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If Bulgarian politicians do not listen, would the European?

Published on , , Sofia

"Can you hear me Europe?" - this is what young people in Berlin, Milan and Prague will shout in the framework of the European campaign the voice of the European citizen to be heard in the eve of the European elections which will be held across Europe from the 4th till 7th of June. In Bulgaria the elections will be on the 7th of June.

One of the main partners of the campaign is the music television MTV. The appeal for the gigantic shout is directed to the people between 18 till 24 years of age because, according to the opinion polls, this is the group that is most indifferent to politics and voting. At the last European elections the activity of this group was around 40 % average for the EU.

As part of the campaign an Internet site has been created "Can you hear me Europe?" where people can share their visions, their expectations, ideas, concerns and complaints.

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