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Adelina Marini
#CVM In a while, in the committee on budget control of the European Parliament will begin a hearing of #Bulgarian and Romanian governmental and non-governmental representatives on the implementation of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism in the area of justice and home affairs. First, Romania will be heard and then Bulgaria. You can watch the 3-hour event live here or stay tuned for live updates on this website euinsi.de/Ex2r
14 April 2015 14:43
Adelina Marini #CVM Ingeborg Graessle, chairwoman of the budget control committee: The question is is the Mechanism efficient?
14 April 2015 15:13
Adelina Marini #CVM Monica #Macovei (Romania, EPP): This mechanism is highly efficient. If it didn't exist the national directorate for the fight against corruption would not have existed in Romania. An institution with huge success which works very well
14 April 2015 15:16
Adelina Marini #CVM #Macovei: It's unrealistic to expect radical changes from post-communist countries in just a few years
14 April 2015 15:17
Adelina Marini #CVM #Macovei: If the immunity of members of parliament is not lifted for prosecution this means there is a lack of political will
14 April 2015 15:18
Adelina Marini #CVM #Macovei: The citizens of Bulgaria and Romania don't want the Mechanism to be removed and it shouldn't be removed
14 April 2015 15:19
Adelina Marini #CVM #Macovei: My message to the @EU_Commmission is the Mechanism not to be abolished
14 April 2015 15:20
Adelina Marini #CVM Catherine Day, European Commission: There is no deadline this Mechanism to be abolished
14 April 2015 15:23
Adelina Marini #CVM Catherine Day: Today we can say that the judiciary systems of the two countries are now comparable to the rest
14 April 2015 15:27
Adelina Marini #CVM Catherine Day: In the past 2 years progress in #Bulgaria has slowed down
14 April 2015 15:30
Adelina Marini #CVM Catherine Day: We see the commitment to the judiciary reform in #Bulgaria. We are following the debate on Constitutional changes and we believe such changes are necessary. We believe, however, that it is necessary to move the process forward. There need to be clear actions that underscore the independence of the judiciary and to show a clear will to fight the organised crime and the corruption
14 April 2015 15:33
Adelina Marini #CVM Robert #Cazanciuc, minister of justice of #Romania: I'm proud with the achievements of our country
14 April 2015 15:38
Adelina Marini #CVM Robert Kazanciuc: At the moment we are at the stage of consolidation of a reformed system. Last year we have adopted a strategy for the development of the judiciary. In April we are to adopt an action plan
14 April 2015 15:42
Adelina Marini #CVM Kazanciuc: We have launched a special investment programme to improve the work of the courts. We will ensure additional budget and human resources for the courts and prosecution
14 April 2015 15:44
Adelina Marini #CVM Laura Codruța KÖVESI, Chief Prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate: In 2014 the number of prosecuted cases is 3 times bigger than in 2006. The number of convicted individuals is 7 times bigger than 2006. So far 48 high level officials have been subjects of prosecution - a former prime minister, deputy prime minister, members of parliament, senators, ministers
14 April 2015 15:52
Adelina Marini #CVM Laura Codruta #KÖVESI: The quality of justice depends on those who enforce the law. In 2014, the number of individuals who reported corruption crimes has increased by 75% compared to 2013. This means that the public acceptance is growing
14 April 2015 15:54
Adelina Marini #CVM Laura Codruta #KÖVESI: There are permanent attempts to prevent our work, to change the anti-corruption law, removal of prosecutors but for now these attempts have failed thanks to the civil society and the external reactions, most of all the European Commission
14 April 2015 15:58
Adelina Marini #CVM Laura Codruta #KÖVESI: Without this mechanism the reform of the judiciary would have never had this scale #Romania
14 April 2015 15:59
Adelina Marini #CVM James Hamilton, Independent Legal Consultant, Ireland: The immunity of politicians needs to be reviewed and limited
14 April 2015 16:14
Adelina Marini #CVM James Hamilton: Only 8% of the court decisions for confiscation of property are implemented which means that the procedure needs to be simplified
14 April 2015 16:17
Adelina Marini #CVM According to an MEP, #Romania should be accepted in #Schengen because of its good results in the fight against corruption
14 April 2015 16:44
Adelina Marini #CVM Monica #Macovei: The reason we're not a member of #Schengen is the political class and not that some member states see a link between the Mechanism and Schengen
14 April 2015 17:02
Adelina Marini #CVM Monica #Macovei: Ministers of Justice of #Bulgaria and #Romania, when will you introduce in national legislation the directive on confiscation and recovery of crime assets?
