stamp on my ID documents saying "Bulgarian" and I was worried how exactly will I pass the border control after the hysteria ...

17 July 2014 16:46 MEPs from EPP Group Asked Juncker To Create a European History Portfolio

A group of EPP MEPs have sent a letter to the new European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, asking him the new European Commission to pay special attention on the legacy of totalitarian regimes and their crimes. The letter has been sent upon the initiative of Croatian MEP Andrej Plenko ...

1 July 2014 21:35 David Cameron - The Steadfast Tin Soldier

A victory or a loss? Was it actually a war? After the severe confrontation between the British PM David Cameron and the rest in the EU over the election of a European Commission president, the assessment of the outcome depends on which side of the Channel it is made. The biggest loser, however, ...

17 June 2014 18:37 More Powers for National Parliaments? This Should Have a Price

Former German President Roman Herzog joined the choir of reformers in EU who want more powers for national parliaments in the Union. In a special article, Mr Herzog calls for "defensive rights" of national parliaments against EU and for measures against over-regulation from Brussels. Bureaucracy ...

22 April 2014 13:06 Bulgaria Needs a Roadmap for Euro Area Membership

To 30% of Bulgarian citizens, nothing has changed in the first seven years of Bulgaria's EU membership. 23 per cent believe that Bulgaria has sustained losses from the membership, while 36% believe that, on the contrary, the country has gained. This is a significant drop in comparison to the fir ...

2 March 2014 12:15 A Possible Reform of the EU Has Risks for Bulgaria

In the EU's older part, one of the main points on the public agenda is the future of the Union. Where to from now on? With whom? How? Treaty changes are being discussed and even leaving the Union. However, this is not a leading topic in the Community's newest part, as in some countries it is not ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#enlargement The Association Council is concerned w/ the media climate & media culture in #Macedonia as well as with the biased coverage of political developments in the country. There is also a lack of separation between state and party activities. More of the conclusions from today's SA Council here euinsi.de/i51d
23 July 2014 16:43
Adelina Marini
#MH17 #Catherine #Ashton: Today we decided to prepare the next stage of sanctions, including against entities
22 July 2014 17:19
Adelina Marini #MH17 Foreign Affairs Council conclusions on #Ukraine euinsi.de/ln4s
22 July 2014 17:35
Adelina Marini
#ECON Structural reforms should take place simultaneously across the EU member states, said @PierCarloPadoan, Italy's FinMin during a dialogue with the economic committee of the European Parliament. Currently he is presenting the priorities of the Italian presidency of the Council of the EU. One of the main pillars of the Italian programme for the next 6 months is structural reforms
22 July 2014 09:21
Adelina Marini #IT2014EU #Padoan: The euro area external representation is not among the Italian Presidency priorities but I will encourage a serious debate on how to achieve that
22 July 2014 10:56

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