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To vote or not to vote? This is the question

Published on , , Sofia

Probably many of you know that today we vote to choose the Bulgarian representatives to the European Parliament. Equally probable is that many of you will not go to the polls for many, good reasons: to do as much as possible of the housework, in fact it is a holiday, to repair the car, to see and be seen by our relatives, politicians repelled me for the last months, I have no one to vote for, what will my vote change, not one is trustworthy and so on and so forth, very good reasons.

But, please, think again! Do you really think that boycotting the elections makes more sense than supporting one of the fresh ideas on these elections - like the Greens? There are other prominent figures that have proved as trustworthy. But the bigger questions is why since the Constitution is giving you the right to vote, you reject it and leave politicians to abuse it? Because, yes, it's true that your vote might change nothing, bot the votes of couple of hundreds of thousands, of a million, of 2 million? It makes a difference, doesn't it? Why would you leave your fate in the hands of some tens of thousands of people that would, on top of it, sell their vote and continue to live in their misery. Life that costs 50 lv. (25 euro), incredible! Well, this year the price might go up, but so what?

Probably many of you think that they could find their luck somewhere else, in another country. I'm one of them, but until this happens why would I leave my life in someone else's hands? Why would I reject my right, since I have it by default? In each case I will loose less if I vote, than if I don't.

That's how I think. What about you?

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