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Pensions reform - now where to?

euinside, together with the Independent Pension Reform Council, initiates a public debate for a change in the pension model in Bulgaria. Obviously, the pension system is overloaded. It is also obvious that reforms have been again postponed. We are convinced that there is not time to waste and the important decisions about our future must be taken now. This is why, we invite you to join in with opinion and comments in our discussion about the future of the pension model. euinside and the Independent Pension Reform Council will present here the positions of leading economists as well as the lessons from the European and global experience, so that we could find together the best model for a reform in the Bulgarian pension system. So that it could finally happen.

1 June 2012 15:26 The Lessons from the Good News

Two bits of good news came for the new EU Member States on 30 May, when the European Commission presented its assessments of the countries` budgetary and economic policies and recommendations on them - the abrogation of the excessive deficit procedure against Bulgaria and the repeal of sanctions ...

29 May 2012 15:56 Once Again about Austerity. This Time – because We Will Live Longer

The ECOFIN meeting on 15 May 2012 adopted the report of the European Commission and of the Ageing Working Group (AWG) at the Economic Policy Committee (EPC). To the purpose of this study Eurostat has presented a set of demographic projections on the population trends in Europe in the period 2010 ...

20 February 2012 10:05 Is the European Pensioner Coming?

The number of pensioners in Europe will increase, but their pensions will be smaller. The number of workers will decrease and they will work more and longer. By 2060 there will only be two adults of working age for every pensioner. Currently the ratio is 4:1. This gloomy outlook is outlined in t ...

20 April 2011 13:16 Slovenians are urged to choose between Germany and Portugal

"You can imagine what it is every now and then to see in your post box a bill that you have to read and interpret and decide whether it should become a law. This winter we received the new media bill, now the so called "mini jobs" bill, then one on the pension reform should come. [...] That's a ...

8 November 2010 12:08 Several facts and an agreement

"It is a fact that there is a problem in the pension systems of all countries. It is a fact that deficits are being concentrated there. It is a fact that we have to make changes. It is a fact that unless we make changes, the systems will collapse. Those are the conclusions. And now the experts h ...

31 May 2012 09:16 Labour Market Is Bulgaria's Achilles' Heel

Of all the 7 recommendations, which the European Commission made for Bulgaria last year as part of the European semester for closer coordination of the economic and budgetary policies, the government in Sofia has managed to implement only one. That is to reduce the budget deficit, which makes th ...

27 February 2012 13:03 The Implicit Debt of Social Security Systems In the EU: Challenges to Bulgaria

In February 2012 the European Commission has published a White Paper on adequate and sustainable pensions. The document aims to re-sharpen European public opinion's attention on the problems associated with ageing. This process will only intensify in coming years, as it will put on trial the soc ...

28 June 2011 16:31 Slovenia too is threatened by a debt crisis

After a weak support of the voters, the several unsuccessful referenda on key reforms and EU's internal problems, Slovenia's Government, among all, has become a minority government on Monday. Out of 99 members of Parliament, the Government now has only 33 representatives in it, after the Zares p ...

10 December 2010 19:08 Those who make pension reforms - a step forward!

We are close to a compromise - with these words Olli Rehn, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, summarised the discussions in the Council of EU finance ministers (ECOFIN) concerning the request of 9 member states (including Bulgaria) the costs of pension reforms to be removed ...

23 August 2010 16:51 Accounting lifting in exchange for pension reforms

How much does a pension reform cost and could these costs be "deducted" from the budget deficit and the public debt? This is the question that the letter of 9 mostly Eastern European EU Member States, among which Bulgaria (Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania Poland, t ...

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Adelina Marini
During a hearing at the economic committee of EP #Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem paid tribute to #Greece for the impressive implementation of the 3rd bailout programme
7 December 2017 09:19
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: I remember when #Germany as the sick man of Europe but they did significant reforms. I'd tell the Germans that this impact won't last forever
7 December 2017 11:02
Adelina Marini
#EMU The @EU_Commission will present today the long-awaited plans on the deepening of integration in the euro area. Stay tuned for live updates!
6 December 2017 11:40
Adelina Marini #EMU Moscovici: The proposal which non-euro area countries will not be able to refuse is not of the type as in the movie "The Godfather"
6 December 2017 13:56
Adelina Marini
#ECOFIN EU finance ministers have adopted today a package for taxation of the digital economy
5 December 2017 14:41
Adelina Marini #ECOFIN Dombrovskis: The Council has also approved a revised recommendation to #Romania demanding additional corrections of the budget deficit. The Council is concerned about Romania's fiscal sustainability
5 December 2017 14:42

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