14 April 2015 17:05
Adelina Marini #CVM Verginia Micheva-Rousseva, deputy minister of justice of Bulgaria: The updated strategy for judiciary reform has a 7-year horizon. It was approved by a constitutional majority - 173 votes (out of 240)
14 April 2015 17:14
Adelina Marini #CVM #Rousseva: Currently we are evaluating the concept of penal policy. On this basis we would like to develop a new concept. We want the administrative penalties to be replaced by some legal penal sanctions to enable more flexible penalties and prosecution
14 April 2015 17:19
Adelina Marini #CVM #Rousseva: We are striving for a good cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior. We have a new minister, Ms Bachvarova, who is a strong political leader, she has great ambition for reforms in her area
14 April 2015 17:22
Adelina Marini #CVM Helmut Palder, Counselor in the Bavarian Ministry of Justice, Germany: The #Bulgarian society, which is very patient as a matter of fact, wants the politicians to undertake something against the bad image of the judiciary. The Bulgarian press is reporting these moods. So, the politicians have to start working on this task
14 April 2015 17:25
Adelina Marini #CVM Palder: In 2012 there was a reform of the confiscation of crime assets but it never saw the light of day. It was not supported
14 April 2015 17:27
Adelina Marini #CVM #Palder: Corruption in #Bulgaria is no longer accepted as natural by society
14 April 2015 17:28
Adelina Marini #CVM Zinaida Zlatanova, ex-minister of justice: It's good that every strategy for reform of the judiciary builds upon the previous one no matter it is not implemented entirely
14 April 2015 17:36
Adelina Marini #CVM Zinaida Zlatanova: In the beginning of the 2000 it was possible the deputy chairman of a ruling parliamentary group to become a chairman of a court and later ombudsman and he is a very respected individual. Today this is not possible
14 April 2015 17:39
Adelina Marini #CVM Zlatanova: There is no consensus for a reform of the judiciary of #Bulgaria, even within the coalition government itself. There was evidence about that last week when two parties from the ruling coalition filed detailed amendments to the judiciary act which are much different than those the government will introduce soon
14 April 2015 17:45
Adelina Marini #CVM Dr Linka Toneva-Metodieva, Expert form Transparency International: There is no progress in #Bulgaria in the past 8 years. The grey shadow economy is stable at 30%. There is no economic freedom but economic dependence
14 April 2015 17:58
Adelina Marini #CVM Dr Toneva-Metodieva: We have to deal with the politcally correct language and diplomacy which prevents us to see the problem with corruption and the rule of law in Bulgaria
14 April 2015 18:01
Adelina Marini #CVM Georgi Pirinski, MEP (Bulgaria, S&D): I think it is important that we objectively assess what is the problem. 76% of all Europeans believe that corruption is broadly spread in their countries. 84% for Bulgaria and 93% for Romania. I think that pointing at Bulgaria and Romania as two special cases that need special instruments is wrong
14 April 2015 18:08
Adelina Marini #CVM Bulgarian MEPs point out that #Bulgaria does not deserve the Mechanism because it is among the countries with the lowest percentage of error in absorption of EU funds and is in top 10 of EU funds absorption which is a signal for confidence in the auditing systems
14 April 2015 18:18
Adelina Marini #CVM Iliana Yotova (Bulgaria, S&D): This Mechanism must end. In Bulgaria the reports are no longer anticipated
14 April 2015 18:19
Adelina Marini #CVM Deputy Minister of Justice Micheva-Rousseva: #Bulgaria needs the Mechanism
14 April 2015 18:21
Adelina Marini #CVM Zlatanova: It is absolutely inadmissible to measure the fight against corruption with numbers of sentenced politicians. The result of the fight against corruption is not a number but an actual decline of corruption, releasing the economy of corruption
14 April 2015 18:27
Adelina Marini #CVM #Macovei: The Mechanism is aimed at those who desire to fight corruption. Someone said that no one is reading the CVM reports anymore but this is not true. If we, as politicians, defend such a position, this is not good for the citizens
14 April 2015 18:33
Adelina Marini #CVM #Macovei: We need concrete results, concrete cases and concrete rulings. Yes, there must be enforced sentences. This is a proof that our efforts were not only political. This will also mean that the illegally acquired assets will be returned
14 April 2015 18:34
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#EUCO This afternoon, in Brussels, will begin the last EU summit this year. It will be the first that will work on Donald Tusk's Leaders' Agenda (details in the link below). In his agenda two topics are planned for the December European Council - migration and the future of the EMU. Both have already created strong tensions between Tusk and the Commission after the European Council president came up with documents of his own, which are much more reduced than those of the Commission, and reactions in the building across the street were furious. The leaders will mark the launch by 25 member states of PESCO at a special ceremony today. Leaders will be joined by NATO secretary general to discuss EU-NATO cooperation. Leaders are also expected to extend sanctions against Russia after hearing a report by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron on the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Progress on the Brexit negotiations will be discussed on Friday. This is one of the toxic issues on the agenda. On Friday will take place also the expanded euro area summit, which is open for non-euro countries as well. Stay tuned for details and live updates throughout the day and tomorrow! euinsi.de/0Dcy
14 December 2017 10:17
Adelina Marini #EUCO #Brexit Rutte: First of all we have to put the agreement reached last Friday with the #UK in a legally binding text
14 December 2017 14:18
Adelina Marini
During a hearing at the economic committee of EP #Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem paid tribute to #Greece for the impressive implementation of the 3rd bailout programme
7 December 2017 09:19
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: I remember when #Germany as the sick man of Europe but they did significant reforms. I'd tell the Germans that this impact won't last forever
7 December 2017 11:02
Adelina Marini
#EMU The @EU_Commission will present today the long-awaited plans on the deepening of integration in the euro area. Stay tuned for live updates!
6 December 2017 11:40
Adelina Marini #EMU Moscovici: The proposal which non-euro area countries will not be able to refuse is not of the type as in the movie "The Godfather"
6 December 2017 13:56

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