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euinside in Croatia
Croatia Is Still Wandering To Find the Exit from the Recession
In its September bulletin, the Croatian central bank (HNB) has revised downward its forecast about the real gross domestic product from its predictions in January for a 0.2% contraction of the Croatian economy. The bank does not offer a number how much does it expect the economic downt ...
Cooperation and Verification Mechanism For the Sake of European Values EU Must Use the Nuclear Option on Hungary

There is no doubt that one of the most interesting hearings in the European Parliament on Juncker's new Commission will be of Hungary's candidate Tibor Navracsics out of spite of his portfolio. The reason is that he comes from Hungary, directly from Viktor Orban's government who is now leading a ...

Western Balkans Vucic, too, Is Trying To Change Mentality

In October, the Western Balkan countries will join the European semester, though not in its complete form. This a new development in the EU accession process which the European Commission revealed last year when presenting its new enlargement strategy. The reason is that the countries from the r ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Finally a Strong and Government-like European Commission

Jean-Claude Juncker has proved, again, to be a master of compromise. The composition of the new European Commission, the distribution of portfolios and the new structure reveal the veteran prime minister's exceptional skills to manoeuvre among many and various interests. For the first time, the ...

Western Balkans Serbia - the Balkan Ukraine

If Serbia becomes part of the EU, Russia will lose its influence in the Balkans or, at least, it will be significantly limited. Moscow is not ready to allow that and is actively working to prevent it. EU, however, is too busy with itself, the Eastern crisis, the problems in the Middle East, Iraq ...

latest comments Authoritarianism Cannot be a Role Model. Period!

There are not a few temptations to search for reasons why authoritarian government models are successful in the economy. Quite a lot of articles, research and books have been written already about the successes of totalitarian economies. The latest publication on the matter is a comment by respe ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Euro Area, Good and Bad Recession

In the second quarter of 2014, the euro area's economic growth froze (at 0.0%). In the EU at large, the economy grew by 0.2%. The latest Eurostat data not only underscored the uneven distribution of economic recovery but also the next division in the eurozone - of a good and bad recession. This ...

Turkey and the EU Turkey Is Putinising

The news that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been elected president of Turkey at the first direct elections for head of state is not a surprise. The reaction of the EU and some member states, however, is. Although there is already enough proof that Erdogan is putinising his power, the EU came up with ...

Western Balkans Frankly and Personally about the Balkans

A really sincere conversation about the process of European integration of the Western Balkans has long been due. And although this conversation should have taken place long time ago, the timing right before the formation of the new European Commission and in the beginning of the new term of the ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Hard Landing of Hopes for Less Austerity

Matteo Renzi and his Social Democrats have won the most convincing victory in the entire EU at the European elections in May with a promise for structural reforms and soothing the pains from austerity. The latter has created excessive expectations which the Italian prime minister fuelled with po ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU The Juncker Precedent

There is no doubt that the European Parliament has won this time in the battle with the Council. However, there is a danger this victory to prove Pyrrhic. Jean-Claude Juncker has already been elected president of the European Commission, but the way the European Parliament tried to trade it ...

The Banking Union Joining Banking Union Isn't a Panacea

After consultations with the parliamentary political parties, Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev announced [in Bulgarian] a surprising piece of news, namely that a full consensus had been achieved an immediate procedure to be launched for Bulgaria's accession in the Single Supervisory Mechani ...

euinside in Croatia
Croatian MEPs Do not Want To Take a Hard Stance Against Hungary's Commissioner-designate

On 29 September begin the confirmation hearings in the relevant committees of the European Parliament of the members of the new European Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker. The composition of the Commission, its structure and distribution of portfolios are a result of tough negotiations, lobb ...

latest analyses Sweden Has Turned Left but not in the Southern Sense

There is a bad and a good news from the recent elections in one of the influential EU member states - Sweden. The bad news is that there, too, the anti-migrant moods are gaining territory after the Sweden Democrats ended up a third political force and got 13% of the votes. The good news is that ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU The Point of No Return

In the EU, there is also a process of realisation of the threat Russia represents. Alas, the divergence in the way the Eastern crisis is being interpreted is still huge in the member states. The good news is that this is a major pillar in the new European Council president's mandate. The bad new ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Is Angela Merkel the New EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs?

The EU is facing three huge foreign policy crises with potentially tragic consequences for security. Alas, these crises have again revealed the Union's incapability to act as a community. Until recently the main speakers on the Eastern crisis were the Baltic states, Poland and Sweden. On the cri ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Cameron vs EU - 3:1

David Cameron's relations with the EU have always been based on victory or loss. In this regard, the score in the match between Great Britain and EU (the euro area in particular) is 3 to 1 for London. The British prime minister has scored three wins over his should-have-been-partners opponents. ...

The debt crisis in the euro area Italy Is Opening the New Season of the Euro Area Crisis

A really hard beginning is awaiting the new European Commission. Not only that it will have to work in an environment of growing tensions along the external borders, especially to the east, but it will have to tackle a possible return of the eurozone crisis with all the consequences that stem fr ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU Viktor Orban: It's Time for Regime Change!

Still not having completely experienced the taste of democracy, market economy and European values the Hungarians are again going through a regime change less than 30 years after the previous one. This was made crystal clear by another daring speech by Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban on 26 ...

EU-Russia Ashton's Successor Is Key to EU Security

On 30 August, the heads of state will gather for an extraordinary summit to decide who should take Catherine Ashton's post of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Herman Van Rompuy's as president of the European Council. Such a decision was expected at the previous extraordinary summit ...

Energy geopolitics Energy Dependence Dooms EU to Instability

The European Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker is a firm proponent of the concept of an energy union, proposed by Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk who was one of the strongest candidates to head the European Council but, as The Financial Times revealed last week, his nomination w ...

Institutional Affairs of the EU MEPs from EPP Group Asked Juncker To Create a European History Portfolio

A group of EPP MEPs have sent a letter to the new European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, asking him the new European Commission to pay special attention on the legacy of totalitarian regimes and their crimes. The letter has been sent upon the initiative of Croatian MEP Andrej Plenko ...

free talk corner
Adelina Marini
#EPhearings2014 The hearing of #Austria's commissioner-designate @JHahnEU is about to start in the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament. He will be responsible for the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Enlargement Negotiations. You can watch the 3-hour hearing here or stay tuned for live updates on this website euinsi.de/e1ZS
30 September 2014 13:35
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 @JHahnEU was warmly applauded in the end of his hearing. Certainly there will be no problems with his approval. However, the foreign affairs committee's chairman Elmar Brok warned him that this friendly applause is not for granted
30 September 2014 16:31
Adelina Marini
#EPhearings2014 In the development committee of the European Parliament has begun the hearing of #Croatia's commissioner-designate Neven Mimica who was assigned the portfolio International Cooperation and Development. You can watch the hearing life (3 hours) or stay on this website for live updateseuinsi.de/p8Dm
29 September 2014 18:37
Adelina Marini #EPhearings2014 #Mimica: I'd like a Europe that is rather a player than a payer
29 September 2014 21:36
Adelina Marini
The economic committee of the European Parliament is hearing #ECB chief Mario #Draghi. Stay tuned for live updates
22 September 2014 15:12
Adelina Marini Mario #Draghi: The urgency of the #G20 to converge regulatory regimes has significantly diminished
22 September 2014 16:33

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