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Adelina Marini
Dutch FinMin #Dijsselbloem, who is the only candidate for Eurogroup President to replace the long-serving Jean-Claude #Juncker, in general will stick to the line of his predecessor by looking for a combination of appropriate austerity measures and growth stimulating policies, as it became clear from his statement before tonight's Eurogroup meeting. Dijsselbloem has sent a letter to his fellow eurozone finance ministers in which he outlines his priorities, but he refused to reveal any more details before the meeting.
21 January 2013 17:17
Adelina Marini #Dijsselbloem refused to go into details on #Cyprus's bailout request, saying only that still some numbers were expected to come through and that work is ongoing on that application. Earlier German FinMin Wolfgang Schaeuble said that Cyprus will not receive a bailout unless the euro is at risk.
21 January 2013 17:20
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup A possible decision for a bailout for #Cyprus is expected in March, said Jean-Claude Juncjer after tonight's meeting of the Eurogroup. The future Memorandum of Understanding with Cyprus will include a clause against money laundering.
21 January 2013 22:33
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup #Ireland is an example that the adjustment programmes work well when there is genuine commitment to reforms, Juncker said.
21 January 2013 22:36
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup There are many and very complex technical issues related to the implementation of the decision the ESM to directly recapitalise banks, Juncker said.
21 January 2013 22:42
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup The new Eurogroup chief is Jeroem #Dijsselbloem, the finance minister of The Netherlands. He will hold this position for 2 years and a half.
21 January 2013 22:44
Adelina Marini Olli #Rehn also said that there are very complex issues that need to be solved before the #ESM to be empowered to directly recapitalise banks in trouble. More talks are needed, he added.
21 January 2013 22:48
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup I don't accept a division in the eurozone into countries with triple A rating and the rest or south and north countries, Juncker said. For now Dijsselbloem does not get the floor. He promised that he would speak later.
21 January 2013 22:56
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed that #Spain had not supported #Dijsselbloem's nomination and said that that would hardly lead to any dramatic consequences.
21 January 2013 23:01
Adelina Marini In conclusion #Juncker said that his successor is much younger than him and that was obvious. He is new to the problems but he has all the qualities to handle them, Juncker assured. He underscored that the style and approach will be different but expressed confidence that the Dutch FinMin is a convinced European.
21 January 2013 23:03
Adelina Marini #Dijsselbloem said that Spanish FinMin Luis de Guindoz did not elaborate on why he refused to support his nomination for a Eurogroup president, but said that he appreciates the Spanish minister's assurances that he will work professionally and positively with him.
21 January 2013 23:09
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Now we have to work on strengthening the eurozone rather than reopening the debate on its integrity, Dijsselbloem said.
21 January 2013 23:17
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup I have a great love for #Greece and the efforts the country invested in the past years. I'm impressed by Ireland and Portugal too, Jean-Claude Juncker summarised.
21 January 2013 23:19
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#FAC EU foreign ministers discussed a report by the EU HR for foreign and security policy Federica Mogherini on her visit in #Libya, where the Union re-opened its offices in Tripoli
16 July 2018 15:01
Adelina Marini #FAC #Mogherini on #QMV: We never never in these almost 4 years had a problem with unanimity. I don't exclude in the future this to become a problem but now even on defence we decide with unanimity, even with UK still in. What I can indicate as a problem is the problem of inconsistency. On other issues, yes, indeed
16 July 2018 15:20
Adelina Marini
The #Eurogroup will discuss today the outcome of the European Council in the end of June and in particular the future of the euro area
12 July 2018 14:46
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Mario Centeno: It's quite impressive the list of commitments Bulgaria has put forward to join both the ERMII and the banking union and it is something worth to praise
12 July 2018 15:01
Adelina Marini
The European Commission is proposing new proposals for a reforms programme for the euro area and a eurozone budget. Stay tuned for live updates
31 May 2018 11:33
Adelina Marini Dombrovskis: Around half of all countries could possibly be benefiting of this stabilisation fund
31 May 2018 12:15

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