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Institutional Affairs of the EU

17 May 2016 08:43 Mitov: Western Balkans Should be Treated as EU Members

Enlargement needs a change and a serious one at that. This opinion united in Zagreb the foreign ministers of Bulgaria and Croatia. The Bulgarian Minister Daniel Mitov was far bolder in his vision, while his Croatian counterpart was more concentrated on sending messages to certain neighbouring st ...

21 April 2016 10:55 Hungary Tripped the EU again with Poland's Help on LGBTI Rights

Continuing the saga from the beginning of December, when Hungary and Poland blocked a deal, being prepared for over five years to settle asset disputes of married couples and registered partnerships, including gay couples, in the beginning of March the Social Affairs Council of the EU ...

7 April 2016 00:12 Member States Disagreed on EPPO Financing As Well

Despite all differences between member states another presidency in a row is working hard on finding a compromise on one of the most difficult European dossiers – the common European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) for dealing with European funds fraud. The Dutch Presid ...

24 March 2016 11:25 Will the Brussels Attacks Finally Unite Us?

The bombing attacks in Brussels of the morning of March 22 are somewhat different from the Paris horror just several months earlier. The blasts at the Brussels Zaventem airport and in the Maalbeek underground station, situated in the European district of Brussels, showed quite clearly that this ...

14 January 2016 11:31 No New Visions Over Next 6 Months, Just Abiding by the Rules

Ever since the Treaty of Lisbon the change of the rotating presidencies of the Council of the European Union poses no great interest, except when something different is happening, for several important positions were created which took over leading functions from the presidencies, thus ensu ...

30 April 2016 14:20 Is There a Future for the European Project?

“Et tu, Brute?” would Julius Caesar ask Austria today, after, at the first round of the presidential elections, the far-right Freedom Party came back to the political scene with a bang. The party’s candidate Norbert Hofer came out first and the chances of him being the next p ...

19 April 2016 20:37 Dutch Referendum Proves Eurosceptics Wrong

On April 7th, 32.38% of Dutch eligible voters voted in a referendum for the approval or dismissal of the hard reached comprehensive trade agreement with the Ukraine, which precipitated that country's war with Russia. Out of these 32.38% of the voters, 61% voted against the ratification of the tr ...

31 March 2016 22:25 Mr Juncker, Didn't Obama Show You How It's Done?

On Wednesday, there was an event held in the EU, which usually doesn’t gather much attention, but the combination with other events made it attractive. We are talking about the visit of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Brussels. Yes, no mistake. We are talking about the ...

1 March 2016 09:19 Winter Is Coming to the EU

If you want to stall the EU, organise a referendum. It does not matter what it is about, as long as it is against the EU. Mere hours after the weary European leaders shook hands with British Prime Minister David Cameron on transforming the special relations between Great Britain and th ...

30 December 2015 11:15 2015 - The Year of New Flaws in EU Architecture

If in 2009 the global economic and financial crisis exposed gaps in the construction of the euro area, in 2015 the refugee crisis and terrorism exposed the lack of union in areas like security, external border policing, and once more, as with the euro area crisis, the lack of soli ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
The #IMF has published its debt sustainability report on #Greece with new projections and proposals ahead of the key #Eurogroup meeting today which is expected to bridge the differences with the euro area on the restructuring of the Greek debt. According to the IMF, the proposed by the Eurogroup measures, like extension of maturities and payment deferrals would not be sufficient, therefore it is proposing also fixing interest rates. These three measures combined would reduce the Greek debt by 53% of GDP by 2040, the Fund believes. You can read the entire report here euinsi.de/Pwwo
24 May 2016 08:38
Adelina Marini #Greece The fact that the #Eurogroup ended early this morning is suggesting there is an agreement. And there is - both on the next tranche and the debt reduction which ensures IMF will be on board with the funding. Details on the agreement can be read here in the statement after the meeting euinsi.de/ZR0U
25 May 2016 07:53
Adelina Marini
#bpw16 #Austria in the end will not have a far right president. The next head of state will be the independent Alexander Van der Bellen. After a close race, the end of which was defined by the votes sent via mail, the far right candidate Nobert Hofer has conceded defeat. This, however, does not mean an end to the far right tendencies in Europe
23 May 2016 16:58
Adelina Marini
#JHA The ministers of justice and home affairs are meeting today in Brussels for an extraordinary meeting during which they will discuss the visa liberalisation with Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Kosovo. Another issue will be the very poor implementation of the relocation mechanism. The proposal for a common guard of the borders will also be discussed
20 May 2016 08:17
Adelina Marini #Avramopoulos: #Turkey has provided enough guarantees about the security of #Syrian and non-Syrian refugees
20 May 2016 14:39

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