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The debt crisis in the euro area
Winners and Losers in the Greek Crisis
There is something wrong in the way problems are discussed in EU, especially such as the Greek crisis 2.0. The antagonising of winners and losers or of my democracy against yours is a brilliant illustration of one of the biggest problems EU is facing - the sustainability of the Union. It is true ...
The debt crisis in the euro area Reforms and the Single Market Are the Future of the Euro Area

The issue because of which the informal European Council on 12 February was convened was left with no attention at all at the summit, the agenda of which was completely overtaken by the situation in Ukraine and the renewed conflict with Greece. The journalists did not pay attention to the third ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Greece and Eurogroup - a Clash of Democracies

The patience of the Eurogroup is over and the ministers have put an ultimatum to Greece - an extension of the current programme or you are on your own. This has become clear from the unprecedentedly short meeting of the eurozone finance ministers on 16 February in Brussels. A meeting that was co ...

February European Council 2015 - a Wholemilk Summit Boyko Borissov: If Minsk 2 Fails Next Thing Is War

The second Minsk peace agreement is so fragile, so hard to reach and will enter into force not today but on Sunday. "As a matter of fact, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will be fighting. This means, the war is going on in full steam. We are all modest optimists because, indeed, ...

February European Council 2015 - a Wholemilk Summit EU Will Be Cautious With a New Minsk Agreement

If there is a peace agreement in Minsk today then the discussion on Ukraine and Russia later in the day between the leaders of the 28 EU member states will be an easy one. But if the peace talks fail, it is possible this to prolong the summit significantly, said a well placed EU source. The dete ...

Western Balkans A Solomon Decision by the ICJ on Croatia and Serbia Genocide Claims

The UN International Court of Justice in the Hague has closed a 15-year old page of the post-Yugoslav history with a Solomon-type of a decision. According to the legend, two women asked King Solomon to resolve their dispute over who is the real mother of the baby. The king suggested that th ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Don't Panic! It's Just Democracy! Sobering Is Next

Is the end of the Greek pains near? Can the new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras fulfil his promises to put an end to the austerity and write off part of the debt? Will the EU fall apart? Is it so scary that a populist extreme left party like Syriza has won an election with almost full majori ...

The debt crisis in the euro area No More Austerity. It's Time for Investments

Does the EU need changes and what should they be? New legislation or a change of the behaviour when applying the already agreed? Those are questions that have again been raised in the Union because of the uneven economic recovery and the not good economic perspectives the EU is facing both ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Juncker's Plan - Last Chance to Revive Europe

"In the euro area, growth in the third quarter of 2014 was modestly weaker than expected, largely on account of weak investment, and inflation and inflation expectations continued to decline", is written in the updated world economic outlook of the IMF, published on 20 January. This sentenc ...

Western Balkans Serbia and EU at War over Freedom of Speech

While Europe was uniting and rising against the aggression on the freedom of speech with the attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, when 12 people were killed, a verbal conflict broke up between Serbia and the EU .... over the freedom of speech. The reason is an article  ...

Western Balkans Putin and Kosovo Stand on the Way of Serbia's EU Integration

In the beginning of 2014, it seemed as though Serbia's European path was sunny and irreversible. This was before Putin annexed the Crimea, invaded Eastern Ukraine and stated that the Balkans are a Russian sphere of influence. In December 2014, Serbia's European path has become cloudy, bumpy and ...

euinside in Croatia
Moscow Warned Zagreb for Croatian Fighters on Ukrainian Side - UPDATED

Hours after the second peace deal between Ukraine and Russia (Minsk 2) was struck Russia hinted that it, too, might not have a chance because Russia will take advantage of the fact that citizens of EU member states are fighting on the Ukrainian side to claim that the Kremlin has nothing to do wi ...

The debt crisis in the euro area EU Is Back in the Greece Mode

There is no doubt that the EU is again in a Greek mode. The issue of the future of Greece has again overtaken the agenda of the EU summits and of the Eurogroup meetings and has returned the feeling of frustration that was forgotten for a while. The big difference from the last time, however, is ...

