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Adelina Marini
Йерун Дайселблум след първата среща на Еврогрупата след лятната ваканция: Доста предизвикателства ни предстоят
9 September 2016 12:01
Adelina Marini Дайселблум: Поощрихме гръцкото правителство да ускори изпълнението на останалите точки
9 September 2016 12:02
Adelina Marini Дайселблум: Нека повече да няма предаване на бюджетите по-рано или по-късно
9 September 2016 12:03
Adelina Marini Пиер Московиси: Днес малко повече от половината от страните от еврозоната провеждат преглед на разходите си, което е добре, но може повече
9 September 2016 12:12
Adelina Marini Беноа Кьоре (ЕЦБ): Присъединявам се към призивите гръцкото правителство да довърши задачите си, особено в сферата на приватизацията
9 September 2016 12:17
Adelina Marini Дайселблум: Няма съмнение, че сме изгубили време (с Гърция), но не влязохме в подробности. Наистина трябва да се навакса това време. Гръцкият ни колега беше убеден, че всички имаме интерес от това
9 September 2016 12:24
Adelina Marini Московиси: Все още е възможно задачите да бъдат изпълнени навреме
9 September 2016 12:26
Adelina Marini Московиси: Наистина трябва да сме взискателни, но нека не прекаляваме
9 September 2016 12:27
Adelina Marini Дайселблум: МВФ е в много конструктивен режим (по отношение на Гърция)
9 September 2016 12:28
Adelina Marini Дайселблум: Мисля, ме употребата на думата "остерити" е твърде политизирана
9 September 2016 12:32
Adelina Marini Московиси: Писна ми от нападките срещу Комисията. ЕК не е съвършена, но тя е институция и нека не разваляме общностния подход
9 September 2016 12:41
Adelina Marini Дайселблум: Аз съм голям привърженик на Комисията, защото имаме нужда от рефер
9 September 2016 12:42
Adelina Marini Дайселблум: Подкрепям, че ЕК има роля по отношение на данъчната политика (Apple). Нуждаем се от силна Комисия
9 September 2016 12:46
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
European Commission First Vice President Frans #Timmermans is reporting on the rule of law procedure against #Poland in the civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee of the European Parliament. Stay tuned for live updates
22 March 2017 16:46
Adelina Marini #Poland #Timmermans: In every country there are problems with the rule of law. No country is above the law. But it is never an excuse that someone else is doing the same
22 March 2017 17:48
Adelina Marini
The #Eurogroup finance ministers are gathering today for their regular meeting with a main issue on the agenda the 2nd review of the 3rd bailout programme for #Greece. There is another issue hanging in the air, which is not on the agenda - will the Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem remain on the position as chair of the Eurogroup since his party sustained huge losses at the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands last week. For now, a Tusk-effect is not visible but all minsters praise Dijsslbloem as a brilliant chief of the Eurogroup. Everyone, however, refuse to forecast whether he will stay even after his mandate runs out in January. EU economic affairs commissioner Pierre Moscovici hinted something in that direction saying that Mr Dijsselbloem is very competent and is very well aware of the Greek dossier. This is a hint that the next is yet to get acquainted with this dossier and there might not be sufficient time for that
20 March 2017 15:15
Adelina Marini
#EUCO The leaders of the member states are gathering today in Brussels for their spring EU summit. The issues on the agenda vary from economic, including welcoming the Commission's intentions to address the differentiated quality of foodstuff in the internal market, to external affairs and migration. Another important issue on the agenda is the situation in the Western Balkans. The leaders are expected to reaffirm the European perspective of the six. After the negotiations on establishing a European Public Prosecutor's Office have failed, the issue has landed on the leaders' agenda. In the draft conclusions they support going for an enhanced cooperation procedure which allows those member states who want to to continue with the establishment of EPPO. Last but not least on the agenda is the re-election of Donald Tusk ad European Council president. He enjoys the support of most member states but Poland has fiercely opposed his re-election
9 March 2017 10:42
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Juncker: Now is the time for the Europeans to show their true colours. I'd only add that those who sit on their laurels don't go as far as those who run
10 March 2017 14:40

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