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Adelina Marini
Victor #Orban is in the European Parliament at the moment for a debate on the situation in #Hungary. You can watch the debate live here or stay tuned for live updates euinsi.de/Bajn
19 May 2015 17:18
Adelina Marini On behalf of the #Latvia presidency Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica recalled the EU was not just a single market but a union of values
19 May 2015 17:21
Adelina Marini #Hungary Frans #Timmermans: The death penalty is forbidden explicitly in the European charter on human rights. The restoration of the death penalty is in violation of our values
19 May 2015 17:23
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Timmermans: We have been assured that the Hungarian government has no intention to restore the death penalty
19 May 2015 17:25
Adelina Marini #Hungary: Framing immigration in the context of terrorism is malicious and simply wrong. It will only feed misconceptions and prejudice
19 May 2015 17:26
Adelina Marini #Hungary Manfred #Weber (EPP, Germany): With its economic growth Hungary is at the driving seat in the EU. Victor Orban has been re-elected with a big majority by the Hungarian citizens. This is obviously not to the liking of the left
19 May 2015 17:31
Adelina Marini #Hungary Gianni #Pittella (S&D, Italy): Let's be clear. It's not about Mr #Orban's belonging to a particular political family. It is about that some of his statements have gone too far and their seriousness should not be underestimated
19 May 2015 17:34
Adelina Marini #Hungary Timothy #Kirkhope (ECR, UK): When did this parliament become a judge, an executioner of people with different opinion? The member states have the right to discuss certain issues that are not on the pre-agreed list of topics
19 May 2015 17:43
Adelina Marini #Hungary Sophie in t'Veld: The Council has presented itself as completely detached from the treaties. We cannot debate on the death penalty. The death penalty issue is just a distraction from the immigration questionnaire
19 May 2015 17:46
Adelina Marini #Hungary Rebecca #Harms: The language of the immigration questionnaire simply sin't serious. The project of the EU cannot be able to work without those basic fundamental rights being upheld
19 May 2015 17:53
Adelina Marini #Hungary A Polish MEP: And why don't we have a debate on the immigration in Germany where in many towns houses of migrants are being burnt? Or in France?
19 May 2015 17:54
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Harms: Because in France and Germany such crimes are being discussed and prosecuted
19 May 2015 17:55
Adelina Marini #Hungary Zoltan #Balczo: As a representative of Jobbik I don't see a justification for this debate. EP does not respect its own rights - the right to express our own opinions
19 May 2015 18:00
Adelina Marini #Hungary Victor #Orban: We're here because Europe wants to know how we have achieved so much
19 May 2015 18:04
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Orban: We, the Hungarians, are straight people. Either we talk straight or we don't talk at all. Political correctness hasn't brought us any closer to a solution
19 May 2015 18:06
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Orvan: Quotas will only bring more people to Europe and will be an incentive for the traffickers of people
19 May 2015 18:09
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Orban: We're a Christian government
19 May 2015 18:10
Adelina Marini #Orban: EU doesn't pay enough attention to the Western #Balkans and their problems
19 May 2015 18:11
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Orban: We should talk about the capital punishment but any changes should be in line with the EU legislation. Those are not Godly rules. These rules are created by man and can be changed by man
19 May 2015 18:14
Adelina Marini #Hungary: Martin #Schulz: It's true that there is no commandment "Do not kill"
19 May 2015 18:15
Adelina Marini #Hungary Guy Verhofstadt: It's not a matter of individual states but about the EU and our civilisation
19 May 2015 18:19
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Verhofstadt: Remember the Hungarian refugees escaping communism in 1956 and how they were accepted with open arms
19 May 2015 18:21
Adelina Marini #Hungary Jozsef Szajer: We're not used to immigration. We're not a former colonial power. You don't know what's the situation in Hungary. 20-30 years ago you made a mistake with migration. We don't want to repeat that mistake
19 May 2015 18:28
Adelina Marini #Hungary Ulrike Lunacek (Greens, Austria): This is not a debate about left or right. This is a debate about the fundamental values
19 May 2015 18:31
Adelina Marini #Hungary Marijana Petir (EPP, Croatia): I reviewed Victor #Orban's statements and I see nothing of concern. I believe those who cannot beat Orban in elections are showing their weakness
19 May 2015 18:44
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Orban: I heard MEPs from various countries. I'd like to tell you that I'd never allow myself to talk like this about your countries
19 May 2015 18:52
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Orban: I stood 6 times in elections. I lost 3 times, I won 3 times. I don't think this is autocratic
19 May 2015 18:53
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Orban: If you hadn't forced us to change our migration legislation we wouldn't have had the current problem
19 May 2015 18:55
Adelina Marini #Hungary Guy #Verhofstadt: I think everything Mr #Oban said should be very carefully reviewed because there are many problems with his statements
19 May 2015 19:01
Adelina Marini #Hungary Frans #Timmermans: It was interested to hear about the economic successes of Hungary and the electoral victories of Mr Orban but neither economic success nor political victories can weaken the rule of law
19 May 2015 19:08
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Timmermans: We all in favour of the freedom of expressiom but it is also limited by the rule of law
19 May 2015 19:10
Adelina Marini #Hungary #Timmermans: My plee to Hungarian government is don't make a caricature of the plans of the Commission because we're on the same page about fighting migration
19 May 2015 19:12
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
During a hearing at the economic committee of EP #Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem paid tribute to #Greece for the impressive implementation of the 3rd bailout programme
7 December 2017 09:19
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: I remember when #Germany as the sick man of Europe but they did significant reforms. I'd tell the Germans that this impact won't last forever
7 December 2017 11:02
Adelina Marini
#EMU The @EU_Commission will present today the long-awaited plans on the deepening of integration in the euro area. Stay tuned for live updates!
6 December 2017 11:40
Adelina Marini #EMU Moscovici: The proposal which non-euro area countries will not be able to refuse is not of the type as in the movie "The Godfather"
6 December 2017 13:56
Adelina Marini
#ECOFIN EU finance ministers have adopted today a package for taxation of the digital economy
5 December 2017 14:41
Adelina Marini #ECOFIN Dombrovskis: The Council has also approved a revised recommendation to #Romania demanding additional corrections of the budget deficit. The Council is concerned about Romania's fiscal sustainability
5 December 2017 14:42

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