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Adelina Marini
During a hearing at the economic committee of EP #Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem paid tribute to #Greece for the impressive implementation of the 3rd bailout programme
7 декември 2017 09:19
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup #ECON Jeroen Dijsselbloem hopes his successor will continue his policy of pursuing benchmarks regarding economic convergence
7 декември 2017 09:25
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem sees a smaller role for the IMF in the future in an upgrade of the #ESM
7 декември 2017 09:28
Adelina Marini #EMU Dijsselbloem believes it will be too optimistic the new fiscal instruments proposed by the Commission can be included in the next EU budget
7 декември 2017 09:30
Adelina Marini #EMU Jeroen Dijsselbloem said that for the need of completion of the euro area also contributed the US administration, although maybe unintentionally
7 декември 2017 09:32
Adelina Marini #EMU Dijsselbloem: The Commission ideas for a European finance minister (not just for the eurozone) are quite broad and vague
7 декември 2017 09:36
Adelina Marini Dijsselbloem: The Commission proposal for a finance minister raises a lot of questions and doesn't answer to all of them #EMU
7 декември 2017 09:38
Adelina Marini #EMU Dijsselbloem finds the Commission idea for support of reforms interesting. The question is where will the money come for it
7 декември 2017 09:44
Adelina Marini #bankingunion Dijsselbloem: Int he past years we have worked only on risk reduction and not at all on risk-sharing
7 декември 2017 09:46
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Regarding his own future, Jeroen Dijsselbloem joked that he will probably be the first to take advantage of the European unemployment scheme
7 декември 2017 09:48
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: I don't accept accusations that it is the European programmes to be blamed for #Greece's problems. I have a very good memory and remember bad governance, huge mistakes were made before the crisis but mistakes were made also during the crisis, especially regarding how we reacted. There was a lot of improvisation. Personally, I think the way we handled the banks was very expensive and not quite efficient. We have actually bailed investors out, most of whom were outside Greece and this is true. That is why I support so much the BRRD rules
7 декември 2017 09:55
Adelina Marini #Brexit Dijsselbloem: I believe London will remain one of the global financial centres and hardly a lot of investors will leave
7 декември 2017 10:00
Adelina Marini #Greece Dijsselbloem: I hope that Greek politicians will be at least as critical toward their past policies as I was a few moments ago regarding ours
7 декември 2017 10:05
Adelina Marini #Greece Dijsselbloem: We want the IMF to stay on board in the programme and remain responsible
7 декември 2017 10:07
Adelina Marini #taxation Jeroen Dijsselbloem explained that a lot has been done in the past years to change the Dutch tax system. He admitted, however, the more can be done
7 декември 2017 10:15
Adelina Marini Dijsselbloem: The #Eurogroup strategy has never been austerity
7 декември 2017 10:20
Adelina Marini Dijsselbloem: The change of chair (of the #Eurogroup) does not mean a change of policy because many of the policies are embedded in the EU legislation, and decisions are taken by unanimity
7 декември 2017 10:22
Adelina Marini Dijsselbloem: If we had bailed out the banks #Cyprus would have been in big trouble and would have had huge problems with debt. So, the decision for bail-in was a good one
7 декември 2017 10:37
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: The countries with the highest growth are those who made the most difficult structural adjustments - Ireland, Spain, the Baltic states
7 декември 2017 10:40
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: Most problems are a result of bad national policies. Often member states blame Europe for them but in the same time they expect solutions from Brussels. Both are wrong
7 декември 2017 10:49
Adelina Marini Dijsselbloem: I believe that the model of profit shifting toward tax havens has no future (applause in the chamber)
7 декември 2017 10:55
Adelina Marini #Eurogroup Dijsselbloem: I remember when #Germany as the sick man of Europe but they did significant reforms. I'd tell the Germans that this impact won't last forever
7 декември 2017 11:02
Adelina Marini
Външните министри на ЕС обсъдиха днес визитата на върховната представителка на Съюза за външната политика и сигурността Федерика Могерини в Либия, където Съюзът се завърна официално с отварянето на офиса си в Триполи
16 юли 2018 15:00
Adelina Marini Могерини в отговор на въпрос за гласуването с квалифицирано мнозинство в Съвета: През тези близо 4 години никога никога не сме имали проблем с единодушието. Не изключвам в бъдеще това да бъде проблем, но сега дори и по въпросите на отбраната, дори и с Великобритания имаме единодушие. Като проблем мога да посоча непоследователността. По други въпроси, да, наистина
16 юли 2018 15:22
Adelina Marini
Еврогрупата ще обсъжда днес резултатите от Европейския съвет в края на юни и основно бъдещето на еврозоната
12 юли 2018 14:46
Adelina Marini Марио Сентено: Много впечатляващ е списъкът с ангажименти, който България представи за влизане в ЕРМ2 и в банковия съюз. Това е нещо, което заслужава похвала
12 юли 2018 15:02
Adelina Marini
ЕК представя предложенията си за програма за реформи и за бюджет за еврозоната. Останете за подробности!
31 май 2018 11:33
Adelina Marini Домбровскис: Около половината страни биха могли да се възползват от стабилизиращата функция
31 май 2018 12:16

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