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Adelina Marini
This is the parliamentary week of the #EuropeanSemester, during which MEPs and members of national parliaments will discuss together with relevant commissioners the economic guidelines for the member states. The main part of the parliamentary week begins today at 9 CET with statements by Commissioners Olli Rehn and Laszlo Andor, after which there will be a debate with MEPs and national parliamentarians. euinside will follow the session live, so for updates stay on this website.
29 January 2013 08:41
Adelina Marini The main stages of the #EuropeanSemester are: in the end of each year the European Commission presents the Annual Growth Survey and publishes the Alert Mechanism Report in which it outlines potential risks of macroeconomic imbalances in the member states. In February the European Parliament expresses its opinion in a special resolution after consultations with the national parliaments. The Spring European Council for its part invites the member states to include all recommendations in their National Reforms Programmes and Convergence Programmes, as well as in their national jobs plans. In April the member states present their programmes to the Commission. The Commission and the Council assess them in May and June, as well as their progress in the Europe 2020 strategy. Throughout the year there are exchanges of views and economic dialogues in the European Parliament with representatives of the relevant EU institutions and national representatives.
29 January 2013 08:56
Adelina Marini The first interparliamentary session is attended by 103 members of national parliaments of 26 member states, as well as speakers of national parliaments of Ireland, Belgium, Malta and Romania.
29 January 2013 09:20
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester National parliaments should get more competences and influence compared to national governments, Ottmar Karas said, vice president of the European Parliament, who is chairing the interparliamentary session today.
29 January 2013 09:23
Adelina Marini #EUSemester Democratic legitimacy is present very actively in the statements by both Othmar Karas and Olli Rehn. According to Mr Rehn, the interparliamentary week is very timely because it takes place in the midst of the debate about a further deepening of the EMU and its institutional architecture is currently being discussed.
29 January 2013 09:39
Adelina Marini There is a process of re-balancing of the economies going on. The current account deficit countries are recovering, Olli #Rehn said. He gave as an example Ireland whose exports are growing and production is recovering. Portugal too and even Spain, which although with high unemployment has the highest export rates at the moment. Even in Greece the losses of competitiveness are recuperating.
29 January 2013 09:44
Adelina Marini Private investments should be encouraged, entrepreneurship, education, reforms of labour markets should also continue, EU Commissioner on Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn explained.
29 January 2013 09:46
Adelina Marini There are serious researches that show the direct link between debt and growth. When debt reaches 100% of GDP it begins to drag on growth. That is way there is no alternative to smart fiscal consolidation, Olli Rehn said, which however should be dependent on the national specifics of the member states.
29 January 2013 09:49
Adelina Marini Olli #Rehn touched briefly the blueprint for evolution of the eurozone which Jose Manuel Barroso presented in the end of last year and part of which were taken into account in Van Rompuy's report. According to Mr Rehn, work should be completed on the single supervisory mechanism, underscoring that a bank resolution mechanism was needed as well.
29 January 2013 09:52
Adelina Marini Olli #Rehn asked debates on the future of the #eurozone, explicitly pointing out Barroso's idea about a common euro area budget aimed at boosting competitiveness of the member states.
29 January 2013 09:53
Adelina Marini EU Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Laszlo #Andor said that one fourth of the EU population is at risk of social exclusion.
29 January 2013 09:57
Adelina Marini The economic and social situation in some member states is dramatically deteriorating as stability risks increase, Mr Andor explained, underscoring that fiscal consolidation should be growth-friendly to growth to a larger extent than last year.
29 January 2013 09:59
Adelina Marini Member states should understand better what social investments mean. The Commission will soon present a package of instruments for social investments, #Andor said.
29 January 2013 10:01
Adelina Marini Unemployment in the EU is turning into structural. Out of 26 million unemployed, 11 are without a job for more than a year, the commissioner on social affairs said.
29 January 2013 10:04
Adelina Marini We should develop a capacity for fiscal coordination, #Andor said after explaining that what the crisis taught us was that our economies are very interlinked.
29 January 2013 10:07
Adelina Marini Every national parliament should build a capacity for work with the issues in the European Semester. For the purpose we should have a common programme, the speaker of Malta's national parliament said.
29 January 2013 10:10
Adelina Marini When it comes to the crisis, we constantly pass over the bucket. National governments point a finger to the EU and vice versa. We should finally accept that there are problems at all levels, said Greek MEP Anni Podimata of the group of Socialists and Democrats.
29 January 2013 10:19
Adelina Marini A representative of the French national assembly said that too much austerity is dangerous for societies and global economy.
29 January 2013 10:24
Adelina Marini A Lithuanian MP noted that there are serious differences between the member states. Lithuania for example is not entirely encircled by the EU. It has a border with Russia where taxes are much lower thus creating problems for competitiveness. A common energy policy should be considered too.
