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Turkey and the EU
Turkey and EU - a Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed
In the best of relationships between friends there comes a time when friends say straight to each other’s faces what they don’t like about the friendship. Something like that happened between Turkey and the European Union on October 5th when Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Er ...
The financial regulation and supervision A Tax Revolution in the Making in EU

Europe’s stiff-neckedness is difficult to cure. To come to an agreement for supranational treatment of a certain issue there needs to be a large cataclysm or at least a large scandal. In the case of taxation policy the problem begins to gain urgent and most importantly European status afte ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine European Budget Cuts Boomerang Back

Do you remember the battle for the 7-year European budget for the 2014-2020 period? How British Prime Minister David Cameron was proud of the fact that he won the fight for the first real lowering of the European budget, despite the EU had expanded with one more member? He even went as ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Not a G-spot, Not a Hotspot, but Migration Management Support Teams

Take it easy, no one understood exactly what a hotspot is. It is not only Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. This was admitted by EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos himself on Wednesday noon. At a press conference after the end of the European ...

Schengen Europe of Leaders

Perhaps the cliché that Europe moves forward, pushed by crisis situations to which it finds solutions, will prove correct. In the case of the financial crisis the answer was a much closer cooperation, much more discipline, and many more common decisions. Today’s refugee crisis& ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine The EU Is Disintegrating Before Our Very Eyes

The day before it was Malta, yesterday were Italy and Greece, and today are Hungary, Croatia, Austria, and Germany. One by one member states are becoming panic-stricken and terrified about how are they going to deal with the tens of thousands of refugees that are trying to get to the EU and fi ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine The Great Wall of Hungary

The Great Wall of China was built in the 7th century BC to protect the empire from the nomadic tribes’ raids. It is one of the seven wonders of the world. Soon the European Union will have its first Great Wall of Hungary which will quite possibly go down in history as the reason for the di ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Central European MEPs Massively Against Refugees Resolution

Voting in the European Parliament of a non-binding resolution on refugees went by nationality. Party unity was destroyed by national differences in attitude towards the migrant-refugee  crisis and the method of dealing with it. As expected, most MEPs from Central Europea ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Dude, Where's My Union?

The state of the European Union is not good. Not only that but there is not enough Europe in it, or enough union. This is Jean-Claude Juncker’s assessment after a year at the head of the European Commission. The address was the longest to date not only because the state of the Un ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Bulgaria Is Ready To Accept Additional Refugees

24 hours prior to the long anticipated first address of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to the Members of the European Parliament on the state of the Union,  the debate on the new Commission proposals for dealing with the migrant-refugee crisis, and four day ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Economic Uncertainty Weighs over the Eurozone

Economic recovery of the Eurozone has slowed down due to new risks emerging in the last few months, reported European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi last Thursday after the first meeting of the bank’s Governing Council after the summer holidays. The Real Gross Domestic Product of ...

euinside in Croatia
Pre-election Sobering With a Tang of Sanader

Has the white swallow of enlargement turned black? This is a question that perhaps many are pondering both in the former Yugoslavia region and in Brussels, who saw Croatia as a guiding light for the rather murky process of enlargement towards South-East European countries. After the EU accepted ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine The EU Agreed on a Drop in the Ocean

The decision of EU Ministers of Interior from last week for the relocation of 120 000 refugees from Italy and Greece got a very dramatic reception. There were talks of a momentous decision to mark the beginning of the end of the EU for the Council of Ministers dared to use the fully legal ...

The debt crisis in the euro area The Deepening of Euro Area Integration - Let's Not Put the Cart Before the Horse

The political autumn has begun with a flying start in the EU with the first serious discussions on the future of the euro area, sketched in the five presidents’ report, presented for the first time at the June summit. Preliminary expectations were that the report will d ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Is There Risk to Bilateral Relations in South-East Europe?

When the refugee crisis subsides and if the EU has survived and managed to reach a decision for common action, the subject will come up in the agenda of how bad the wounds are that states of South-East Europe are dealing to each other at the moment in the attempt to save their skin &ld ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? How Much More Left Can the EU Take Especially from UK?

In the covering of the June EU summit several of us journalists had the feeling that there was a lot in common between David Cameron and Alexis Tsipras. Nothing about the ideology, but something about the attitude – pulling the string of internal national politics at the European leve ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Bulgaria: The Permanent Relocation Mechanism Is Not Sustainable

Ministers of Home Affairs and Justice are gathering today for an emergency meeting at which they need to agree on the revised  proposal of the European Commission on the resettlement of 160 thousand refugees from Italy, Greece, and Hungary. Apart from the temporary solution, the E ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine European Media with a Joint Appeal to Leaders to Solve Refugee Problem

Several large European newspapers united in a joint appeal to European leaders asking them to urgently start looking for a solution to the refugee crisis. Spanish El País, German Die Zeit, Italian la Repubblica, French Libération, British The Independent, Greek I Kathimer ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine A Shift of Tone in the Migration Debate in the European Parliament

Compared to the first debate on the migration and refugees issue last spring, named historic by many in Strasbourg, Wednesday's discussion in the European Parliament sounded different. At the end of April, MEPs split by partisan lines on EC President Jean-Claude Juncker’s id ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Refugee Crisis Reveals Total Lack of EU

One of the most common explanations you could hear this summer from the European Commission regarding the refugee crisis and individual measures, taken up by member states to cope with it, was that guarding the external borders is member countries’ responsibility. In other words, they can ...

Western Balkans It's the Bilateral Relations, Stupid!

Despite leaving a very bad aftertaste, the second Western Balkans summit held in Vienna last week actually turned out to be quite successful because it brought out the real problems faced by European integration of the Western Balkan countries, namely bilateral disputes and the re ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
Jean Asselborn: relocation can only work if the hotspots function efficiently
8 October 2015 13:48
Adelina Marini #JHA #Avramopoulos: Currently we're at crossroads and we need to do more to move toward shared responsibility for border control with the participation of all member states
8 October 2015 14:08
Adelina Marini
#HollandeMerkelEP At 1500 CET French President Francois #Hollande and German Chancellor Angela #Merkel will address the European Parliament. Then there will be statements by the group leaders. The debate will last a little over than an hour. You can watch it live here or stay on this website for live updates euinsi.de/ESAE
7 October 2015 14:45
Adelina Marini #Hollande: Sovereignty has nothing to do with sovereignism. We must not return to nationalism extremism which leads us to the wrong path
7 October 2015 17:00
Adelina Marini
An opinion poll announced last night shows that the #refugee strategy of #Croatia government has been a winning one. 65.9% of respondents support the government refugee policy whereas 20.2% are against it. What is interesting is that among the supporters are more than 37% of the voters of the opposition conservative HDZ party, according to the opinion poll of RTL television. Two thirds of respondents support a humane and open approach to the refugees while only a quarter of Croats accept the position of HDZ and President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic for strong border control with the participation of the army. 14% are in favour of building a fence. In case Germany and Austria close their borders 43.5% responded that they would accept a certain number of refugees and the rest should be returned to the country they came from. 31% believe that in such a case Croatia should close its border with Serbia and even build a fence. 12% would accept several thousands of refugees but with financial assistance from the EU
7 October 2015 08:37

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