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Western Balkans
Last Chance for EU and Western Balkans
On Thursday, in Vienna, starts the annual summit of the Western Balkans that was initiated last year in Berlin and became famous as the Berlin Process. Lead subjects on the agenda of the prime ministers of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania, and a ...
EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Is This the Europe We Wanted?

The romance of a unified Europe is long gone, but today more than ever you can feel its absence in a painful, even scary way. More and more frequently you see headlines like “Did Europe die?”, “Has the end of Europe come?”, and other similar ones that don’t even end ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Work on a Major Part of the European Prosecutor's Office Is Frozen

It was exactly two years ago that the European Commission proposed the establishment of a single European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) to fight EU funds embezzlement. In the two years that passed progress made is negligible and proved correct the expectations that ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece's Third Bailout Programme Is a House of Cards

On Friday night the ministers of finance of the Eurozone approved the third bailout programme for Greece, amounting to almost 86 billion Euros. Nothing in this programme is for certain, though – not the involvement in it of the International Monetary Fund; some fundamental issues, connecte ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Eurozone Goes into a “What To Do with Myself?” Mode

While at a global level the giants USA and China have entered a new level of currency wars, the EU is looking at a second fall into self-reflection mode on what to do with itself in the setting of the second Greek crisis and the unsatisfactory outcome of the shared  debt crisis in ...

latest analyses If Hollande Decides To Run for Second Term There Are Four Conditions

If we look at the last months polls, the political and economic situation in France, and unemployment levels, François Hollande has no chance of winning a second term in 2017. The current president, however, can still hope for a second chance. For this highly unlikely scenario to work at ...

The debt crisis in the euro area EU Brings Out the Bag of Carrots for Greece

The change of tone of EU towards Greece over the last week is significant. The GRexit came out of the agenda, the Eurozone is back in work mode and started to prepare the next programme with Greece and even the flow of cash towards Athens is back on line. It is surely difficult to tell if t ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Eurozone Is More United than Ever

Criticism like a summer storm has been pouring down from everywhere over the last few days aimed at the Monday morning deal between the Eurozone and Greece. The main arguments are that this is a brutal diplomatic blow at Greece, the currency club has never stood more divided, and this is one ver ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece Got a Promise for a Deal

Hundreds of hours of negotiations, multiple meetings over the last six months, many punches below the belt exchanged, insults, playing around with history, mocking democracy, and a huge waste of paper and energy were invested in Greece staying in the Eurozone, practically in a pre-accession regi ...

The debt crisis in the euro area No Alternative for Greece but Austerity

Leaders of Eurozone countries are convening again to decide what to do with Greece after the controversial referendum held last Sunday which resulted in rejection of the already obsolete bailout program. While everyone claims they want Greece to stay in the Eurozone, the currency club is practic ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece in Quick Sands: Germany's Crusade against Populism in Europe

In the analysis of the current Greek row with the country’s creditors, and of its inimical relationship with the EU as a whole, one must differentiate between the process and the action, if it were not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. The negotiations with the govern ...

euinside in Croatia
Record Political Heat in Croatia

This summer was unusually hot with temperature records being set. July was announced to be the hottest in record. There was serious heat on the political scene as well. The inherited problems from former Yugoslavia put serious tension on Croatia’s relations with Slovenia and Serbia, especi ...

Western Balkans Flaming Headlines in the Combustible Balkans

It is by no chance the Balkans are known to be a powder keg. Only one spark is needed for everything to burst in flames, often completely unnecessary. This reputation was proved true once more this week when regional and other media ignited unnecessary passions by manipulatively rephrasing a sta ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece's Third Bailout Deal Fell in the Eye of the Currency Storm

Can you imagine that the main topic of the emergency meeting of the Eurogroup on Greece is not Greece itself? Difficult to do, but fact. The third bailout package of loans-against-reforms, which has already been agreed on and is about to be approved by the finance ministers of member-countries o ...

Western Balkans Democraturas Are Flourishing in EU's Yard

Here, in the Balkans, we love to compete who’s got it worse. In an inter-Balkan group, we immediately start the tales of whose country from the region has got it worse, whose government is more incompetent, more corrupt, where the media are most yellow and disgusting. To a casual observer ...

Western Balkans A Look on Macedonia and Greece through the Maybach

July 15th is a date to remember for Greece and Macedonia. Last Wednesday the European Commission untied the purse strings to help the exhausted from long years of recession Greek economy, thus trying to balance out the wildfire conflict in the Eurozone, provoked by the inability to rea ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Bulgaria in a Bitter Fight for a Reform of the Judiciary. It Needs Help

In the midst of the heavy Greek drama the EU has hardly any time and energy for Bulgaria and Romania’s problems with rule of law, that in no way threaten the survival of the Eurozone or the EU. However, what is happening in the two countries at the moment is extremely important. The situat ...

latest analyses Nicolas Sarkozy Wants a Comeback but Is not Wanted

Nicolas Sarkozy is firmly set on coming back to the Élysée Palace in the 2017 elections. The first obstacle to his new goal in life is the primary elections of the right and part of center political parties. After a short absence from politics Nicolas Sarkozy came back home and sei ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Who Is Guy Verhofstadt?

It is extremely rare for Bulgarian society to get inflamed over a European subject and even rarer to be impressed by a European leader. It is Guy Verhofstadt who managed to accomplish that. His speech in the European Parliament on Wednesday morning during the debate with Greek Prime Minister Ale ...

The debt crisis in the euro area It's the Democracy, Stupid!

The referendum in Greece ended with an expected result – NO. Although it is yet to be seen what the implications of this vote will be to Greece itself and to the future of the Eurozone, it is important not to miss a very important effect of the “GReferendum” as it became popula ...

Industry and Innovation Finally! Now We Have a Genuine European Union! #noroaming

After waiving visa requirements, introducing the Euro, and the creation of the banking union the suspension of roaming as of 15 June 2017 is the next big step in European integration. It is kind of ridiculous in a union where you use the same currency to be unable to use your phone and, even wor ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#WEBS15vienna Before the official start of the Western Balkans summit the ministers of foreign affairs of #Serbia, #Macedonia and Germany will give a press conference on the refugee crisis. Stay tuned for live updates
27 August 2015 08:53
Adelina Marini #WEBS15vienna Frank-Walter Steinmeier's statement at the Western Balkans summit in Vienna euinsi.de/bLqS
27 August 2015 15:33
Adelina Marini
#migration EC: We're encouraged by the unity Germany and France demonstrated last night. What we need now is all the member states to implement the agreed measures
25 August 2015 12:27
Adelina Marini #terrorism EC: #Schengen is not the problem. Security checks are allowed as much as checks on airplanes
25 August 2015 13:02
Adelina Marini
The #Eurogroup has approved the 3rd bailout for #Greece. You can read the statement of the euro area finance ministers here euinsi.de/vCSg
14 August 2015 21:32

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