29 January 2013 10:27
Adelina Marini The Dutch parliament has elected a special rapporteur on the European Semester which is a rare practise, a representative of the House of Representative of The Netherlands said. In his words, in order for the countries to be able to implement all the recommendations under the semester, national parliaments should have access to the information prepared by the Council. That information should be made public.
29 January 2013 10:34
Adelina Marini A German MP appealed serious attention to be paid to the calls for a referendum about Britain's EU membership because it is a fact that the internal market will be much less competitive if the 2nd largest economy in the EU left the Union.
29 January 2013 10:39
Adelina Marini The EU has a serious problem with reputation around the world. It is perceived as a source of costs and that it interferes in domestic affairs, a Dutch parliamentarian said.
29 January 2013 10:46
Adelina Marini A Croatian MP, who is also an observer in the European Parliament until #Croatia joins the EU, Andrej Plenkovic, said his country is holding an intensive dialogue with the Commission about the European Semester to see in what way exactly will the country participate in it. Croatia is scheduled to join the EU on the 1st of July, in the midst of the Semester.
29 January 2013 11:00
Adelina Marini Responding to criticism by a British MP, Olli #Rehn used the occasion to tell David #Cameron that there is no need to use threats to provoke a constructive conversation about what needs to be changed. He used his favourite comparisons with football and said that he saw the UK as a midfield player. One cannot score a goal from the benches.
29 January 2013 11:18
Adelina Marini During the debate I did not see the usual division between the North and the South, said Olli #Rehn and thanked the participants.
29 January 2013 11:25
Adelina Marini #MFF The 1st part of the interparliamentary debate has ended in Brussels. Any minute now will begin the second one, which will be on a very important topic - the common EU budget. Commissioner Lewandowski will take part in it. The debate is very timely - a week before the 2nd attempt of the EU leaders to hammer out a deal on the next framework for 2014-2020. So, don't leave! We'll be here for more updates :)
29 January 2013 11:31
Adelina Marini #MFF MEP Alain Lamassoure, chairman of the budgets committee in the European Parliament, said in the beginning of the debate that 85% of the common EU budget came from the national budgets, while 94% returned to the member states to support the national budgets.
29 January 2013 11:39
Adelina Marini #MFF Mr Lamassoure has put forward a very broad basis for the debate - from the too big agriculture subsidies, but too little investments in R&D to the financing of the common European budget with own resources.
29 January 2013 11:45
Adelina Marini #MFF should be flexible, said the special rapporteur on the EU common budget in the parliament of Denmark. She recalled the energy that was spent to agree on the current budgetary framework under Tony Blair. Russia, however, closed the tap and left Bulgaria without natural gas thus putting forward issues for which there was no money, the MP added.
29 January 2013 12:18
Adelina Marini #MFF The Dutch parliament supports a more modest EU budget in which is increased spending for innovation and is decreased for agriculture and cohesion policy, a Dutch parliamentarian said.
29 January 2013 12:30
Adelina Marini #MFF A Swedish MP said that it was not serious to say that the national budgets have increased significantly the national budgets compared to the common European budget. In his words, the two types of budgets cannot be compared.
29 January 2013 12:36
Adelina Marini #MFF An Irish MP firmly disputed the calls for reduction of agricultural subsidies.
29 January 2013 12:38
Adelina Marini #MFF @IvailoKalfin again defended his thesis that a better distribution of the money was sought rather than an increase of the EU budget. He again gave his example that the European budget is 50 times smaller than the sum of the national budgets. Some say they defend a freezing of the budget, but they are in fact asking the budget to be returned to the size before some stages of enlargement, the Bulgarian MEP and rapporteur on MFF added.
29 January 2013 12:43
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#FAC EU foreign ministers discussed a report by the EU HR for foreign and security policy Federica Mogherini on her visit in #Libya, where the Union re-opened its offices in Tripoli
16 July 2018 15:01
Adelina Marini #FAC #Mogherini on #QMV: We never never in these almost 4 years had a problem with unanimity. I don't exclude in the future this to become a problem but now even on defence we decide with unanimity, even with UK still in. What I can indicate as a problem is the problem of inconsistency. On other issues, yes, indeed
16 July 2018 15:20
Adelina Marini
The #Eurogroup will discuss today the outcome of the European Council in the end of June and in particular the future of the euro area
12 July 2018 14:46
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Mario Centeno: It's quite impressive the list of commitments Bulgaria has put forward to join both the ERMII and the banking union and it is something worth to praise
12 July 2018 15:01
Adelina Marini
The European Commission is proposing new proposals for a reforms programme for the euro area and a eurozone budget. Stay tuned for live updates
31 May 2018 11:33
Adelina Marini Dombrovskis: Around half of all countries could possibly be benefiting of this stabilisation fund
31 May 2018 12:15

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