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Adelina Marini
#ECB interest rates will remain at their present or lower levels for an extended period of time, today decided the Governing Council of the bank.
5 September 2013 14:35
Adelina Marini #ECB Against the backdrop of the positive growth in the euro area after 6 consecutive quarters of negative growth, Mario Draghi expects output to begin improving at a slow pace as a result of increased domestic demand, but also thanks to the OMT policy
5 September 2013 14:40
Adelina Marini #ECB Governments should not stand down from their efforts to reduce deficits and debts, Mario #Draghi recommended
5 September 2013 14:45
Adelina Marini The less fragmentation the less excessive liquidity, the #ECB chief explained. He added that the bank stood ready to interfere
5 September 2013 14:49
Adelina Marini #ECB Some governors said the growth is too green to exclude a discussion of further rate cuts, said #Draghi
5 September 2013 14:55
Adelina Marini In the upcoming days can be expected positive news on the #SSM discussions with the EP, #Draghi said
5 September 2013 14:59
Adelina Marini #Draghi on #Greece: If it is assessed that additional assistance is needed then it will require further conditionality, said ECB chief responding to a question about the need of a third bailout for Greece
5 September 2013 15:06
Adelina Marini #Draghi said Asmussen's wrods were misinterpreted and underlined that #ECB cannot take the decision for a bank resolution because it is a supervisor. He didn't say directly this role should be played by the Commission, as the Commission proposal envisages, but pointed out that usually such a decision is taken nationally by the government
5 September 2013 15:09
Adelina Marini #ECB For the first time in two years domestic demand is the driver of growth in the euro area, said Mario Draghi and underscored that this is very important because it balances the dependence on the rest of the world
5 September 2013 15:18
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Soon will begin the first debate in the economic committee of the EP w/ #Eurogroup's new President Mario Centeno (Portugal). Stay tuned for live updates
21 February 2018 09:02
Adelina Marini #Centeno: For the first time #Portugal started to converge with the eurozone in 2017
21 February 2018 10:39
Adelina Marini
Today is a #Eurogroup day. The euro area finance ministers will meet in their usual format and in an expanded format. In the usual format they will discuss the #Greece bailout, the establishment of a European Monetary Fund and the nominations for Vice President of the ECB to replace outgoing Vitor Constancio. In the expanded format, which includes non-euro area countries, the completion of the banking union is on the agenda. Stay tuned for details
19 February 2018 14:25
Adelina Marini To sum up today's #Eurogroup. The main issue was the controversy around the election of Spain's FinMin Luis De Guindos as ECB VP. Second issue was whether there was a big drama between ECB chief Mario Draghi and #Greece FinMin Euclid Tsakalotos. No news regarding the subjects on the agenda - Greece, Ireland, EMU, banking union
19 February 2018 20:29
Adelina Marini
The European Commission is presenting a new #enlargement strategy today in the European Parliament. The document will be unveiled by EU High Representative for foreign and security policy Federica Mogherini (Italy, S&D) and Enlargement Negotiations Commissioner Johannes Hahn (Austria, EPP). Stay tuned for live updates
6 February 2018 14:32
Adelina Marini #Balkans #Hahn: Enlargement remains a regata not a convoy
6 February 2018 16:46

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