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Adelina Marini
#EPhearings2014 Any time now will begin the hearing of another key commissioner-designate - Pierre #Moscovici, tasked to lead the economy and finance portfolio. He is also one of the problematic candidates because of his failures to upturn the French economy and to consolidate the French public finances. You can watch his audition live here or stay on this website for live updates euinsi.de/9v5B
2 октомври 2014 09:02
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 The economic committee chairman Gualtieri reminded the MEPs that the tasks #Moscovici is given are very important
2 октомври 2014 09:10
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: The EU is the political story of our century
2 октомври 2014 09:13
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Budgetary and financial stability is of course essential but above all the citizens want social progress. They want work
2 октомври 2014 09:17
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I had a really good cooperation with the previous economic commissioner Olli Rehn
2 октомври 2014 09:18
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: There is no growth if we don't reduce the budget deficits and debts. Our budgetary rules should be respected by all the member states. You can rely on me that I will be a fair and unbiased arbiter
2 октомври 2014 09:20
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I will pursue tax evasion and aggressive tax planning
2 октомври 2014 09:22
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: By May 2016 we should be ready with the new Customs code
2 октомври 2014 09:24
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I know what you're going to ask me. I will not use my role to be ambassador of a specific country or a political force. This is Europe's last chance
2 октомври 2014 09:25
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Europe is great but it is mortal
2 октомври 2014 09:25
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 Alain Lamassoure, on behalf of EPP, said he didn't question #Moscovici's European commitment but his ability to do the tasks since he was fired from the government in Paris for failing to do his job
2 октомври 2014 09:28
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Only the rules will be my compass
2 октомври 2014 09:29
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: The euro is very close to my heart. This #EMU has been successful but there are limits to it and the 1st is that we've paid too much attention to the monetary side not the political side
2 октомври 2014 09:32
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Indicators need to be consolidated maybe changed. But the idea is to improve and simplify rules.
2 октомври 2014 09:35
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: President @JunckerEU chose me for this position and I don't claim I'm the best for the job but I'll work closely with Jyrki Katainen and Valdis Dombrovskis
2 октомври 2014 09:38
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I've always believed that public debts impede growth
2 октомври 2014 09:40
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: The #Troika is doing a necessary job to avoid default
2 октомври 2014 09:44
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I'm fully prepared to work with the EP to significantly improve the work of the Troika
2 октомври 2014 09:45
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I'm not here to find creative ways to change the rules. They have to be credible. They are not stupid. They are intelligent.
2 октомври 2014 09:48
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Rest assured that I will act according to the rules and they will be my weapon. I'll not be using a nuclear weapon. I will apply the rules intelligently but strictly
2 октомври 2014 09:54
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 MEPs have recalled that #Moscovici never found time for a monetary dialogue in the economic affairs committee in EP
2 октомври 2014 09:55
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: It's true that #France needs reforms
2 октомври 2014 09:56
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: There need to be a permanent president of the #Eurogroup
2 октомври 2014 09:58
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: It is up to the Commission not to a single government to decide on whether a delay should be obtained or not. Not unilaterally
2 октомври 2014 10:01
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I'm a French and I'm proud of this. Sometimes I'm too French but I'll work as a European
2 октомври 2014 10:02
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Flexibility is not changing the rules. It's not a creative interpretation of the rules
2 октомври 2014 10:04
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 German MEP Bernd Lucke (AfD) asked #Moscovici to mention 3 country-specific recommendations that have not been implemented and justify why
2 октомври 2014 10:11
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici said there was not a single measure France undertook that wasn't rubberstamped by the Commission
2 октомври 2014 10:12
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: #France has to apply the rules as everyone does. There are no big and small member states, old ones and new ones, privileged and non-privileged. France has not broken the rules.
2 октомври 2014 10:22
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici thanked for the questions that are not aimed at a "particular country that is close to my heart"
2 октомври 2014 10:31
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: We have to fight tax fraud globally and within the EU
2 октомври 2014 10:36
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I believe for a very long time that debt (private and public) is an enemy for the economy and an enemy for public services
2 октомври 2014 10:39
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: With Jyrki #Katainen and Valdis #Dombrovskis we will be working in a team
2 октомври 2014 10:45
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Country-specific recommendations will be in portfolio. Regarding how's a boss to whom, we work collegially in the Commission. There is no supervision
2 октомври 2014 10:59
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Although taxation is a national prerogative, I'd work to integrate it in the European semester. We should work more for harmonisation
2 октомври 2014 11:06
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: #France needs Europe and Europe needs France
2 октомври 2014 11:07
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: In our national legislations we have distortions which are bad for the economy. We tax too much labour and not energy.
2 октомври 2014 11:11
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: ECB under Mario #Draghi has had a positive role
2 октомври 2014 11:14
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: Unanimity applies to taxation and I regret that
2 октомври 2014 11:17
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: #Eurobonds is not on the table, the issue is not ripe yet and I don't think it will be in the next 5 years
2 октомври 2014 11:21
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: EU has to assert itself politically to a greater extent. I'm convinced that's what this Commission will do
2 октомври 2014 11:29
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: I'm a Frenchman and a Social Democrat and that won't change
2 октомври 2014 11:32
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 "I'm the same #Moscovici", he said responding to a question if he was the same Moscovici who had a different approach to the SGP than today
2 октомври 2014 11:40
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: We've had a very open and sincere exchange
2 октомври 2014 12:02
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Moscovici: There will be no competition between any of us in the Commission
2 октомври 2014 12:05
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 The hearing of French Commissioner-designate Pierre #Moscovici has just ended. During the 3-hour long interrogation most of the questions were related to his competences to lead one of the key portfolios in the Commission - economy and financial affairs. In his responses, Moscovici emphasised on his being a real French, a Social Democrat and a dedicated European. Several times he excused himself saying that he was chosen for this position by Jean-Claude Juncker. The fact is, though, that he was nominated by the French government
2 октомври 2014 12:10
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Лидерите на ЕС се събират в Брюксел на неформална среща, за да обсъдят за първи път двете най-токсични теми в дневния ред в момента - състава на Европейския парламент и как да бъде избран следващият шеф на ЕК, и бюджет 2021-2027
23 февруари 2018 09:04
Adelina Marini
След малко в икономическата комисия на ЕП започва първият диалог с новия председател на Еврогрупата Марио Сентено (Португалия). Останете за подробности
21 февруари 2018 09:01
Adelina Marini Сентено: За първи път Португалия започна да се приближава към еврозоната през 2017
21 февруари 2018 10:40
Adelina Marini
Днес е ден за Еврогрупата. Министрите на финансите от еврозоната ще заседават в обичайния си формат и в разширения. В обичайния формат ще обсъждат програмата на Гърция, създаването на Европейски валутен фонд и кандидатурите за заместник-председател на ЕЦБ на мястото на отиващия си Витор Констансио. В разширения формат (участват и неевро страни) ще се обсъди довършването на банковия съюз. Останете за подробности
19 февруари 2018 14:23
Adelina Marini Да обобщим днешната Еврогрупа. Основната тема беше спорният избор на испанския финансов министър Луис Де Гиндос за заместник-председател на ЕЦБ. Втората тема беше доколко е имало голяма драма между шефа на ЕЦБ Марио Драги и гръцкия финансов министър Евклид Цакалотос. Нямаше никакви новини по отношение на въпросите от дневния ред - Гърция, Ирландия, еврозоната и банковия съюз
19 февруари 2018 20:31

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