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Free Talk Corner

Adelina Marini
The European Commission has confirmed that the #Greece reforms list has arrived in Brussels in time. According to sources, the initial assessment of the Commission is that the list is "sufficiently comprehensive". In an hour, the Eurogroup chief will appear in the economic committee of the European Parliament where the main focus on Greece. He is also expected to make a preliminary assessment of the reforms list
24 February 2015 08:49
Adelina Marini #ECON Jeroen #Dijsselbloem: We need to be realistic - neither the supportive monetary policy nor low oil prices can resolve all our main problems
24 February 2015 10:11
Adelina Marini #ECOn #Dijsselbloem: We will discuss the Commission assessment of compliance with SGP at our #Eurogroup meeting in March, if, of course, the Commission presents its assessment in time
24 February 2015 10:15
Adelina Marini #ECON #DIjsselbloem: #Greece has presented a list of reforms quite late actually, but in time. Currently, the ECB, the Commission and IMF are assessing the list and will provide us with their analysis
24 February 2015 10:19
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: There was no delay. I have no information the #Eurogroup to had demanded more time
24 February 2015 10:23
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: I think they're serious [the Greeks] but it's but it's not going to be easy. This is just the first step. The reforms list is not a new MoU
24 February 2015 10:25
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: In the end, it's always a political decision. Whenever someone blames the troika, it is the Eurogroup to blame where the final decision is taken
24 February 2015 10:28
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: A #grexit is not at all on the table and I will not even discuss it
24 February 2015 10:29
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: There are still member states that are economically very vulnerable but the solution is not leaving the eurozone. We have invested too much in our monetary union
24 February 2015 10:33
Adelina Marini #Dijsselbloem: We have a lot of leverage on the fiscal side and almost none on the structural reforms
24 February 2015 10:38
Adelina Marini Greek MEP from SYRIZA Dimitris Papadimoulis assured that the government is very stable and enjoys the support of 80% of the Greeks. There is no risk of a Grexit
24 February 2015 10:41
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: Later in the day we will have a conference call in the Eurogroup on the reforms list
24 February 2015 10:43
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: We will make a debt sustanability assessment in the #Eurogroup if necessary on the basis of a concluded fifth review and the implementation of the four-month extension of the programme
24 February 2015 10:46
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: I disagree that the Greek programme has failed. After a long period of recession the Greek economy has returned to growth on many indicators. Uncertainty around the elections and the new government seems to have led to setbacks on a number of these indicators
24 February 2015 10:51
Adelina Marini #Dijsselbloem: The outcome of the elections in #Greece was a clear signal by the Greek electorate but in the Eurogroup we have to work with 19 electorates
24 February 2015 10:55
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: Don't blame Europe for problems that have been in the countries for a long long time and haven't been resolved for a long long time
24 February 2015 10:57
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: Even if there is no new programme, there will be a post-programme surveillance because of the strong interest of the lenders to their loans
24 February 2015 11:06
Adelina Marini #Greece #Dijsselbloem: It's too early to say if an enhanced conditioned credit line (ECL) is still feasible but it needs market access
24 February 2015 11:11
Adelina Marini #Dijsselbloem #Greece has financial needs in the coming months but we have still not received a specific request. I don't know how acute the situation is
24 February 2015 11:16
Adelina Marini #Dijsselbloem: The extension of the #Greece programme was not defined only on the basis of the Greek elections but also elections in other countries were taken into account
24 February 2015 11:20
Adelina Marini Dijsselbloem believes there are advantages the #Eurogroup president to be an acting finance minister because he experiences the same problems as his/her colleagues
24 February 2015 11:25
Adelina Marini The hearing of Jeroen #Dijsselbloem finished with applause by the MEPs
24 February 2015 11:35
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Today is a #Eurogroup day with two hot issues on the agenda. The first is #Greece's exit from the bailout programme. The other will take place in an expanded EU-format as it deals with the completion of the banking union and the reform of the #ESM. Although not on the agenda officially, another hot issue is the new government in Italy. Yesterday, President Sergio Mattarella gave Giuseppe Conte a mandate to form a coalition government between the populist M5S and the eurosceptic Lega. Stay tuned for live updates
24 May 2018 14:18
Adelina Marini Centeno: The #Eurogroup did not discuss Italian policies today. We have a well-established framework in the SGP
24 May 2018 20:34
Adelina Marini
The #EUWesternBalkans summit is over. The press conference is starting. Stay tuned for live updates
17 May 2018 14:56
Adelina Marini Tusk: The US is still the possible closest partner
17 May 2018 15:24
Adelina Marini
The European Commission will open today the season of the grand bargaining over the next multiannual EU budget. Significant changes are expected in terms of priorities and size. The Commission will unveil its proposal on how Budget 2021-2027 should look like. After that, the ball is in the member states' hands. Stay tuned for live updates
2 May 2018 12:55
Adelina Marini #MFF The Commission proposes 30 bn euros in loans guarantees in the form of a European Investment Stabilisation Function, also known as a budget for the eurozone
2 May 2018 14:11

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