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Western Balkans
The Serbia Challenge
Serbia is a major challenge to EU enlargement. It is ruled by a government, which is a serious hindrance to the reconciliation process because of a differing appraisal of events from the last 25 years. This became clear once more during the historic visit of the Secretary General of NATO to Be ...
Schengen Schengen Is Closing

Until recently the main engine of European integration in the EU was the euro area. After the crisis, which started in 2009, significant changes of key EU legislation happened, even including minimal changes in the founding treaties. By the outbreak of the refugee crisis there was ...

Western Balkans Enlargement Process is not Frozen but Freezing

At the time around the formation of the new European Commission there was constant talk that enlargement was going to be frozen. The reason being that at the time of his election President Jean-Claude Juncker stated that by the end of the Commission’s term (2019) there would be n ...

The debt crisis in the euro area The Missing Numbers in the Autumn Economic Forecast

The demographic component of growth is not the only novelty in this year’s economic forecast. There was one more quite important element in it, which however, due to lack of figures, remains almost invisible. It is the effect of structural reforms. This tiresome phrase, ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine The Fifth Element in the Autumn Economic Forecast

For years now demographics has been an important topic in the EU, provoked by an ageing population, but also by the migratory flows, internal for the EU until recently and from the outside in currently. The topic, however, remained at the level of national debate and measures. At the Europe ...

The Euro Area Staying Outside the Euro Area Has a Price

During the debt crisis years in the euro area expansion of the currency club was not the fashion, although towards the end of the crisis two Baltic states joined it – Latvia and Lithuania. So far, there is no new expansion visible on the horizon, mainly because there are no taker ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Member States Request Loosening of Budget Discipline Because of Refugees

All member states, practically with no exclusions, have mentioned the refugee problem as a large budget expense. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg, EPP) said so to MEPs this week, stating before that he was surprised by this. In September, ministers of finance of the ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Inaction and Euroscepticism Are Killing the European Project

We could add in scorning our values any time we feel heat. Those are the conclusions of the Tuesday morning debate in the European Parliament, during which the bosses of the European Commission and the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, gave an account of the O ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Either a Strong European Prosecutor's Office, or None

After they froze all work on half of the articles of the draft regulation for creation of an European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) the Ministers of Justice demonstrated they are unable to come to an agreement on the second half of the regulation either. During a co ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU EU Is a Babylon Tower

With great delay, I must admit, I'm making a debut with a podcast upon request by zealos readers. For the first podcast I chose a different angle to look at EU summits in Brussels - language barriers. The podcast is in English. Hope you like it :) class="notIdented">

Schengen The Knight of Rueful Schengen

Whatever they tell you, be sure it is about Schengen, because Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva has embarked on a mission impossible – to raise the question of Bulgaria’s Schengen membership at every European meeting. “Bulgaria not joining Schengen eight years into its EU me ...

euinside in Croatia
Croatia Suggests Dropping the Term "Western Balkans"

Nearly a year after her winning the elections, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović scores her first big foreign affairs success. It happened at the summit of the Brdo-Brijuni Process states in Zagreb on November 25th, which had American Vice-President Joe Biden as a guest of ho ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Instead of Article 5

There are good news and bad news for the European Union after the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13th. Let us start with the good news. For the first time in history the leaders of the 28 member states came out with a common statement after the tragedy, in which almost 130 people ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU A Clash between EP and Eurogroup Chief over Greece

The first discussion of the third bailout programme for Greece was scheduled to commence in the late afternoon of November 10th in the European Parliament’s economic committee with the participation of Eurogroup leader Jeroen Dijsselbloem (the Netherlands, Socialists and Dem ...

Turkey and the EU Congratulations, Dictator!

Election results in Turkey cemented the authoritarian governance of the country and stood the EU at a dilemma, which it has been trying to avoid for years – what to do with Turkey. The Union is facing two possibilities – one is choosing the attitude of European Commission President J ...

Western Balkans Is There an Arms Race Coming to the Balkans?

That is the question that many are asking themselves in Croatia after the surprising messages by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić from Moscow this week. He travelled to the Russian capital only two days after participating in the first of its kind summit of countries along the W ...

The financial regulation and supervision Failure or Success of the EP Committee on Lux Leaks

One year after the breakout of the “Lux Leaks” scandal the term of the special European Parliament committee, created to investigate this and other cases, draws to an end, but there still is no unequivocal answer to the question whether its work has been successful. Accordi ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Refugees Will Teach Balkan States to Talk to Each Other

The next in a series of meetings dedicated to the refugee crisis started with an expectation of failure, but ended in success, if the agreement on the text of a declaration could be qualified as success. In the middle of last week, European Commission President Jean-Claude Ju ...

The Euro Area EP and Commission in a Row over the Future of the Euro Area, Council Is Indifferent

The long awaited concrete legislative proposals of the European Commission for deepening of integration in the euro area following the model, set in the five presidents’ report in June of this year, turned out to be nothing more than intentions for the EU to be buried b ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine EU Is Getting Better at Doing Nothing on the Migrant Crisis

The October summit, fourth in a row dedicated to the migrant-refugee crisis, could as well not have happened at all. The only thing it could have been remembered for is that the Bulgarian Prime Minister left it shortly before its ending because of an accident at the Bulgarian-Turkish border ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Dublin is Dead, Long Live Dublin!

You will probably not be surprised that today starts the fourth in a row summit dedicated to the migrant-refugee problem. It is only just now, however, that someone shouted “The king is naked!”. The subject is accompanied by a lot of tension, discussions, arguments, wall-bu ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#AGS Marianne Thyssen, commissioner for employment in front of the EP economic committee: We need to be ready to integrate incoming refugees
1 December 2015 17:19
Adelina Marini #CSR Pierre #Moscovici: I hope that everyone would agree with #France President Francois #Hollande that security comes first. We have to listen to that message very carefully
1 December 2015 17:48
Adelina Marini
#enlargement In the coming weeks will be opened the first chapters of the accession negotiations with #Serbia, said Michael Davenport, head of the EU delegation in Belgrade, quoted by the Serbian national TV
26 November 2015 14:26
Adelina Marini
#BrdoBrijuni Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic: No one is nowhere talking about the region of South-East Europe but with that region
25 November 2015 17:56
Adelina Marini #Tusk: The situation w/ the #Russian plane and #Turkey underlines the difficult situation in #Syria where there are different actors with different interests. There's 1 way to avoid such incidents - all resources should be focused on defeating #ISIS
25 November 2015 18:23

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