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The June Summit of Ins and Outs
Exhausted and Weary EU Is Looking for the Smallest Common Denominator of its Unity
You know that moment of tiredness when you wish so bad for it all to be over, even something you have put hard work into for years. That moment came on Thursday night in the EU when the leaders of the 28 member countries negotiated, or rather, as sources claim, quarrelled fearsomely and not over ...
The June Summit of Ins and Outs Greece Needs More than a Deal

A mighty consensus is brewing in Brussels that even if a last-minute deal is struck with Greece it is not going to solve neither its problems, nor the Eurozone problems with Greek origin. While numerous Eurogroup meetings and the leaders’ summits continue, the feeling that more than a deal ...

The June Summit of Ins and Outs Northern Eurozone Members Need to be Honest on Greece

The latest crisis with Greece will end as always – the next expensive loan will be lent until the next crunch, thinks Syed Kamall, leader of the third largest group in the European Parliament – the European Conservatives and Reformists. In an interview for euinside he stated that the ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece – a Never Ending Story

The biggest piece of news that came from the emergency summit of the Eurozone countries is that Greece has finally managed to submit something like a proposal, something that was expected of them for four months, ever since the decision to extend the current bailout program by four months &ndash ...

The debt crisis in the euro area How Long to the Grexit?

The tired faces of the ministers representing the institutions before the Eurogroup meeting on Thursday turned into grim expressions after the session, which was longer than anticipated, considering the outcome. And if their faces, after uttering several worrisome lines, were not enough, the fac ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece’s Final Countdown Has Started

Everybody has their eyes on the clock that dispassionately ticks away the time left for Greece to make a decision whether to stay in the EU or not. This is the prevailing attitude before the start of a fateful meeting of the Eurogroup (Finance ministers of the Eurozone) in Luxembourg today, who ...

The debt crisis in the euro area The Game of Greek Roulette Spins to an End

At first glance this game looked a lot like Russian roulette, but it turned out a bit different. At its core the game is trying to fool the adversary whether the shot is real or has it reached its target. Over the last few weeks the game got rough with both sides – Greece and its creditors ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Crisis with Greece Is Political

Every year I drive thousands of miles across Europe and clash with various driving cultures and organisation of traffic. I dare say that, so far, the best system of traffic is in Germany where the combination of behaviour, rules and infrastructure makes driving predictable, fast and, ultima ...

Investment Plan vs. Common Budget? There Is an Agreement on the Investment Fund but Unresolved Issues Remain

After marathon negotiations that lasted a whole night, early in the morning of Thursday a political agreement was reached between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council on the establishment of a European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) which is the backbone of the Juncker' ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? Britain Might Exit the EU by Mistake

Bulgarians and Romanians dropped out relatively early in the election campaign in Britain for two very interesting reasons but, still, the future relations of the United Kingdom with the Union hide risks for the Bulgarian immigrants there, told me Ivailo Yaydzhiev, PhD student  in internati ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Democracy's Red Lines

Exactly 10 days after the commemorations of the 70-th anniversary from the victory over Nazism and fascism in the European Parliament there was a debate which showed that nothing was defeated on 9 May 1945 but was just exhausted. During a two-hour long discussion, attended by Hungary Prime Minis ...

euinside in Croatia
Croatia Can Do More But Not This Year

This conclusion emerged during the several hour-long visit of European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis in Zagreb among the crowds of foreign tourists and the occupation of protesting war veterans (from Croatia's independence war from Yugoslavia). Croatia is one of the stops in the t ...

The June Summit of Ins and Outs To Brexit or Not To Brexit

It looks like a heavy program for the EU summit starting today in Brussels. There is almost no topic on the agenda that does not test the stability of the Union – whether at its core (the Eurozone) or its entirety. Somewhere in between the quarrel over mandatory immigrant quotas and the ex ...

The June Summit of Ins and Outs The Major Eurozone Reform To Start after the UK Referendum

The new report of the five presidents – the bosses of the Eurogroup, ECB, Euro Summit, European Commission, and European Parliament – reheats some leftover dishes but has some new ideas too. The most important changes that would require opening up of the founding treaties are suggest ...

latest analyses Will There Be a Useful Vote in France’s 2017 Presidential Election?

The year is 2002. Polls are showing (not for the first time by the way) Jacques Chirac’s chances for winning the presidential election as slim. Taking into consideration the suggestion of his closest advisor (and daughter), Claude Chirac, the President starts his campaign earlier than usua ...

The June Summit of Ins and Outs The Fifth President

Just one week is left until the EU leaders’ summit this June when the second report of the four presidents is expected, although with much less anticipation. We are talking about the leaders of the Commission, ECB, European Council and the Eurogroup, who have been tasked by the leader ...

Western Balkans European Semester for the Balkans – a New Instrument for Old Problems

This is the first year in which the European Commission issues country-specific recommendations to the countries in the European enlargement process after they were included in the European Semester for closer economic policy coordination.  The decision to include countries from the enlarge ...

EU-Russia Bulgaria Finally Understood that Dependence on Russia Is Bad

Sofia seems to have finally understood that its dependence on Russia is not a viable development model and that Russia's aggression in Ukraine is a direct threat to the country's security. This is the conclusion in the article of Polish freelance journalist and analyst Dariusz Kalan, published o ...

The June Summit of Ins and Outs There Will Be No Overhaul of the Euro Area. Just Refreshment

A large part of the June EU summit will be dedicated on possible repairs of the euro area with the presentation of the second report of the four presidents - the chiefs of the Commission, Eurogroup, European Council and ECB. Because of Britain, however, no decisions are expected that envisage in ...

Investment Plan vs. Common Budget? EIB Believes the European Parliament Does Not Understand EFSI

Despite the good will of all sides the trilateral negotiations on Juncker's investment plan are stuck on key points. So far, there have been four rounds of the negotiations between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council but outcome is limited. European Investment Bank (EIB) Pres ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Dariusz Rosati: EU Has To Change Its Social Model

EU share in global population is 7%. The Union produces 20% of the global gross domestic product but spends 50% of global social spending. 10-50 or even 20 years ago Europe was not threatened by competition from the outside world but now the European social model needs to be rebuilt, said i ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#Greece Jean-Claude #Juncker: Europe can work only if we deal with our differences through dialogue on the basis of respect
29 June 2015 12:51
Adelina Marini #Greece The conference of presidents of the European Parliament also called on the Greek citizens to vote yes on Sunday because the crisis affects all members of the euro area
29 June 2015 15:58
Adelina Marini
#euco On the second day of the EU summit in Brussels NATO SecGen will join the leaders. A major topic of the talks will be security. According to Mr Stoltenberg the security environment of the EU and NATO has changed and the two organisations need to adapt by strengthening their collective defense
26 June 2015 11:35
Adelina Marini #euco #Tusk: It's easy to lose everything on the basis of bad emotions. The foundation must be respect
26 June 2015 15:27
Adelina Marini
#euco #Greece Boyko #Borissov, PM of #Bulgaria: We have been wasting hours and money for one and the same thing for years. We all have problems but no time is left for us because the agenda goes into the night on Greece. I'm firmly against any extensions and compromises. I regret that so much time will be spent today as well in the same direction
25 June 2015 15:45
Adelina Marini #euco #Schulz: I'm not super optimistic that all elements of the five presidents' report will be taken on board by the leaders
25 June 2015 18:59

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