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You Move Europe
How Much Europe Gives Us and How Much Does It Cost Us?
To be able to answer correctly this question it is important before that to ask ourselves another one - what did we expect from the EU and did we get it? In the entire process of accession, from the moment when the decision to apply for EU membership was taken, through the negotiations, up to th ...
#EP2014: For More or Less Europe A Clash between National and European in the European Elections

For the first time in the EU, you will hear, we have a broad choice. We can vote for a specific candidate for the post of the European Commission president, not only for members of the European Parliament. The candidates of the biggest political families in Europe were selected in the American s ...

You Move Europe Very Hard Landing for the European Integration

Where is the EU after the euro area crisis? Where is it going to? What have the dreams of the Bulgarians turned into? The EU as an economy or as politics? Bulgaria more than ever needs to make a choice. This is the shortest summary of the second debate (the first took place on March 25th) from t ...

You Move Europe We Need a New Convent for EU

"What does the EU give us?", "We and they", "So what?", "Who are we sending in the European Parliament and why?". Those were some of the questions discussed during the first debate in the framework of the MoveBG's European agenda, which euinside is a strategic partner of (the entire debate can b ...

You Move Europe The Debate about a EU Reform Finally in Bulgaria

In the United Kingdom, but since recently in Germany, the Nordic countries and some other parts of the European Union as well, an intensive debate is ongoing about whether the Union needs reforms and what should they be. The debate was inspired by the British Prime Minister David Cameron's famou ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism The Path toward Article 7 of EU Treaty Is Now Clear

In the past years, in Bulgaria, I have noticed that the phrase "rule of law" is completely incomprehensible and therefore it is empty of content. For most people this is some kind of a western fiction which sounds as non-understandable as trade with derivatives. The result is not surprising bear ...

EU-Russia Is It Time for the Napkin?

May be it is still early to talk about a repetition of the historic episode with the napkin on which, presumably, the trio Churchill-Stalin-Roosevelt drew, after the end of World War II, where the Iron Curtain would pass through. In other words, they sketched their areas of influence. Back then, ...

Western Balkans Alexander Vucic Sees Serbia's Future with EU and Russia

Serbia has chosen on Sunday old content in a new pack. The former Serbian radicals are already redressed democrats and European integrationists with an absolute majority in Parliament and practically with no opposition. The conservative Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), led by Alexander Vucic, ha ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Indebtedness Is the Biggest Hurdle to Growth

The European economy is facing a not very inspiring growth, according to the European Commission's winter forecast. And although the situation is not as cloudy as it was in the autumn or the winter of 2013, the perspectives continue to be uncertain. A week after the publishing of the winter fore ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Merkel Is Mutti Not Only To Germans But To All Europeans

2 weeks ahead of the long awaited visit by Angela Merkel in London, I myself had to go to the British capital. I have to admit that my heart was bleeding because I have the stamp on my ID documents saying "Bulgarian" and I was worried how exactly will I pass the border control after the hysteria ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU A Possible Reform of the EU Has Risks for Bulgaria

In the EU's older part, one of the main points on the public agenda is the future of the Union. Where to from now on? With whom? How? Treaty changes are being discussed and even leaving the Union. However, this is not a leading topic in the Community's newest part, as in some countries it is not ...

euinside in Croatia
Is EU Ready To Change Approach toward Bosnia and Herzegovina?

In the beginning of February, Bosnia and Herzegovina reminded of itself again and seriously worried, especially its neighbours which, with terror, recalled the bloody wars that accompanied the break-up of former Yugoslavia in the beginning of the 1990s. The mass protests that erupted across the ...

Energy geopolitics From Common Energy Market Toward Energy Union

The eurozone crisis erupted in the beginning of 2009 when it slightly started to become clear that in its foundation were instable architecture, various standards, political and financial cultures. When one after another governments started to default, while there was hysteria on the internation ...

The Banking Union Finally a Compromise about the Banking Union's 2nd Pillar which Finds EU Treaties Completely Exhausted

The good news with which the spring began in the European Union is that, finally, an agreement has been reached on the second pillar of the banking union - the single resolution mechanism (SRM) for failing banks - which is to undergo final approval by the European Parliament at its las ...

