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February European Council 2015 - a Wholemilk Summit

The February informal EU summit was supposed to be dedicated, according to the initial plan, on the future of the euro area and, more specifically, the new report of the four presidents. The issue was sidelined by the attacks on the office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the elections in Greece and the deterioration of the situation in eastern Ukraine. With all this on the agenda it will be hard to fit in desire for dietary summits of Donald Tusk, the new president of the European Council. Compared to the February informal, the December European Council was very lenten and short.
19 February 2015 17:57 Reforms and the Single Market Are the Future of the Euro Area

The issue because of which the informal European Council on 12 February was convened was left with no attention at all at the summit, the agenda of which was completely overtaken by the situation in Ukraine and the renewed conflict with Greece. The journalists did not pay attention to the third ...

13 February 2015 10:33 Moscow Warned Zagreb for Croatian Fighters on Ukrainian Side - UPDATED

Hours after the second peace deal between Ukraine and Russia (Minsk 2) was struck Russia hinted that it, too, might not have a chance because Russia will take advantage of the fact that citizens of EU member states are fighting on the Ukrainian side to claim that the Kremlin has nothing to do wi ...

12 February 2015 14:41 The EU Economic Governance - a Game for Grown-ups

In December, when the new European Council President Donald Tusk decided to call an informal summit in February to discuss the future of the euro area, the elections in Greece were not on the horizon, the attack on Charlie Hebdo had not happened yet and the situation in Ukraine had not dete ...

16 February 2015 18:48 EU Is Back in the Greece Mode

There is no doubt that the EU is again in a Greek mode. The issue of the future of Greece has again overtaken the agenda of the EU summits and of the Eurogroup meetings and has returned the feeling of frustration that was forgotten for a while. The big difference from the last time, however, is ...

12 February 2015 23:31 Boyko Borissov: If Minsk 2 Fails Next Thing Is War

The second Minsk peace agreement is so fragile, so hard to reach and will enter into force not today but on Sunday. "As a matter of fact, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will be fighting. This means, the war is going on in full steam. We are all modest optimists because, indeed, ...

12 February 2015 10:13 EU Will Be Cautious With a New Minsk Agreement

If there is a peace agreement in Minsk today then the discussion on Ukraine and Russia later in the day between the leaders of the 28 EU member states will be an easy one. But if the peace talks fail, it is possible this to prolong the summit significantly, said a well placed EU source. The dete ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Federica Mogherini: We've had 8-hour long, very intense Foreign Affairs Council. We expressed solidarity with the UK on the #Salisbury case
19 March 2018 17:12
Adelina Marini #FAC #Mogherini: Sometimes I feel it is we and the UN that insist on a political solution in #Syria
19 March 2018 17:33
Adelina Marini
Euro area finance ministers are gathering together for a regular Eurogroup meeting. Main topics on the agenda - the implementation of all prior actions by #Greece and the preparation of the euro area summit in end-March. Stay tuned for live updates
12 March 2018 14:32
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup #Greece #Moscovici: It will be a major test of credibility for the rest of our discussions
12 March 2018 18:15
Adelina Marini
#ECB decided after today's Governing Council meeting to keep the key interest rates unchanged. Regarding non-standard monetary measures the ECB for the first time decided not to increase the pace of asset purchases in case of a need
8 March 2018 14:36
Adelina Marini #ECB #Draghi: Often there are unconscious biases that play a role
8 March 2018 15:18

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