The debt crisis in the euro area The EU Economic Governance - a Game for Grown-ups

In December, when the new European Council President Donald Tusk decided to call an informal summit in February to discuss the future of the euro area, the elections in Greece were not on the horizon, the attack on Charlie Hebdo had not happened yet and the situation in Ukraine had not dete ...

EU-Russia The European Unity against Russia Has Its Limits

What could be heard very often last week after the extraordinary foreign affairs council of the EU was "unity". However, under the surface it becomes clear that this unity has limits. At the extraordinary meeting of the EU foreign ministers, called on the occasion of the deteriorating situation ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Bulgaria Did not Keep Its Pre-Accession Promise

On the eight anniversary of the accession to the EU we can safely say that Bulgaria lied. It did not keep its promise to complete the reforms in the judiciary in exchange for its accession in the EU on 1 January 2007 unprepared. Bulgaria lied to the other member states that its problems wer ...

December European Council - First for Donald Tusk What To Do with the Extreme Wrongs?

One of the greatest challenges for the EU in the coming years will not be the economy, although it is involved. Not even the geopolitical problems. The biggest challenge are the eurosceptic parties as a very general name. This was only hinted about during the European elections in May last ...

EU-Russia EU-Russia - Format C:

Completely in the spirit of the strategically defining remark by the new president of the European Council Donald Tusk that Russia has turned from a strategic partner into a strategic problem, the EU is growing confidently aware of the realities and is moving toward undertaking concrete measures ...

December European Council - First for Donald Tusk Old Secret Police Still Active in Post-Communist Countries

The transition from totalitarianism/communism to democracy and market economy is not a straight line; the most unreformed countries are also the poorest; the old secret services are still a factor in the political life of many of the former communist countries; reforms are reversible. These are ...

latest comments 9/11 for the Freedom of Expression

7 January 2015. The day when the freedom of expression sustained its first large-scale and bloody blow. A little before noon, Europe was hit in the heart, in its most dear - the freedom of expression and freedom in general. Moreover in France, the homeland of Liberté, Égalité ...

The Banking Union Bulgaria Cannot Participate in the 1st Pillar of the Banking Union Without Being Part of the Second

On 1 January 2015 has started functioning, although not at full steam, the second pillar of the banking union - the single resolution mechanism for failing banks. In November 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) has assumed its new supervisory functions and as of the beginning of this year the ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
The European Commission is about to present the much awaited #energyunion. The proposal will be presented by Vice President Maros Sefcovic, who is responsible for the energy union, and energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete. You can watch the presentation live in all EU languages here or stay tuned for live updates euinsi.de/nMeF
25 February 2015 11:56
Adelina Marini #energyunion #Sefcovic: The most vulnerable countries, like #Bulgaria, will have to build interconnectors to ensure supplies from three different sources
25 February 2015 13:02
Adelina Marini
Before the appearance of @J_Dijsselbloem in the economic committee of the EP, the MEPs will hear Jonathan Hill, the financial services commissioner, on the capital markets green paper
24 February 2015 09:10
Adelina Marini The #Eurogroup has approved the reforms list of #Greece, confirmed on Twitter #Slovakia FinMin Peter Kazimir. "Greeks have lots of heavy-lifting to do until end-April. We all want to see numbers now", he added
24 February 2015 15:02
Adelina Marini
The European Commission has confirmed that the #Greece reforms list has arrived in Brussels in time. According to sources, the initial assessment of the Commission is that the list is "sufficiently comprehensive". In an hour, the Eurogroup chief will appear in the economic committee of the European Parliament where the main focus on Greece. He is also expected to make a preliminary assessment of the reforms list
24 February 2015 08:49
Adelina Marini The hearing of Jeroen #Dijsselbloem finished with applause by the MEPs
24 February 2015 11:35

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