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Western Balkans
EU Is Unfreezing the SAA with Bosnia and Herzegovina
EU foreign and European affairs ministers will formally unfreeze tomorrow (21 April) the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with Bosnia and Herzegovina in implementation of their part of the deal to change the approach for the country's European integration. This is what Croatia' ...
The debt crisis in the euro area A Threat of Sanctions Hangs over France and Croatia

The European Commission will decide in May whether to punish France and Croatia. The decision will depend on whether the national reforms programmes the two countries will present will be sufficient to overcome their excessive imbalances. This will happen after the presentation of the spring eco ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism CVM Should Stay. Did you hear that, Mr Juncker?

Eight years after entering into force the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), created specifically for Bulgaria and Romania to allow them to join the EU without having completed the reforms of the judiciary demanded of them and without them having made the fight against corruption and ...

The Spring European Council - a Beginning for the Energy Union? David Cameron's Mission Impossible

The spring European Council was the last for David Cameron before the 7 May general election in Britain. Probably, many in Brussels will breathe a sigh of relief if he lost the election, as he himself suggested in front of journalists in the end of the second day of the summit but, in fact, alth ...

The Spring European Council - a Beginning for the Energy Union? Putin's Pendulum

At the spring European Council, just like with other EU summits, the leaders lacked courage to send a strong and clear signal to Russia that its behaviour is not tolerated. For that summit European Council President Donald Tusk had the ambition to propose binding the duration of the already intr ...

The Spring European Council - a Beginning for the Energy Union? EU's Fifth Pillar is Thin and Unsteady

Since the presentation of the project for creation of an energy union so far it has been referred to with grandeur. The two most frequently used phrases are that this is the most ambitious project of the EU since the establishment of the coal and steel community and that the free flow of energy ...

The Spring European Council - a Beginning for the Energy Union? Energy Integration - Now or Never

In the spirit of the forceful personality split of the most energy dependent EU member states which, like Bulgaria, state their strong love for the Russian culture but in the same time their as strong hatred for its authoritarian rule, in Brussels the atmosphere is identical. On 19-23 March ther ...

The debt crisis in the euro area The Structural Reforms Bark but the Deficit Moves On

There is no doubt that the eurozone crisis is now in the past since the Commission and the Council have approved, without objections, the violations of fiscal rules to begin again. This happened in the end of February when the European Commission confirmed what we expected in the autumn, which i ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Eurogroup: Greece Is Wasting Time

When the Eurogroup chief and minister of finance of the Netherlands, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, said last month that the implementation of the 20 February agreement with Greece would not be easy he was extremely right. Difficult because Greece focuses mainly on the packing (for its electorate), wherea ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism EP Pushes for Strong Rule of Law Mechanism, Council and Commission Are Against

After, in December, the member states threw a cold shower on the ambitions for a common European rule of law mechanism, the European Parliament demonstrated an amazing unity during the first debate on the issue on 11 February. In the mean time, the Liberal group in the European Parliament (ALDE) ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Reforms and the Single Market Are the Future of the Euro Area

The issue because of which the informal European Council on 12 February was convened was left with no attention at all at the summit, the agenda of which was completely overtaken by the situation in Ukraine and the renewed conflict with Greece. The journalists did not pay attention to the third ...

euinside in Croatia
Dayton Has To Be Renegotiated

It is rare the information offices of the European Parliament to organise events that contribute to finding a solution of problems, especially regional ones. One of these rare occasions was the conference [Croatian + English language] "Croatia - a bridge between the EU and South Eastern Eur ...

Western Balkans Western Balkans Are Beginning To Put New Conditions to EU

As a result of the reforms fatigue, the duration of the process, the weakening focus of the EU and the geopolitical shifts, the Western Balkans are starting to dictate the conditions. This has become crystal clear again on the occasion of the new tension that emerged between Serbia and Albania b ...

The Spring European Council - a Beginning for the Energy Union? European Semester Is Slowly Dying

The largest and boldest reform of the EU after the Lisbon treaty - the Union's economic governance - is headed toward a complete failure. Of this speak the in-depth economic reviews of the European Commission presented earlier this year - on 25 February. These reports show something that has bee ...

The Spring European Council - a Beginning for the Energy Union? Greece Crisis Endangers Euro Area's Political Integrity

During the crisis, which broke in 2009 and whose beginning was marked by Greece, a major issue was to keep the integrity of the EU and the equality between the euro area member states and those outside the currency block. A huge merit for this had the then prime minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, ...

The Spring European Council - a Beginning for the Energy Union? Sanctions against Russia To Remain Until Full Implementation of Minsk Agreements

European Council chief Donald Tusk is preparing a new proposal for today's EU summit which envisages the sanctions against Russia to remain in force until the full implementation of the Minsk peace agreements, said a senior EU source. The former prime minister of Poland has been holding consulta ...

Western Balkans EU Is One Step Behind Developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina

After long years of a standstill, at first sight, it seems that the process of European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina is starting to come off from the deadlock. This became possible after Croatia launched an initiative last year for a stronger commitment by the EU for the European integr ...

Western Balkans Serbia - between Geopolitics and the European System of Values

Had the EU-Russia relations not deteriorated because of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea and the proxy war Russia is leading in eastern Ukraine, hardly the relations of any EU member state or a candidate for EU membership would have been raised as an issue. The situation now, how ...

Energy geopolitics Something Like an Energy Union but Rather Just Another Strategy

In the past years, in the EU, there is a new trend to talk about unions. Everything started with the banking union because this has been the greatest step toward deepening the European integration since the introduction of the single currency. It is completely justified to call it a banking unio ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Winners and Losers in the Greek Crisis

There is something wrong in the way problems are discussed in EU, especially such as the Greek crisis 2.0. The antagonising of winners and losers or of my democracy against yours is a brilliant illustration of one of the biggest problems EU is facing - the sustainability of the Union. It is true ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece and Eurogroup - a Clash of Democracies

The patience of the Eurogroup is over and the ministers have put an ultimatum to Greece - an extension of the current programme or you are on your own. This has become clear from the unprecedentedly short meeting of the eurozone finance ministers on 16 February in Brussels. A meeting that was co ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#Lampedusa #FAC The EU member states need to share responsibility for the migrants in a much fairer way than it is now, said #Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Walstroem before the meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg during which the issue of migrants has been put extraordinarily on the agenda because of yesterday's tragedy in the Mediterranean which saw more than 700 dead in an attempt to cross to Italy
20 April 2015 09:27
Adelina Marini #migrants The 10 points plan of the EU euinsi.de/WLUS
20 April 2015 18:33
Adelina Marini
#CVM In a while, in the committee on budget control of the European Parliament will begin a hearing of #Bulgarian and Romanian governmental and non-governmental representatives on the implementation of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism in the area of justice and home affairs. First, Romania will be heard and then Bulgaria. You can watch the 3-hour event live here or stay tuned for live updates on this website euinsi.de/Ex2r
14 April 2015 14:43
Adelina Marini #CVM #Macovei: We need concrete results, concrete cases and concrete rulings. Yes, there must be enforced sentences. This is a proof that our efforts were not only political. This will also mean that the illegally acquired assets will be returned
14 April 2015 18:34
Adelina Marini
European Commission Vice President @VDombrovskis and Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre #Moscovici will be heard by the economic committee of the European Parliament on the developments with the European Semester
14 April 2015 10:51
Adelina Marini @evapaunova (Bulgaria,EPP): What will the Commission do to enhance the dialogue on #EuropeanSemester with national parliaments?
14 April 2015 12:34

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