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Adelina Marini
#EUCO EU leaders are gathering today in Brussels for an informal summit to discuss the two most toxic issues on the agenda at the moment - the composition of the European Parliament and how to elect the next European Commission president, and budget 2021-2027. Stay tuned for live updates
23 February 2018 09:05
Adelina Marini #EUCO Dalia Grybauskaite: In Rome we decided on new priorities. If we want to fund them the budget must be bigger #Lithuania
23 February 2018 11:06
Adelina Marini #EUCO Mark Rutte: For the Netherlands we are not in favour of the proposal of the #Spitzenkandidaten
23 February 2018 11:46
Adelina Marini #EUCO Antonio Tajani: Our proposal is 1.3% for the next #MFF
23 February 2018 11:57
Adelina Marini #EUCO Jean-Claude #Juncker: It would e good for #Britain if I was [a PM of Britain]
23 February 2018 12:17
Adelina Marini #EUCO Leo Varadkar: #Ireland's position for the new EU budget is that we should protect and reform programmes that work well, like CAP and the cohesion and structural funds, and that if Europe is going to do new things, and we should do new things, particularly around migration and security and other matters, then we should try to find new resources of money to do that
23 February 2018 12:41
Adelina Marini #EUCO Leo Varadkar: The Irish government is willing to contemplate an increase in our contributions over the next 5 years, provided of course other countries do that also
23 February 2018 12:49
Adelina Marini #EUCO Andrej Plenkovic: We support the #Spitzenkandidaten procedure. It's a good democratic legitimacy
23 February 2018 12:56
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Croatia Andrej Plenkovic: We are generally inclined to increase our #MFF contributions because we expect the EU budget in the next 10 years to continue to be an additional support for regional development and agriculture
23 February 2018 12:58
Adelina Marini #EUCO Plenkovic on binding cohesion funds with rule of law: We need to be extremely careful with this type of conditioning because once you join the EU you are supposed to adhere to the main and fundamental principles that the Union is founded on. As far as #Croatia is concerned this is extremely hypothetical situation
23 February 2018 13:05
Adelina Marini #EUCO #MFF #Plenkovic: The solution is strengthening the system of own resources
23 February 2018 13:09
Adelina Marini #EUCO Donald Tusk: All the leaders approached the #MFF debate with an open mind rather than red lines. EU will spend ore on stemming illegal migration, defence and security, and the Erasmus programme
23 February 2018 19:13
Adelina Marini #EUCO Tusk: Leaders broadly supported the idea that fewer member states should mean fewer MEP seats. On the issue of #Spitzenkandidaten there was agreement that EUCO cannot guarantee in advance that it would propose one of the leading candidates to lead the next Commission
23 February 2018 19:15
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Tusk: I would like to express our solidarity with #Cyprus and #Greece and urgently call on #Turkey to put an end to its illegal activities. These actions contradict to the principle of good neighbourly relations
23 February 2018 19:17
Adelina Marini Tusk also said that in March #EUCO will see if there are conditions for the EU- #Turkey summit in Varna
23 February 2018 19:18
Adelina Marini #EUCO Jean-Claude Juncker: No surprise in what we've decided today. The Treaties are clear #Spitzenkandidaten
23 February 2018 19:20
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Juncker: The Treaty says that the European Parliament has to elect the next president of the Commission which gives some hierarchy into the process #Spitzenkandidaten
23 February 2018 19:22
Adelina Marini #EUCO #MFF #Juncker: Donald has conducted the debate with his customary elegance and the debate was less conflictual than I expected. Most member states stated they are ready to increase their contributions. I counted about 14-15 leaders who expressed such intention
23 February 2018 19:25
Adelina Marini #EUCO #MFF #Juncker: If there's no money in the house love will fly away, as a German saying goes
23 February 2018 19:27
Adelina Marini #EUCO #MFF #Juncker: We've had a good discussion but no result yet
23 February 2018 19:30
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Tusk: The idea that the #Spitzekandidaten process is somehow more democratic is wrong. The Treaty says that the candidate should be proposed by the democratically elected leaders of the member states. This is the double democratic legitimacy of the Commission president
23 February 2018 19:32
Adelina Marini #EUCO Juncker recalled that only Cameron and Orban were against his nomination in 2014 and asked: "Where's David Cameron now?"
23 February 2018 19:35
Adelina Marini #EUCO #MFF #Tusk: Conditionality is less controversial now
23 February 2018 19:37
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Brexit #Tusk: I'm afraid the UK position today is based on an illusion
23 February 2018 19:40
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Poland #Juncker: I've a sniffing event with PM Morawiecki. But I'm optimistic we can find a solution
23 February 2018 19:42
Adelina Marini Donald Tusk says #Poland has to stop the anti-semitic rhetoric
23 February 2018 19:44
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Spitzenkandidaten Angela Merkel says that it depends what majorities and coalitions will be formed in the next European Parliament
23 February 2018 20:14
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#FAC EU foreign ministers discussed a report by the EU HR for foreign and security policy Federica Mogherini on her visit in #Libya, where the Union re-opened its offices in Tripoli
16 July 2018 15:01
Adelina Marini #FAC #Mogherini on #QMV: We never never in these almost 4 years had a problem with unanimity. I don't exclude in the future this to become a problem but now even on defence we decide with unanimity, even with UK still in. What I can indicate as a problem is the problem of inconsistency. On other issues, yes, indeed
16 July 2018 15:20
Adelina Marini
The #Eurogroup will discuss today the outcome of the European Council in the end of June and in particular the future of the euro area
12 July 2018 14:46
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Mario Centeno: It's quite impressive the list of commitments Bulgaria has put forward to join both the ERMII and the banking union and it is something worth to praise
12 July 2018 15:01
Adelina Marini
The European Commission is proposing new proposals for a reforms programme for the euro area and a eurozone budget. Stay tuned for live updates
31 May 2018 11:33
Adelina Marini Dombrovskis: Around half of all countries could possibly be benefiting of this stabilisation fund
31 May 2018 12:15

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