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Ivaylo Kalfin: Bulgaria should create an energy stock exchange

Published on , , Brussels

Bulgaria has to create as soon as possible an energy stock exchange but there is heavy resistance by the energy monopolists. This is what Ivaylo Kalfin said, former Bulgarian foreign minister and now an MEP from the group of the Socialists and Democrats, in an interview for the euinside. He chaired a working group on the issue but the Ministry of Environment and Waters and the National Electricity Company were against.

In the interview we also discussed that our country should benefit from the big energy projects, on which there are ongoing negotiations, because, in spite of our good geostrategic situation, we can lose them and this will not be good. The only fields where Bulgaria could hardly be excluded are transport and energy. His forecast was that in 10 years our country will have the best infrastructure in the region.

Another issue we discussed with the Bulgarian former foreign minister was Turkey's membership to the EU. According to Mr. Kalfin, it is not in Bulgaria's interest to have such a large neighbour Islamized. He added that Turkey should not lose its European perspective but there should not be any compromises because of its situation or dimensions.

You can read the whole interview with Mr. Kalfin later on euinside. There is a video in the Bulgarian version of euinside but in Bulgarian.

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