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Adelina Marini
The Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament is beginning a hearing on media pluralism in Bulgaria, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania. Stay tuned for live updates
11 юли 2017 09:13
Adelina Marini The chairman of the committee, Claude Moraes, recalled that media pluralism and freedom is part of the EU accession criteria. The purpose of the hearing is to define what media freedom means now
11 юли 2017 09:14
Adelina Marini Barbara Spinelli (GUE/NGL, Italy, rapporteur): Fake news is not just a child of the Internet. This is a disease which appeared for the first time in mainstream media - a hangover of the Cold War
11 юли 2017 09:18
Adelina Marini Spinelli: The real roots of fake news and of auto censorship are being swept under the carpet
11 юли 2017 09:20
Adelina Marini Spinelli: The Copenhagen dilemma - the candidate countries have to fulfil freedom of expression standards but once they join the EU they have a carte blanche. In the past decade we see political interference in Italy, Spain, Poland and Hungary
11 юли 2017 09:22
Adelina Marini #MediaPluralism If you wish to watch the hearing live follow this link euinsi.de/gszK
11 юли 2017 09:23
Adelina Marini Political control over media is too big, says an expert with the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom
11 юли 2017 09:31
Adelina Marini Media situation in terms of minorities is deteriorating, especially when it comes to unrecognised minorities
11 юли 2017 09:32
Adelina Marini There's a clear increase of the cases of intimidation, violence and insults of journalists. Female journalists are particularly at risk, says a media expert
11 юли 2017 09:39
Adelina Marini More than 200 journalists have been fired or forced to leave in #Poland, says an expert
11 юли 2017 09:46
Adelina Marini Concentration of media ownership represents the biggest risk to media pluralism, says Renate Shroeder, director of the European Federation of Journalists
11 юли 2017 09:52
Adelina Marini We criticised the Commission for allowing the merger of the British Sky TV with the Murdoch corporation. The Commission has failed to recognise the real share Murdoch has of media market, says Renate Schroeder
11 юли 2017 09:56
Adelina Marini Renate Schroeder: The Copenhagen criteria are important but become useless once a country joins the EU
11 юли 2017 09:58
Adelina Marini Marek Jurek (ECR, Poland) criticised the double standards of media. He said that when a liberal government restricts freedom of express it's okay, but when a conservative government does it, it's not. He gave his usual example of the ban of abortion in France and cited other examples of the past
11 юли 2017 10:34
Adelina Marini Peter Niedermueller (S&D, Hungary): We're talking about Montenegro and Hungary but we have 2 member states which are systematically eroding the freedom of expression. Those are Poland and Hungary. Propaganda and fake news are an official policy of the Polish and Hungarian governments
11 юли 2017 10:40
Adelina Marini Cecil Kashetu Kyenge (S&D, Italy): The EU institutions have to take their part of the responsibility and introduce rules
11 юли 2017 10:41
Adelina Marini Sophie in' t Veldt (ALDE, The Netherlands): Media are no longer about journalism but social networks as well. Fake news are also part of the freedom of expression and pluralism. But who is the source? If it is a journalist, then you can appeal to the relevant organisation. We have to be very careful when we talk about restriction of fake news. They have to be fought by the truth
11 юли 2017 10:45
Adelina Marini Sophie in' t Veldt: A big danger for media freedom are the anti terror laws. An important question is what is the impact of trans border media ownership over media pluralism
11 юли 2017 10:47
Adelina Marini Kinga Gal (EPP, Hungary): The presented reports are biased, they represent facts that no one has heard of, they are based on Facebook comments
11 юли 2017 10:50
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Франс Тимерманс след заседанието на Колежа: Завършихме правния анализ и заключихме, че четирите предложени закона са голяма опасност за върховенството на закона
26 юли 2017 12:08
Adelina Marini ЕК отправи днес третата си препоръка към Полша по механизма за върховенство на закона. Тук можете да прочетете препоръката (на английски език) и условията за активиране на член 7 euinsi.de/ZE03
26 юли 2017 12:34
Adelina Marini
Йоханес Хан след края на политическия диалог ЕС-Турция: Много сме притеснени от арестите на журналисти
25 юли 2017 16:54
Adelina Marini Чавушоглу: Нямаме враждебно отношение към Германия
25 юли 2017 17:31
Adelina Marini
Еврокомисарят по преговорите за разширяването и политиката към съседите Йоханес Хан ще даде вече редовната си пресконференция с фокус върху политиката към съседите. Останете за подробности
24 юли 2017 12:39
Adelina Marini Хан: Понякога са ни груби разговорите с турските власти. Все пак сме хора
24 юли 2017 13:12

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