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Institutional Affairs of the EU

18 November 2015 11:41 Instead of Article 5

There are good news and bad news for the European Union after the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13th. Let us start with the good news. For the first time in history the leaders of the 28 member states came out with a common statement after the tragedy, in which almost 130 people ...

27 October 2015 09:09 Either a Strong European Prosecutor's Office, or None

After they froze all work on half of the articles of the draft regulation for creation of an European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) the Ministers of Justice demonstrated they are unable to come to an agreement on the second half of the regulation either. During a co ...

14 October 2015 08:23 From Unification to Disunity and Back Again

“Europe of sovereignties and sovereigntism”. "A time to decide – together or goodbye!”. “A federation on the horizon, or just a mirage?”. “Euro-sceptics are killing Europe”. “Hollande and Merkel in a parallel reality”. “Who leads ...

22 August 2015 10:35 Work on a Major Part of the European Prosecutor's Office Is Frozen

It was exactly two years ago that the European Commission proposed the establishment of a single European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) to fight EU funds embezzlement. In the two years that passed progress made is negligible and proved correct the expectations that ...

10 December 2014 09:23 The New European Council President Donald Tusk Is a Fighter against Hopelessness and Monotony

The first week of change in EU is already a fact. As of 1 December, at the helm of the European Council - the most powerful and policy-defining body in the EU - has stood Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland. His very first activities set the tone of a significant change of the post, ...

12 November 2015 13:46 A Clash between EP and Eurogroup Chief over Greece

The first discussion of the third bailout programme for Greece was scheduled to commence in the late afternoon of November 10th in the European Parliament’s economic committee with the participation of Eurogroup leader Jeroen Dijsselbloem (the Netherlands, Socialists and Dem ...

22 October 2015 15:48 EU Is a Babylon Tower

With great delay, I must admit, I'm making a debut with a podcast upon request by zealos readers. For the first podcast I chose a different angle to look at EU summits in Brussels - language barriers. The podcast is in English. Hope you like it :) class="notIdented">

11 September 2015 10:32 Dude, Where's My Union?

The state of the European Union is not good. Not only that but there is not enough Europe in it, or enough union. This is Jean-Claude Juncker’s assessment after a year at the head of the European Commission. The address was the longest to date not only because the state of the Un ...

10 July 2015 11:03 Who Is Guy Verhofstadt?

It is extremely rare for Bulgarian society to get inflamed over a European subject and even rarer to be impressed by a European leader. It is Guy Verhofstadt who managed to accomplish that. His speech in the European Parliament on Wednesday morning during the debate with Greek Prime Minister Ale ...

25 November 2014 16:41 The Non-Confidence Vote Against Juncker's Commission - Great Interest but not Interesting

The first one hundred days not having passed yet and the first political European Commission was subjected to a non-confidence vote because of its President Jean-Claude Juncker - a former prime minister and minister of finance of Luxembourg several terms in a row - who is deemed responsible ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#enlargement In the coming weeks will be opened the first chapters of the accession negotiations with #Serbia, said Michael Davenport, head of the EU delegation in Belgrade, quoted by the Serbian national TV
26 November 2015 14:26
Adelina Marini
#BrdoBrijuni Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic: No one is nowhere talking about the region of South-East Europe but with that region
25 November 2015 17:56
Adelina Marini #Tusk: The situation w/ the #Russian plane and #Turkey underlines the difficult situation in #Syria where there are different actors with different interests. There's 1 way to avoid such incidents - all resources should be focused on defeating #ISIS
25 November 2015 18:23
Adelina Marini
The European Commission has presented the long-awaited proposal for a euro area-wide deposit insurance scheme. Details here euinsi.de/syoB
24 November 2015 14:19

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