Transatlantic relations EU Is Not London, Prague or Lisbon but Brussels

President Obama came to Europe in a tough geopolitical moment for the continent to convey several very strong messages. One is to confirm that the US stands behind Europe. The second is that this now has a price. And the third is that the new geopolitical situation in Europe's neighbourhood is m ...

Montenegro Starts EU Accession Negotiations Igor Luksic: Security of Journalists in Montenegro Is a Priority

Montenegro is one of the countries where the media environment is quite worrying. This is clear from the European Commission's report on the tiny Balkan country's progress in the accession negotiations with the EU. The report pays special attention on media. Montenegro is one of the countries wh ...

EU-Russia EU in the New World Order after Crimea

There is no doubt that after the referendum in Crimea and its annexation by Russia we are awaiting the dawn of a new world order. An order where not all countries abide to international treaties, laws and order, where there is a new wave of authoritarianism in strategic countries. Is the Europea ...

The Banking Union Wolfgang Schäuble: European Parliament's Peremptory Tone Is Unacceptable

"The Clock is ticking", wrote on March 10th Corien Wortmann-Kool, a member of the European Parliament from the EPP (The Netherlands) on Twitter on the occasion of the then upcoming new round of negotiations in the trilogue among the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council on the seco ...

EU-Russia EU Wants To Give Chance To Dialogue with Russia

Something like an ultimatum, something like a deal, something like determination. This is how we can roughly sum up the agreement the leaders of the EU member states reached on March 6th to solve the Ukrainian crisis. Now that the first reactions from the joint statement of the member states, an ...

EU-Russia A Union With Dissociative Identity Disorder

The developments in Ukraine have again demonstrated the poor state the European Union finds itself institutionally. The way the Union mediated in the negotiations between the opposition and the rulers in Ukraine a week ago again revealed the double identity of the EU, especially in terms of its ...

Western Balkans A Clockwork Bosnia

I can hardly think of something more complex than Dayton Bosnia, although serious competition represents the EU single resolution mechanism for failing banks in the euro area which is being currently drawn. The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is governed on several levels, but in fact is not gov ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#SRM #Bankingunion By 588 votes in support and 88 votes against the European Parliament has approved the deal on the establishment of a single resolution mechanism for failing banks, also known as the second pillar of the banking union. More details you can find here euinsi.de/VNLw
15 April 2014 13:31
Adelina Marini #SRM VP @VivianeRedingEU said on the occasion of the European Parliament vote that the EU is federalising banking resolution
15 April 2014 13:37
Adelina Marini
#Ukraine #BiH The letter Vladimir #Putin sent to several European countries warning them of potential natural gas delivery disruptions means that practically Mr Putin is dictating the EU agenda, said Croatia's first Deputy PM and FM Vesna Pusic. There was a real danger issues like Bosnia and Herzegovina to drop off the agenda because of the really important and to some extent threatening the EU issues, she added. Today, the EU foreign ministers are expected to adopt conclusions on the Croatian initiative to restart the European integration of BiH euinsi.de/5QsN
14 April 2014 15:00
Adelina Marini The #Croatian plan to provide a special candidate status to #Bosnia and Herzegovina has not been approved in its essence by the Foreign Affairs Council. The EU continues to insist on the well known pre-conditions to be implemented first and only then the European integration to continue. Quite a short-sighted stance. The conclusions on BiH can be found here euinsi.de/zsLm
14 April 2014 20:11
Adelina Marini
#Serbia will start negotiations on the key chapters 23 and 24 only after a detailed action plan is agreed, reported the Serbian national TV RTS. In June, it is possible Belgrade to open chapter 32 Financial Control and chapter 35 which covers the dialogue with Pristina. The Serbian negotiating team hopes that the action plan will be ready in December, but Peter Stano, the European Commission spokesperson said this could be a little too optimistic. In May, the European Commission will prepare a long list of recommendations on chapters 23 and 24 which will serve as a foundation for the action plan euinsi.de/2eDd
14 April 2014 11:52

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