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Adelina Marini
#Italy's PM Matteo Renzi is about to present the priorities of the Italian council presidency in the European Parliament. Stay tuned for live updates
2 юли 2014 15:09
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: On your shoulders is a great responsibility to return the beliefe and trust in the EU
2 юли 2014 15:18
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: What is today the debate on European politics after the economic and the political crisis? This is the question today
2 юли 2014 15:19
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: If Europe made a selfie the image would be of a bored person
2 юли 2014 15:19
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: #Italy takes over the presidency from #Greece but we don't think about Dante or Archimedes but about spreads, ratings because the crisis has left deep wounds
2 юли 2014 15:21
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: The biggest challenge now is to find Europe's soul
2 юли 2014 15:22
Adelina Marini #Renzi: #Italy is not here to ask for help but to show that we have a desire for change and faith in the European institutions
2 юли 2014 15:24
Adelina Marini #Renzi: We're here to give not to take
2 юли 2014 15:24
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: We need unity and not, as happened at the last European Council, everyone to defend their interests
2 юли 2014 15:28
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: Europe is civilisation and the European Parliament is a lighthouse of this civilisation
2 юли 2014 15:30
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: In the next six months I want us to dive into a debate about EU's foreign policy
2 юли 2014 15:31
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: Money in the pocket is not the future
2 юли 2014 15:35
Adelina Marini #Italy's PM's speech was passionately applauded by a majority of MEPs in the full house of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
2 юли 2014 15:36
Adelina Marini Jose Manuel #Barroso: Mr #Renzi, you spoke a lot about #Italy and #Greece and their similar destinies, but only 3 years ago there were people who wanted Greece out of the euro area and in Italy a new government was imposed
2 юли 2014 15:39
Adelina Marini @BarrosoEU: European civilisation is for globalisation
2 юли 2014 15:47
Adelina Marini Jose Manuel #Barroso: Europe is a journey just like Odyssey's toward Ithaka. Let's be like Odyssey!
2 юли 2014 15:56
Adelina Marini Manfred Weber: It will be crucial Matteo #Renzi to implement the reforms he promised
2 юли 2014 15:57
Adelina Marini Manfred Weber: Mr #Renzi, you want more time for reform but the Commission have Mr #Hollande more time and he did nothing
2 юли 2014 16:00
Adelina Marini @GianniPittella (S&D): If I had to tweet about your speech (#Renzi) I would have tweeted: memorable, ambitious, passionate, specific
2 юли 2014 16:04
Adelina Marini @GianniPittella: Europe's society is in a coma because of the huge unemployment
2 юли 2014 16:05
Adelina Marini @GianniPittella: The pact is called Stability and Growth Pact, but by now we only pursued stability. No one wants to change the pact itself
2 юли 2014 16:07
Adelina Marini @GianniPittella: Europe without #Greece is like a child without a birth certificate. We have to return Europe's grandeur
2 юли 2014 16:09
Adelina Marini @SyedKamall (ECR): We'll be supporting the Italian presidency if it conducts reforms to complete the internal market and develop the digital economy
2 юли 2014 16:16
Adelina Marini @SyedKamall: We have to reduce our energy dependence from regimes that do not share our values
2 юли 2014 16:18
Adelina Marini @GuyVerhofstadt (ALDE): Mr #Renzi, I hope you're not like Berlusconi, during whose time for ten years in the Council only women and football was discussed
2 юли 2014 16:21
Adelina Marini @GuyVerhofstadt: We need a new "Delors" package. At the time there were no eurosceptics but there was eurosclerosis which was worse
2 юли 2014 16:23
Adelina Marini Philippe Lambertz (Greens): We have a democratic deficit, an ecological deficit. The economic governance needs to be reconsidered
2 юли 2014 16:35
Adelina Marini Mario Borghezio, a non-attached member, called PM #Renzi a clown and was scolded by vice president Tajani
2 юли 2014 17:04
Adelina Marini Tanja Fajon (S&D), #Slovenia: We need responsible governance without the #Troika
2 юли 2014 17:19
Adelina Marini Mariya Gabriel (EPP, #Bulgaria): I call on you, Mr #Renzi, to undertake actions on youth entrepreneurship and the role of women
2 юли 2014 17:21
Adelina Marini Mariya Gabriel: What will you do to achieve progress on #Bulgaria's and #Romania's accession to Schengen
2 юли 2014 17:22
Adelina Marini @ToninoPicula (S&D, #Croatia): I invite #Italy to be more sensitive to the problems of small fishermen and their needs and traditions
2 юли 2014 17:24
Adelina Marini #Renzi @EvaPaunova (EPP, Bulgaria): #Bulgaria has frozen the construction of #SouthStream but Italy hasn't. What will you do to diversify the energy sources so that we're not dependent on Russia?
2 юли 2014 17:34
Adelina Marini Matteo #Renzi: #Italy is a rich country. Its wealth is 4 times bigger than its debt
2 юли 2014 17:41
free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Външните министри на ЕС обсъдиха днес визитата на върховната представителка на Съюза за външната политика и сигурността Федерика Могерини в Либия, където Съюзът се завърна официално с отварянето на офиса си в Триполи
16 юли 2018 15:00
Adelina Marini Могерини в отговор на въпрос за гласуването с квалифицирано мнозинство в Съвета: През тези близо 4 години никога никога не сме имали проблем с единодушието. Не изключвам в бъдеще това да бъде проблем, но сега дори и по въпросите на отбраната, дори и с Великобритания имаме единодушие. Като проблем мога да посоча непоследователността. По други въпроси, да, наистина
16 юли 2018 15:22
Adelina Marini
Еврогрупата ще обсъжда днес резултатите от Европейския съвет в края на юни и основно бъдещето на еврозоната
12 юли 2018 14:46
Adelina Marini Марио Сентено: Много впечатляващ е списъкът с ангажименти, който България представи за влизане в ЕРМ2 и в банковия съюз. Това е нещо, което заслужава похвала
12 юли 2018 15:02
Adelina Marini
ЕК представя предложенията си за програма за реформи и за бюджет за еврозоната. Останете за подробности!
31 май 2018 11:33
Adelina Marini Домбровскис: Около половината страни биха могли да се възползват от стабилизиращата функция
31 май 2018 12:16

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