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Adelina Marini
The @EU_Commission presents today the new European Semester. Stay tuned for live updates
22 November 2017 12:08
Adelina Marini Valdis Dombrovskis: The 2018 European Semester starts in an environment of the highest economic growth in a decade
22 November 2017 12:10
Adelina Marini #Dombrovskis: In some countries the legacy of the crisis is still visible in the high levels of unemployment
22 November 2017 12:11
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester Dombrovskis: We recommend structural reforms to focus on increasing productivity, remove bottlenecks for investment, open the product and labour markets
22 November 2017 12:12
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester Dombrovskis: The recommendation for the euro area is neutral fiscal stance
22 November 2017 12:13
Adelina Marini Dombrovskis: #France has to correct its budget deficit. It will be moved to the preventive arm of the Stability and Growth Pact
22 November 2017 12:14
Adelina Marini Dombrovskis: We have to use the good times to strengthen the euro area and the #bankingunion
22 November 2017 12:16
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester Pierre Moscovici: Five member states are at risk of non-compliance with fiscal rules in their budget plans
22 November 2017 12:18
Adelina Marini The European Commission has send a letter requesting clarification from #Italy #EuropeanSemester
22 November 2017 12:19
Adelina Marini #Moscovici: #France is also at risk of non-compliance in its budgetary plan, although this year will end with budget deficit below 3%. The budgetary plan for 2018 does not meet the debt criterion
22 November 2017 12:23
Adelina Marini #Moscovici: We recommend closure of the excessive deficit procedure for the #UK. This is happening on the day when Philip Hammond is presenting the budget in parliament
22 November 2017 12:25
Adelina Marini #Moscovici: For 12 member states will be prepared in-depth analyses because in those countries have been identified macroeconomic imbalances
22 November 2017 12:27
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester #Moscovici: We call on the member states to implement reforms aimed at jobs creation, equality
22 November 2017 12:29
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester #Moscovici: We have for sure entered the season of good economic news
22 November 2017 12:30
Adelina Marini Here you can find the autumn package of the #EuropeanSemester euinsi.de/RNBc
22 November 2017 12:31
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester The countries for which the EC will prepare in-depth analyses because of macroeconomic imbalances are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden
22 November 2017 12:40
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester The budgetary plans of six eurozone countries are compliant with the fiscal rules: Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Finland and the Netherlands
22 November 2017 12:42
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester The budgetary plans of five eurozone countries are at risk of non-compliance of the fiscal rules: Belgium, Italy, Austria, Portugal and Slovenia
22 November 2017 12:43
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester #Romania has not implemented the Council recommendation to correct the significant deviation from the mid-term budgetary target. It calls on the Council to issue an updated recommendation demanding a structured annual adjustment of 0.8% of GDP. In June, Romania was asked to make an adjustment of 0.5% of GDP
22 November 2017 12:49
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Today is a #Eurogroup day. The euro area finance ministers will meet in their usual format and in an expanded format. In the usual format they will discuss the #Greece bailout, the establishment of a European Monetary Fund and the nominations for Vice President of the ECB to replace outgoing Vitor Constancio. In the expanded format, which includes non-euro area countries, the completion of the banking union is on the agenda. Stay tuned for details
19 February 2018 14:25
Adelina Marini To sum up today's #Eurogroup. The main issue was the controversy around the election of Spain's FinMin Luis De Guindos as ECB VP. Second issue was whether there was a big drama between ECB chief Mario Draghi and #Greece FinMin Euclid Tsakalotos. No news regarding the subjects on the agenda - Greece, Ireland, EMU, banking union
19 February 2018 20:29
Adelina Marini
The European Commission is presenting a new #enlargement strategy today in the European Parliament. The document will be unveiled by EU High Representative for foreign and security policy Federica Mogherini (Italy, S&D) and Enlargement Negotiations Commissioner Johannes Hahn (Austria, EPP). Stay tuned for live updates
6 February 2018 14:32
Adelina Marini #Balkans #Hahn: Enlargement remains a regata not a convoy
6 February 2018 16:46
Adelina Marini
Any moment now, in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, #Croatia's Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic will debate with MEPs the future of Europe. Stay tuned for live updates
6 February 2018 09:00
Adelina Marini #Plenkovic: The #Croatian government is a reformist one
6 February 2018 12:03

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