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Free Talk Corner

Adelina Marini
The @EU_Commission presents today the new European Semester. Stay tuned for live updates
22 November 2017 12:08
Adelina Marini Valdis Dombrovskis: The 2018 European Semester starts in an environment of the highest economic growth in a decade
22 November 2017 12:10
Adelina Marini #Dombrovskis: In some countries the legacy of the crisis is still visible in the high levels of unemployment
22 November 2017 12:11
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester Dombrovskis: We recommend structural reforms to focus on increasing productivity, remove bottlenecks for investment, open the product and labour markets
22 November 2017 12:12
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester Dombrovskis: The recommendation for the euro area is neutral fiscal stance
22 November 2017 12:13
Adelina Marini Dombrovskis: #France has to correct its budget deficit. It will be moved to the preventive arm of the Stability and Growth Pact
22 November 2017 12:14
Adelina Marini Dombrovskis: We have to use the good times to strengthen the euro area and the #bankingunion
22 November 2017 12:16
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester Pierre Moscovici: Five member states are at risk of non-compliance with fiscal rules in their budget plans
22 November 2017 12:18
Adelina Marini The European Commission has send a letter requesting clarification from #Italy #EuropeanSemester
22 November 2017 12:19
Adelina Marini #Moscovici: #France is also at risk of non-compliance in its budgetary plan, although this year will end with budget deficit below 3%. The budgetary plan for 2018 does not meet the debt criterion
22 November 2017 12:23
Adelina Marini #Moscovici: We recommend closure of the excessive deficit procedure for the #UK. This is happening on the day when Philip Hammond is presenting the budget in parliament
22 November 2017 12:25
Adelina Marini #Moscovici: For 12 member states will be prepared in-depth analyses because in those countries have been identified macroeconomic imbalances
22 November 2017 12:27
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester #Moscovici: We call on the member states to implement reforms aimed at jobs creation, equality
22 November 2017 12:29
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester #Moscovici: We have for sure entered the season of good economic news
22 November 2017 12:30
Adelina Marini Here you can find the autumn package of the #EuropeanSemester euinsi.de/RNBc
22 November 2017 12:31
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester The countries for which the EC will prepare in-depth analyses because of macroeconomic imbalances are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden
22 November 2017 12:40
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester The budgetary plans of six eurozone countries are compliant with the fiscal rules: Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Finland and the Netherlands
22 November 2017 12:42
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester The budgetary plans of five eurozone countries are at risk of non-compliance of the fiscal rules: Belgium, Italy, Austria, Portugal and Slovenia
22 November 2017 12:43
Adelina Marini #EuropeanSemester #Romania has not implemented the Council recommendation to correct the significant deviation from the mid-term budgetary target. It calls on the Council to issue an updated recommendation demanding a structured annual adjustment of 0.8% of GDP. In June, Romania was asked to make an adjustment of 0.5% of GDP
22 November 2017 12:49
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Today is a #Eurogroup day with two hot issues on the agenda. The first is #Greece's exit from the bailout programme. The other will take place in an expanded EU-format as it deals with the completion of the banking union and the reform of the #ESM. Although not on the agenda officially, another hot issue is the new government in Italy. Yesterday, President Sergio Mattarella gave Giuseppe Conte a mandate to form a coalition government between the populist M5S and the eurosceptic Lega. Stay tuned for live updates
24 May 2018 14:18
Adelina Marini Centeno: The #Eurogroup did not discuss Italian policies today. We have a well-established framework in the SGP
24 May 2018 20:34
Adelina Marini
The #EUWesternBalkans summit is over. The press conference is starting. Stay tuned for live updates
17 May 2018 14:56
Adelina Marini Tusk: The US is still the possible closest partner
17 May 2018 15:24
Adelina Marini
The European Commission will open today the season of the grand bargaining over the next multiannual EU budget. Significant changes are expected in terms of priorities and size. The Commission will unveil its proposal on how Budget 2021-2027 should look like. After that, the ball is in the member states' hands. Stay tuned for live updates
2 May 2018 12:55
Adelina Marini #MFF The Commission proposes 30 bn euros in loans guarantees in the form of a European Investment Stabilisation Function, also known as a budget for the eurozone
2 May 2018 14:11

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