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The International Community Needs To Condemn Seselj

Published on , , Zagreb, Twitter: @AdelinaMarini
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"I encourage my colleagues in Serbia to condemn clearly and unequivocally Vojislav Seselj's statements", said Croatia's First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Vesna Pusic at a news conference responding to a question by euinside. She regretted that the Serbian authorities have to deal with such a serious problem. Subjects of this appeal for condemnation are also the institutions of the Hague tribunal and the UN which created it, but also the European Union as long as such behaviour directly damages the European integration process in the region.

Vesna Pusic said that during the meeting of the Council of the ministers of foreign affairs of the EU she warned her colleagues about the situation that has been developing after Seselj was let to return home and that she received support all responsible institutions to be warned. As his militaristic and unacceptable rhetoric reaches the public opinion this damages all the positive changes that have started as a consequence of the European integration process. According to Ms Pusic, Seselj harms most of all Serbia's European path but also the good relations between Serbia and its neighbours, not because Seselj has some strong influence but because this rhetoric has led to the war crimes of the 1990s. It is absolutely unacceptable anywhere and the Hague tribunal has to send him back to prison, the Croatian deputy prime minister underscored. It is expected, the high representative for the EU foreign policy, Federica Mogherini to come up soon with a statement on the issue.

The Croatian deputy premier added that it is possible the Croatian Ministry of Justice to send a letter to the UN demanding legal procedures to be initiated for Seselj's return to the Hague. According to her, Vojislav Seselj is a "war criminal gone crazy" who is neither an interlocutor nor a partner of a serious state like Croatia, which is why he cannot be a central issue. Serbia has a problem with him and should resolve it in cooperation with the tribunal. One should respect their own country and know how far degradation can go, Ms Pusic commented.

20 November 2014 18:35
100 000 Croats greeted Ustasa general Ante Gotovina a few months ago. Why didn't Pusic condemn her own people? The expulsion of 500 000 Serbs in 1995 is celebrated by Pusic and her government. Human rights and equality just don't apply to Serbs. OK but don't be surprised hne combined Russian-Serbian forces turn Zagreb into a pile of ash by the end of this decade because of your two-faced double standards and hypocrisy which is already making all Serbs want closer relations with Russia rather than the EU and is the reason why Seselj's ex-friends are not condemning him. The EU treats Serbia like garbage even when we wanted reconciliation, so the tide is starting to turn, the 90s attitude is making a swift come-back and this time we won't lose because we have the backing of Moscow and it's only a matter of time before Russian investment outpaces EU investment and we can make the shift without damaging the economy.
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