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2 June 2016 20:50 Croatia Is Fighting the Conservative Revolution - UPDATED

There is something big happening in Croatia. So big, that it gathered almost 50 thousand people out in the streets of 11 Croatian cities. Even bigger, for it touches on a sensitive issue in the country. Often those, who participated in the war for separating Croatia from former Yugoslavia ask ...

9 July 2012 10:34 European Education in Decline*

euinside was media partner in Bulgaria to the "My Europe" initiative of ICCA (Institute for Corporate Culture Affairs) and the Frankfurter Zukunftsrat (Future Think Tank) Through a series of workshops with young people in 29 European countries, under the patronage of Ms Viviane Reding, Vice Pres ...

31 May 2012 09:16 Labour Market Is Bulgaria's Achilles' Heel

Of all the 7 recommendations, which the European Commission made for Bulgaria last year as part of the European semester for closer coordination of the economic and budgetary policies, the government in Sofia has managed to implement only one. That is to reduce the budget deficit, which makes th ...

26 March 2012 08:22 An Unashamed Support For Businesses in the New British Budget

The first comments by politicians and media on UK 2012 budget were that it was a budget for millionaires and penalised pensioners and families with children. But as Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said in his speech to Parliament, the budget "unashamedly backs business. And it is on t ...

28 February 2012 11:26 Europe's Future Depends on Knowledge

Almost two years ago I wrote an article, which I titled "It's the education, stupid!", a paraphrase of the famous remark in the US during Bill Clinton's presidency "It's the economy, stupid!". Now, again I would like to use this title because time and time again we come to the conclusion that wi ...

6 December 2012 09:08 Literacy and Smart Growth - Together in Good and Bad

The usage of the term "smart growth" is so huge that it hardly crosses someone's mind what it actually means. Smart growth as an inherent part of the European institutions' rhetoric, especially in the context of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Europe 2020 strategy (all long-ter ...

1 June 2012 15:26 The Lessons from the Good News

Two bits of good news came for the new EU Member States on 30 May, when the European Commission presented its assessments of the countries` budgetary and economic policies and recommendations on them - the abrogation of the excessive deficit procedure against Bulgaria and the repeal of sanctions ...

30 March 2012 17:11 Why Should the EU be Studied at School?

With this question I tried to provoke teachers from secondary schools in Bulgaria, gathered for a seminar in the EU Information Centre in Sofia. The event was organised by the Information Office of the European Parliament in Bulgaria and aimed Bulgarian MEPs to acquaint teachers with the current ...

20 March 2012 17:11 Education Is the Key for Implementation of "Bulgaria 2020" Strategy

The draft programme for national development "Bulgaria 2020" can be described briefly like this: a lot of 'what' and a little of 'how'. The good news is that the draft objectively presents the real challenges facing the country, and its goals are quite logical national priorities, reflecting the ...

23 February 2012 09:23 Will the Money Follow Children or ...

The new Bulgarian bill on school education provides for the principle "money follows the student" to be put into practise for the first time, which will allow pupils in private schools to receive state subsidies too. This caused mixed public reactions - from complete approval to fierce criticism ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
During a hearing at the economic committee of EP #Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem paid tribute to #Greece for the impressive implementation of the 3rd bailout programme
7 December 2017 09:19
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: I remember when #Germany as the sick man of Europe but they did significant reforms. I'd tell the Germans that this impact won't last forever
7 December 2017 11:02
Adelina Marini
#EMU The @EU_Commission will present today the long-awaited plans on the deepening of integration in the euro area. Stay tuned for live updates!
6 December 2017 11:40
Adelina Marini #EMU Moscovici: The proposal which non-euro area countries will not be able to refuse is not of the type as in the movie "The Godfather"
6 December 2017 13:56
Adelina Marini
#ECOFIN EU finance ministers have adopted today a package for taxation of the digital economy
5 December 2017 14:41
Adelina Marini #ECOFIN Dombrovskis: The Council has also approved a revised recommendation to #Romania demanding additional corrections of the budget deficit. The Council is concerned about Romania's fiscal sustainability
5 December 2017 14:42

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