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Forecasts 2010

8 January 2010 16:55 In 2010 Bulgarians will work more for the state

In 2010 the Bulgarians will work for the state 5 months to pay taxes. The so called "Liberty Day from the Government" in the past several years was in the end of May but in 2010 it is expected to jump into June, the Institute for Market Economy (IME) forecasts. The economist Petar Ganev has made ...

6 January 2010 09:48 2010 will be the year of China

Most international and internal forecasts focus on several issues that were important to forecast this time last year too. However, many of them do not count one quite significant factor which affects almost all issues - China. Why? Because for the past months, or even years, China stopped needi ...

8 January 2010 15:21 Unemployment will fall around the world but the Eurozone is in danger

By the middle of 2010 a significant turnaround is expected soon in their labor, inventory, and investment demand, with employment expected to improve. This is the forecast of a group of economists from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the World Bank, the IMF and the American Enter ...

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Adelina Marini
For the 1st time #Croatia is commemorating the anniversary of the Storm operation, which practically ends its independence war from former Yugoslavia, with a military parade. The event will take place in Zagreb today - a day earlier than the anniversary itself which traditionally is marked in Knin. More than 3 000 soldiers will take part in the parade, 300 military vehicles and over 30 air planes. Croatia invited its NATO partners to take part but the invitations were declined
4 August 2015 10:24
Adelina Marini #Oluja #Milanovic: The Americans understand the best what happened back then
4 August 2015 20:21
Adelina Marini
#Greece can conclude the third bailout agreement with international lenders by 18 August, said Olga Gerovasili, spokeswoman of the government in Athens, reports Kathimerini. The drafting of the deal starts tomorrow, she added euinsi.de/cArt
4 August 2015 12:44
Adelina Marini
The #migrant route toward Europe has shifted through the Western Balkans, The New York Times reports. The newspaper quotes Hungarian authorities, who claim the shift of migrant flows is due to some extent to the many drownings in the Mediterranean, to the more centralised policy of the EU as well as the tightening of visa regime in Middle East countries. Another reason is that Bulgaria has significantly tightened border control, as well as Iran. Between January and June 79,000 people crossed illegally from Turkey into Greece, according to Frontex. Some of them continued through Macedonia and Serbia to Hungary. NYT writes that the shift is already causing sharp rises of the anti-migrant sentiments in the Balkans and is boosting nationalist parties euinsi.de/udqK
20 July 2015 09:10

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