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You Move Europe

In the EU, currently, an intensive debate is taking place about the future of the Union. A discussion stemming from the many problems that have accumulated in the past years. Bulgaria until now was standing in the sidelines of the debate. But not anymore. The platform for civil debates MoveBG has launched a campaign You Move Europe, which euinside has the pleasure to be a strategic partner of. The campaign aims to put on the agenda of the Bulgarian public the unresolved European issues and challenges the EU is facing, with a focus on Bulgaria's place and the role of the citizens in the European process. With a view of the upcoming European elections and the formation of the new European Commission, MoveBG and euinside believe that it is important to boost the public debate about Europe's development and the mechanisms for civil participation. In this subject, you can follow all the events in the framework of the campaign as well as euinside's participation in them.
5 May 2014 11:30 EU Can Be Evaluated only after It Is Lost

The benefits from the EU will become clear only when we lose the EU. Currently, more visible are the negatives from Bulgaria's membership in the Union because the country does not succeed to adapt sufficiently well to what the Union offers, said Yavor Syderov, a political analyst, during a debat ...

8 April 2014 15:43 Very Hard Landing for the European Integration

Where is the EU after the euro area crisis? Where is it going to? What have the dreams of the Bulgarians turned into? The EU as an economy or as politics? Bulgaria more than ever needs to make a choice. This is the shortest summary of the second debate (the first took place on March 25th) from t ...

31 March 2014 15:51 The Debate about a EU Reform Finally in Bulgaria

In the United Kingdom, but since recently in Germany, the Nordic countries and some other parts of the European Union as well, an intensive debate is ongoing about whether the Union needs reforms and what should they be. The debate was inspired by the British Prime Minister David Cameron's famou ...

15 April 2014 16:46 How Much Europe Gives Us and How Much Does It Cost Us?

To be able to answer correctly this question it is important before that to ask ourselves another one - what did we expect from the EU and did we get it? In the entire process of accession, from the moment when the decision to apply for EU membership was taken, through the negotiations, up to th ...

2 April 2014 17:09 We Need a New Convent for EU

"What does the EU give us?", "We and they", "So what?", "Who are we sending in the European Parliament and why?". Those were some of the questions discussed during the first debate in the framework of the MoveBG's European agenda, which euinside is a strategic partner of (the entire debate can b ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#EUCO EU leaders are gathering today in Brussels for an informal summit to discuss the two most toxic issues on the agenda at the moment - the composition of the European Parliament and how to elect the next European Commission president, and budget 2021-2027. Stay tuned for live updates
23 February 2018 09:05
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Spitzenkandidaten Angela Merkel says that it depends what majorities and coalitions will be formed in the next European Parliament
23 February 2018 20:14
Adelina Marini
Soon will begin the first debate in the economic committee of the EP w/ #Eurogroup's new President Mario Centeno (Portugal). Stay tuned for live updates
21 February 2018 09:02
Adelina Marini #Centeno: For the first time #Portugal started to converge with the eurozone in 2017
21 February 2018 10:39
Adelina Marini
Today is a #Eurogroup day. The euro area finance ministers will meet in their usual format and in an expanded format. In the usual format they will discuss the #Greece bailout, the establishment of a European Monetary Fund and the nominations for Vice President of the ECB to replace outgoing Vitor Constancio. In the expanded format, which includes non-euro area countries, the completion of the banking union is on the agenda. Stay tuned for details
19 February 2018 14:25
Adelina Marini To sum up today's #Eurogroup. The main issue was the controversy around the election of Spain's FinMin Luis De Guindos as ECB VP. Second issue was whether there was a big drama between ECB chief Mario Draghi and #Greece FinMin Euclid Tsakalotos. No news regarding the subjects on the agenda - Greece, Ireland, EMU, banking union
19 February 2018 20:29

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