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Ralitsa Kovacheva
#Eurozone finance ministers are expected to start arriving for their meeting in Luxembourg. The #Eurogroup meeting is starting at 16:00 CET and a press conference is scheduled at 20:00 CET. Wait for the ministers doorstep statements and more details on the meeting later on this website.
21 June 2012 13:14
Ralitsa Kovacheva #EU economic and monetary affairs commissioner Olli #Rehn has just arrived without talking to the media.
21 June 2012 14:26
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Spain is expected to be among the main topics at the #Eurogroup`s meeting. The country announced it would ask for a loan to recapitalise banks, while its borrowing costs are rising headlong.
21 June 2012 14:36
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Eurozone finance ministers will inevitably discuss the situation in #Greece, given the expected request of Athens to be given an extra two years to meet its fiscal targets.
21 June 2012 14:52
Ralitsa Kovacheva The #Eurogroup President Jean-Claude #Juncker passed the journalists by.
21 June 2012 15:14
Ralitsa Kovacheva German Finance Minister Wolfgang #Schaeuble: Bond purchase by the EFSF possible only following a country's request and the agreement of an adjustment programme.
21 June 2012 15:23
Ralitsa Kovacheva French Finance Minister Pierre #Moscovici on #Greece: Efforts must be made, but at the same time we have to create conditions for hope.
21 June 2012 15:29
Ralitsa Kovacheva Finance ministers of #Germany and #France Wolfgang #Schäuble and Pierre #Moscovici, are the main contenders to become next #Eurogroup President.
21 June 2012 15:39
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Eurogroup It is important to hear from the Spanish minister what is the present situation, Finnish Finance Minister Utah #Urpilainen said.
21 June 2012 16:13
Ralitsa Kovacheva If #Spain submitted a formal request for a loan with a specific amount this would calm the markets, Irish Finance Minister Michael #Noonan said. He again insisted that it would be appropriate to allow the ESM to recapitalise banks directly and not to further burden the governments.
21 June 2012 16:13
Ralitsa Kovacheva Asked if #Greece would be given more time to meet its fiscal targets Finnish Finance Minister Utah #Urpilainen said it was a bed idea and Finland was not ready to support it.
21 June 2012 16:30
Ralitsa Kovacheva The press conference after the #Eurogroup meeting is going to start in a few minutes.
21 June 2012 22:16
Ralitsa Kovacheva President of the #Eurogroup Jean-Claude Juncker:I have a big problem, I do not want to give a press conference, I want to watch the match because I'm a fan of Portugal. So I want to leave as soon as possible, because the result is still 0 to 0.
21 June 2012 22:21
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Spain to submit formal request for financial help until next Monday, Juncker said.
21 June 2012 22:24
Ralitsa Kovacheva We expect the new Greek government to invite representatives of the Troika next Monday, #Juncker said.
21 June 2012 22:26
Ralitsa Kovacheva Christine #Lagarde for the #IMF mission in the #eurozone: We see additional pressure on banks and sovereigns in the eurozone, so the movement towards complete economic and monetary union must be reaffirmed to regain confidence. Three key elements are needed: Banking union, fiscal union (including Eurobonds and more centralised control), structural reforms to boost competitiveness.
21 June 2012 22:41
Ralitsa Kovacheva #IMF`s Christine #Lagarde: Three short-term measures for the #eurozone: creative monetary policy, fiscal consolidation and bank rekapitalisation directly from the bailout funds without going through the governments.
21 June 2012 22:43
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Eurogroup Apparently, the #IMF had to say what no one in the #EU wanted to say.
21 June 2012 22:45
Ralitsa Kovacheva The news of the #IMF #eurozone mission: The IMF recommends introducing a form of Eurobonds in the long run and in the short-term the eurozone bailout funds to grant funds for recapitalisation directly to the banks, without going through the governments.
21 June 2012 22:50
Ralitsa Kovacheva The FT asked, of course, whether #Germany agreed with the #IMF recommendation for direct bank recapitalisation by the rescue funds. #Lagarde replied that this was needed to break the negative loop between banks and sovereigns. We didn`t speak to every member state but we hope that wisdom would prevail, she added.
21 June 2012 22:57
Ralitsa Kovacheva The #Eurogroup press conference ended quickly, but Jean-Claude #Juncker and Olli #Rehn still missed the winning goal of the Portugal against the Czech Republic.
21 June 2012 23:05
Ralitsa Kovacheva Concluding statement of IMF #eurozone mission, wait more on this topic tomorrow on euinsidehttp://www.imf.org/ext...2012/062112.htm
21 June 2012 23:09
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#EUCO The leaders of the member states are gathering today in Brussels for the spring European Council. They have quite a lot of issues on their plates. One of the most sensitive topics will be the EU's answer to the #Salisbury attack. Some member states, including European Council President Donald Tusk, want a stronger reaction against Russia whereas others are more cautious. In the context of Syria, the leaders will discuss relations with Turkey. A decision is expected on whether the EU-Turkey summit in Varna is to take place. Another tough topic is what answer the EU should plan to the US tariffs on steel and aluminium. As the tradition goes, the spring European Council is the time to check the European semester. In addition, there will be a summit of the euro area but this time it will not be open for non-euro countries. The leaders will also discuss yesterday's proposal by the Commission to tax the digital economy. The summit is also expected to adopt conclusions on the Western Balkans on the occasion of the May summit with the six countries. On the menu is also the issue of Brexit. After a transitional agreement has been agreed the leaders now have to outline the guidelines for the future relations with the UK
22 March 2018 09:41
Adelina Marini
The European Commission will today unveil the long-expected proposal for taxation of the digital economy . Stay tuned for live updates
21 March 2018 12:23
Adelina Marini #FairTaxation #Moscovici: Half of those 120-150 companies falling in the scope of digital taxation are from the US
21 March 2018 13:24
Adelina Marini
Federica Mogherini: We've had 8-hour long, very intense Foreign Affairs Council. We expressed solidarity with the UK on the #Salisbury case
19 March 2018 17:12
Adelina Marini #FAC #Mogherini: Sometimes I feel it is we and the UN that insist on a political solution in #Syria
19 March 2018 17:33

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