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Investment Plan vs. Common Budget?
There Is an Agreement on the Investment Fund but Unresolved Issues Remain
After marathon negotiations that lasted a whole night, early in the morning of Thursday a political agreement was reached between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council on the establishment of a European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) which is the backbone of the Juncker' ...
The debt crisis in the euro area There Will Be No Overhaul of the Euro Area. Just Refreshment

A large part of the June EU summit will be dedicated on possible repairs of the euro area with the presentation of the second report of the four presidents - the chiefs of the Commission, Eurogroup, European Council and ECB. Because of Britain, however, no decisions are expected that envisage in ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? Britain Might Exit the EU by Mistake

Bulgarians and Romanians dropped out relatively early in the election campaign in Britain for two very interesting reasons but, still, the future relations of the United Kingdom with the Union hide risks for the Bulgarian immigrants there, told me Ivailo Yaydzhiev, PhD student  in internati ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Democracy's Red Lines

Exactly 10 days after the commemorations of the 70-th anniversary from the victory over Nazism and fascism in the European Parliament there was a debate which showed that nothing was defeated on 9 May 1945 but was just exhausted. During a two-hour long discussion, attended by Hungary Prime Minis ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Commission Treads Thin Ice with the European Semester

The big news from the presentation of one of the most important stages of the European semester - the country-specific recommendations (CSR) - is that France, Croatia, Finland and Britain will not be punished. Moreover, Poland exits the excessive deficit procedure earlier than planned. Another b ...

Western Balkans Enlargement Policy Has Failed in Macedonia

The developments in Macedonia are a natural consequence of the complete failure of the EU enlargement policy in the former Yugoslav republic. Because of the Greek veto, the EU has practically lost its only leverage for exerting influence over the reforms process in the country, namely the carrot ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Monica Macovei: If You Cannot Do Reforms Resign

Fight against corruption in Romania has started because the specialised anti-corruption office has been created and because people who work there have become independent within themselves. Independence is ensured in law both in Romania and Bulgaria but one should feel and behave as an independen ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? Britain Is Clashing with Itself in Scotland

April 2nd will remain in the British history as an important date. This is the date that marks the realignment of British politics. On this date took place the first debate between the leaders of seven political parties fighting for the vote of the British voter in the parliamentary election on ...

Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Ingeborg Graessle: It's Dramatic if Reports Are not Read in Bulgaria. EU Does Read Them

On April 14th the first in-depth hearing took place of how Bulgaria and Romania are dealing with the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) created to ensure their EU accession on 1 January 2007 unprepared. The hearing, as euinside wrote, took place in the budget control committee of the E ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? Andrej Plenkovic: After Lisbon There Is a Pause in Reforming EU

After the Lisbon Treaty came into force on 1 December 2009 there is a sort of a pause of the reform of the EU institutional structure. There are many informal debates in what direction the EU should continue in the future but there are no firm intentions to open the treaties for changes. Every c ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine EU Decided To Work Along the Line of Least Resistance

Despite the huge expectations and the demanding situation, the leaders of the EU member states failed to agree on the most serious issues but only on those that are the easiest to do. They decided the budget for the European border agency FRONTEX to be tripled to fully finance the missions Trito ...

euinside in Croatia
Dayton Has To Be Renegotiated

It is rare the information offices of the European Parliament to organise events that contribute to finding a solution of problems, especially regional ones. One of these rare occasions was the conference [Croatian + English language] "Croatia - a bridge between the EU and South Eastern Eur ...

Investment Plan vs. Common Budget? EIB Believes the European Parliament Does Not Understand EFSI

Despite the good will of all sides the trilateral negotiations on Juncker's investment plan are stuck on key points. So far, there have been four rounds of the negotiations between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council but outcome is limited. European Investment Bank (EIB) Pres ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Dariusz Rosati: EU Has To Change Its Social Model

EU share in global population is 7%. The Union produces 20% of the global gross domestic product but spends 50% of global social spending. 10-50 or even 20 years ago Europe was not threatened by competition from the outside world but now the European social model needs to be rebuilt, said i ...

latest news Bulgaria Is Getting Older, It Is not Reforming and Is Getting Poorer

One conclusion that surfaces every time from the European Commission country-specific recommendations under the European semester is that Bulgaria is getting older, poorer and is incapable of reforming itself. What is new this year is that the Commission has changed its approach and is now ...

The debt crisis in the euro area No, No and No. There Is No Deal with Greece

Another Eurogroup meeting, another article by Varoufakis in an influential international edition, again the same result - no agreement with Greece. This week, however, for the first time in months a shadow of optimism has appeared that by the end of June when the expansion of the current bailout ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? A Political Earthquake in Britain with Possible Aftershocks in Europe

The evening on 7 May was the evening of surprises. No one expected the Conservatives to emerge as the main winner of the regular parliamentary election in Britain. Weeks before the vote pollsters showed a fierce battle between the two major parties - the Conservative party and the Labour party. ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? Dear Britons, Please Keep Away from the Brexit!

Europe is not the most important issue in the British election campaign but it definitely is among the issues that are being debated. According to the Social Media Election dashboard, Europe is the 7th most discussed issue in the social networks. It is at the same level as education. The top iss ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine Juncker Lost Support of His Own Group on Migration but Won Applause by the Rest

The left wing, the Liberals, the Greens and the European Commission stood up against the Council and the right wing in the European Parliament on the issue of migration during the debate on Wednesday (29 April) in the European Parliament, described by EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopou ...

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go? If There's a Reform of EMU UK's Demands Could Be Considered

David Cameron's pledge for reform of the EU is not realistic, said in an interview with this website Paulo Rangel (Portugal), a vice president of the EPP group in the European Parliament. According to him, the only possibility for opening of the treaties for change is to upgrade the euro area. O ...

EU Is Suffering of Severe Migrantaine In the Mediterranean Europe Is Facing Tony Blair's Dilemma

The leaders of the EU member states have gathered in Brussels today for an extraordinary summit to try and find a common solution to the problem with the thousands of tragic deaths of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean. An occasion for the summit is the latest tragic incident last weeken ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#EFSI After a long night of negotiations an agreement has been reached on the establishment of an investment fund. A presser is due soon. Stay tuned for live updates
28 May 2015 09:16
Adelina Marini #EFSI #Bullmann: I think we've overcome the problem with politicisation. There are objective eligibility criteria
28 May 2015 10:29
Adelina Marini
#CVM #Bulgaria government has decided today to establish a new anti-corruption body which, however, will have only consulting, coordinating and controlling functions. The national council for anti-corruption policies will develop and implement policies aimed at prevention and counteraction to corruption. Head of the new body will be the deputy prime minister for coordination of European policies and institutional affairs, Meglena Kuneva and her deputy will be the minister of justice. There will be a civil council attached to that body. The new structure seems too far from what neighbouring Romania has and which already has tangible progress in the fight against corruption
27 May 2015 14:28
Adelina Marini
Dimitris #Avramopoulos: We have a European resettlement scheme for 20 000 persons. They will be resettled from countries outside Europe to EU member states. Emergency mechanism for relocation of 40 000 asylum-seekers. Syrians and Erithreans will be relocated from Greece and Italy over a period of 2 years
27 May 2015 12:43
Adelina Marini #MigrationEU #Avramopoulos: This agenda applies also in case of an influx through the Black sea
27 May 2015 13:05

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