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Free Talk Corner

Ralitsa Kovacheva
@EU_Commission The European Commission published the second quarterly report of the Task Force for #Greece. It was formed to help Greece to carry out necessary reforms and consists of representatives of the EC and the member states. The Task Force has started its work last September. The document contains really impressive facts. For example, Greece has improved its absorption of EU funds, reaching 35% (above EU average for this point in the programming period). Already €946m was collected in tax arrears compared to initial target of €400m. Wait for a detailed analysis of the report tomorrow on this site.
15 March 2012 19:04
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Greece @EU_Commission I`m slightly worried- French experts are guiding Greece how to reform the public administration. I believe Germans are the right people.
15 March 2012 19:25
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Greece @EU_Commission I was right: Germany has started providing technical assistance for administrative reform at decentralised, local and regional levels, the next page of the report says.
15 March 2012 19:34
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Greece @EU_Commission Healthcare: Over-consumption of health-care products and services is widespread in Greece- the consumption of antibiotics per capita and the number of physicians per capita are almost twice a high as elsewhere in the EU.
15 March 2012 20:11
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Greece @EU_Commission Not surprisingly, there is a backlog of tax cases in the Greek judicial system.
15 March 2012 20:19
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Greece @EU_Commission There is no complete and operational land registry in Greece.
15 March 2012 20:22
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Greece @EU_Commission Something that really surprised me: Bulgarian experts help the Greeks in tax administration and are ready to help in the public financial management.
15 March 2012 20:27
Ralitsa Kovacheva #Greece @EU_Commission Not surprisingly, mostly German and French experts are giving techical assistance in the crusial areas as public admidistration reform, tax administration, judicial reform. Financial sector and hospital management are entrusted to the Gremans.
15 March 2012 20:36
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#SRM #Bankingunion By 588 votes in support and 88 votes against the European Parliament has approved the deal on the establishment of a single resolution mechanism for failing banks, also known as the second pillar of the banking union. More details you can find here euinsi.de/VNLw
15 April 2014 13:31
Adelina Marini #SRM VP @VivianeRedingEU said on the occasion of the European Parliament vote that the EU is federalising banking resolution
15 April 2014 13:37
Adelina Marini
#Ukraine #BiH The letter Vladimir #Putin sent to several European countries warning them of potential natural gas delivery disruptions means that practically Mr Putin is dictating the EU agenda, said Croatia's first Deputy PM and FM Vesna Pusic. There was a real danger issues like Bosnia and Herzegovina to drop off the agenda because of the really important and to some extent threatening the EU issues, she added. Today, the EU foreign ministers are expected to adopt conclusions on the Croatian initiative to restart the European integration of BiH euinsi.de/5QsN
14 April 2014 15:00
Adelina Marini The #Croatian plan to provide a special candidate status to #Bosnia and Herzegovina has not been approved in its essence by the Foreign Affairs Council. The EU continues to insist on the well known pre-conditions to be implemented first and only then the European integration to continue. Quite a short-sighted stance. The conclusions on BiH can be found here euinsi.de/zsLm
14 April 2014 20:11
Adelina Marini
#Serbia will start negotiations on the key chapters 23 and 24 only after a detailed action plan is agreed, reported the Serbian national TV RTS. In June, it is possible Belgrade to open chapter 32 Financial Control and chapter 35 which covers the dialogue with Pristina. The Serbian negotiating team hopes that the action plan will be ready in December, but Peter Stano, the European Commission spokesperson said this could be a little too optimistic. In May, the European Commission will prepare a long list of recommendations on chapters 23 and 24 which will serve as a foundation for the action plan euinsi.de/2eDd
14 April 2014 11:52

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