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The financial regulation and supervision
The Tax Avoidance Battle: Nations vs. Multinationals
At least this is the goal – member states safeguarding their social models by preventing trans-border operating multinational companies from avoiding “their fair share” of the tax burden. According to the European Commission, small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU pa ...
Industry and Innovation E-stonian President Proposes a Fifth Freedom in EU -- Movement of Data

Who else, but the president of E-stonia – the EU country with the most advanced e-government – could suggest such a thing? The country, where voting online has been happening for a decade now. Toomas Hendrik Ilves adds that this is not just catering to the whims of the young urban el ...

To Brexit or Not To Brexit Isn't the Price of UK Remaining in EU Too High?

Judging by the proposal for a deal with Great Britain, the fourth basket of demands (social benefits for EU immigrants) turns out to be the easiest, and maybe the fairest, not like many thought the most difficult. Easiest, because the second one, which concerns issues like co ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Problems In Bulgaria Are Systemic, In Romania - Political

If you could summarise the contents of the European Commission reports under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), published January 27th, in two sentences they would sound something like:  - Bulgaria: Something could start to happen - Romania: Something is happening ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Euroscepticism Masked as Patriotism in the Poland Debate or 1:0 for Pro-Europeans

The debate on rule of law in Poland, which took place during the plenary meeting of the EP on January 19th in Strasbourg, did not achieve its goal of bringing more clarity on whether the “Law and Justice” government is following in Viktor Orbán’s footsteps, but did ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Two Months to Europe's Suicide

Up until a year ago it was taboo to even think it was possible that a country should leave the euro area, while in the last week alone so much was said about a possible death of the European Union that there is even an exact date set. The Union has two more months to live. The final countdown wa ...

Western Balkans Koenders: EU Will Either Export Stability, or Import Instability

A time of reckoning has come for the EU. The Union must show that it is not just an organisation for the good times, but can also cope with the bad times, for the alternative is either the EU will export stability, or import instability. This is what Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said, wh ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism European Commission Starts a Battle with Poland with Unknown Ending

The European Commission took on the Poland challenge and announced it is going to investigate whether the reigning champion of Eastern Europe in the transition from totalitarian to democratic system is doing a U-turn. The EU has begun 2016 entering a Polish mode, which will put to the test the y ...

Western Balkans EU Enlargement Entering Geopolitical Mode

The year 2015 opened new pages in one of the oldest EU community policies – enlargement. This process was thrown in the cellar during the euro area crisis, the war in the Ukraine, and all the problems springing up in the Middle East and North Africa right when it was the turn of the m ...

December EU Summit - Another Step To Disintegration? Failure or Success for David Cameron at European Council?

It depends on who you ask – to British Prime Minister David Cameron a lot of progress was made, although the road ahead looks difficult; to the continent this is a mission of political rescue of the British PM, which is far from the member states’ agenda. The conclusion from the Dece ...

December EU Summit - Another Step To Disintegration? Boyko Borissov: Enough With Referendums! We Want Help With Judiciary Reform

The referendum in Denmark is very worrying, said Bulgaria Prime Minister Boyko Borissov before the start of the summit in Brussels when asked by euinside which British demands is he ready to back. He shared that during the summit of the EPP, which traditionally is held before the Europ ...

euinside in Croatia
Croatia's Political Bubble Most Burst

A rare political event took place in Croatia on Monday – the three “winners” of the parliamentary  elections of November 8th sat down at the same table – the two largest pre-election coalitions “Croatia is Growing” and the Patriotic coalition, a ...

The Banking Union Banking Resolution Is Now Available in Uncertain Legal Environment

The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) is not yet fully transposed and the different legislation in member states pose a risk to the work of the second pillar of the banking union, which is in full operation since January 1st. Those are some of the problems, laid out by Single Re ...

Western Balkans Serbia's EU Path Is a Geostrategic Choice

The start of membership negotiations with Serbia is being welcomed by the MEPs, who are monitoring developments in this extremely important to the enlargement towards the Western Balkans country. At the same time, the large challenges to Serbia itself, as well as for the Euro ...

Western Balkans Europe against Russia in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The parties in power in Bosnia and Herzegovina are fully unanimous on the country’s European perspective and are totally serious in their will to file an application for membership in the European Union. This is what European Parliament’s rapporteur on Bosnia and Herzegovina Cristi ...

To Brexit or Not To Brexit A Possible Decision on BRExit at February EU Summit

The next European Council can bring important decisions on the British question. So said Jonathan Faull, Director-General of the Commission's task force related to the UK referendum and its membership in the EU. He appeared for a hearing in the European Parliament’s Constitutional Aff ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU No New Visions Over Next 6 Months, Just Abiding by the Rules

Ever since the Treaty of Lisbon the change of the rotating presidencies of the Council of the European Union poses no great interest, except when something different is happening, for several important positions were created which took over leading functions from the presidencies, thus ensu ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Poland Is the First to Test the Weakness of the New Rule of Law Mechanism

After the convincing victory in the parliamentary elections in October 2015, the government of the Polish Law and Justice party started down the same path that Hungary was on under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose party Fidesz had won a huge victory that secured consti ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU 2015 - The Year of New Flaws in EU Architecture

If in 2009 the global economic and financial crisis exposed gaps in the construction of the euro area, in 2015 the refugee crisis and terrorism exposed the lack of union in areas like security, external border policing, and once more, as with the euro area crisis, the lack of soli ...

December EU Summit - Another Step To Disintegration? Member States Are Close to an Agreement on 3 Billion Euro For Turkey

Member state leaders have given the task to the permanent representatives to negotiate as quickly as possible on the mobilisation of the money for the Turkish fund, agreed on at the special summit between Turkey and the EU on November 29th, when the EU promised to pay three billion eur ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Juncker: The Euro Area Crisis Is not Over Yet

The subject of the euro area's future is back on the agenda of the leaders of the 28 EU member states. This time, however, more specific decisions are expected. The five presidents’ report will be thoroughly discussed on the second day of the December European Council &ndash ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#Brexit The long-awaited invitation to UK PM David Cameron to address the European Parliament has finally been accepted. Cameron will address the EP on 16 February on the eve of the crucial EU summit on 18-19 February dedicated on the British question. The British PM will address only the leaders of political groups to present his views about the proposed deal and the chances of UK to stay in the EU
5 February 2016 11:21
Adelina Marini
#Brexit With the draft deal with the #UK, published by #EUCO President Donald #Tusk a while ago, a commitment is made the UK demands to be incorporated in the EU treaties at the next revision of the Treaties. You can read the entire package of answers to David Cameron's demands here euinsi.de/xBwX
2 February 2016 12:54
Adelina Marini #Brexit David #Cameron's demand the phrase "to ever closer union" to be removed from the EU Treaty is rejected in the draft deal. However, it is proposed to explicitly state in the Treaty (whenever changes are made) that the UK is not committed to further political integration in the EU
2 February 2016 15:27
Adelina Marini
#Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves proposed a fifth freedom to be introduced in EU - free movement of data #E-stonia
2 February 2016 12:25
Adelina Marini Hendrik #Ilves: We are at the very beginning of the digital revolution
2 February 2016 12:30

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