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Adelina Marini
#thespeech British PM David Cameron will any minute now begin his long-awaited speech abut Britain's future in the EU. It was delayed several times and there was controversy on the date and place of the speech. Stay on this website for live updates from the speech.
23 януари 2013 09:04
Adelina Marini #thespeech I want to speak to you about the future of Europe, but let's first remember the past, David Cameron began.
23 януари 2013 09:09
Adelina Marini #thespeech The 1st purpose of the EU to ensure peace has been achieved.
23 януари 2013 09:10
Adelina Marini Europe's new purpose must be ensuring prosperity.
23 януари 2013 09:10
Adelina Marini #thespeech Our history is not only of an island, but continental too. We have always been a European power and always will be.
23 януари 2013 09:12
Adelina Marini #thespeech I never wanted to isolate us from the world, but I want a better deal for Britain. And not just any deal but a better deal for Europe too. This is why I speak as a British PM for a positive future for Europe. A future in which Britain should play an active role.
23 януари 2013 09:15
Adelina Marini I don't want an exit from the EU but a relation with it which will keep us in. #thespeech
23 януари 2013 09:16
Adelina Marini #thespeech Cameron pronounced himself a heretic, recalling that many times in Europe's history heretics proved to have a point.
23 януари 2013 09:20
Adelina Marini #thespeech Completing the single market must be out main mission. Our task should be to save the small enterprises from the EU directives. Ineffective decision-making must be changed.
23 януари 2013 09:21
Adelina Marini #thespeech Can we justify ineffective peripheral institutions and ever growing Commission?
23 януари 2013 09:23
Adelina Marini #thespeech Let me make an heretic proposal - changes to the Treaty, directed to the people and not the countries or institutions
23 януари 2013 09:26
Adelina Marini #thespeech Let the Eu countries remain different. Let us not harmonise everything, Cameron called.
23 януари 2013 09:28
Adelina Marini #EUspeech Larger role for national parliaments. There is no European demos.
23 януари 2013 09:29
Adelina Marini #thespeech The EU is moving toward a political union- something the citizens have not voted for. Some say that with a referendum a question mark is put for UK's EU membership. But that question mark is already there.
23 януари 2013 09:33
Adelina Marini #thespeech Now is not the time for a referendum when it is still unclear what kind of a choice we have to make.
23 януари 2013 09:35
Adelina Marini Cameron joins those (like Barroso) who call for Treaty changes to reform the eurozone. However, he wants an entirely new treaty
23 януари 2013 09:37
Adelina Marini #thespeech Cameron asked in 2015 the British citizens to give a mandate for a Conservative government and for a new deal for Europe
23 януари 2013 09:38
Adelina Marini #thespeech We are different to the countries that have access to the single market but are not EU members. Norway for instance sits on the biggest energy resources in Europe. The EU is a Union of rules which are not always to our liking, but this doesn't mean we have to leave.
23 януари 2013 09:42
Adelina Marini #thespeech Britain should want to stay in the EU and the EU should want Britain to stay
23 януари 2013 09:43
Adelina Marini #EUspeech The long-awaited speech of David Cameron has just ended. While I was listening I was again thinking that Cameron has always spoken to the British citizens. I don't remember a time when he addressed the European citizens or the European citizens as well
23 януари 2013 09:47
Adelina Marini #thespeech Given that Cameron asked for re-election and only then a serious discussion of Britain's future in the EU to begin, we can expect that those would be the first elections in the country with a focus on EU
23 януари 2013 09:54
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Днес министрите на финансите от еврозоната се събират за редовното заседание на Еврогрупата. Основни теми са изпълнението на предварителните условия по програмата на Гърция, подготовката на срещата на върха на еврозоната в края на март. Останете за подробности
12 март 2018 14:31
Adelina Marini Московиси: Това ще бъде огромен тест за достоверността на последващите дискусии (за излизането на Гърция)
12 март 2018 18:16
Adelina Marini
Европейската централна банка реши на днешното заседание на Управителния съвет, че запазва основните лихвени проценти непроменени. По отношение на нестандартните парични мерки ЕЦБ за първи път се отказва от ангажимента си да увеличава нетните покупки на активи в случай на нужда
8 март 2018 14:35
Adelina Marini Драги: Често роля играе несъзнателното пристрастие по отношение на половете
8 март 2018 15:18
Adelina Marini
Заседанието на икономическата комисия на ЕП продължава с изслушването на избрания от Еврогрупата заместник-председател на ЕЦБ Луис Де Гиндос
26 февруари 2018 17:45
Adelina Marini Де Гиндос: Заради демографските пнромени и въртенето на инфлацията около 2%, мисля, че конвенционалните мерки може да се променят в бъдеще и дори с времето да станат конвенционални
26 февруари 2018 18:52

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